Crazy Goodness from Sentinel 28A

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Hello, all! In honor of Halloween, for the next 13 days I'll be posting up some quick little Inu-Yasha short stories/ficlettes parodying some of the world's worst (and best) horror flicks. Hope you like it.

Note that tonight's outing (along with three others in the future) have appeared here before. There will be new stuff, I promise. This is just to whet your appetite. Bon appetit and have a nice fright.


"No, Lord Sesshoumaru!" Jaken pleaded. "You don't understand!"

Sesshoumaru bit back a sigh and kept walking, as his faithful but annoying retainer raced to keep up with his even stride. "What don't I understand, Jaken?" he asked with exasperation.

"When you saved Rin, you cheated Death!" Jaken's eyes were wide–well, wider than usual. "And when Death makes a list, he gets upset when someone disrupts his plan!" Sesshoumaru stopped, fixing Jaken with a cold gaze not unlike that of Death. Jaken took a step back, but bravely continued. "Lord Sesshoumaru, Death will come for everyone on the list! He will come for you, milord! Rin will be the death of us all!"

Sesshoumaru merely looked at Jaken for a moment, as if he thought Jaken had lost his mind. Without warning, he drew Tokujin and sliced towards Jaken in a blur. Jaken screamed and covered his eyes, waiting for the inevitable sharp pain of being cut in half; it had happened before. But there was no pain, or sudden darkness. Jaken slowly uncovered his eyes to see Sesshoumaru holding the blade before his nose. Impaled upon it was a deadly Habu snake. A slight smile creased Sesshoumaru's lips as he tossed the dead snake into the trees. "Jaken, I fear little from Death. He, however, fears me, for I have Tensaiga." He wiped the blood on Jaken's shoulder and slid the blade home.

Jaken looked at his webbed feet. "But milord...that snake was a sign...please, milord..."

Rin ran up to them from where she had been walking a few paces behind, chasing a butterfly. She stopped and pointed at Jaken, giggling. "Lord Jaken, you screamed like a little girl! Ha ha ha!"

Jaken looked back up at Sesshoumaru, eyes pleading. Sesshoumaru's smile faded. "I believe," he said with just the hint of a threat, "that Death is not the one who wants to get rid of Rin, Jaken."