How Do You Solve a Problem like Mizuki

Disclaimer – I don't own Hana Kimi, I just spaz when I find a new book in the bookstore.

Warning – It's short and meant to be that way, I just couldn't get the idea out of my head after reading the eight book… don't know why, just couldn't.


It was strange to Sano, how the room seemed to change when she entered. It would brighten when she smiled, and warm when she laughed. Of course, he never showed any sign of registering the change, but he felt it nonetheless.

She was a walking calamity, acting without thinking, speaking her mind regardless of the situation. It was a wonder that the rest of the school hadn't figured her out by now, but then again, she was a wonder.

He couldn't understand what would possess a girl to cross the ocean and dress like a guy just to be with him. He couldn't imagine anyone having the courage to do so. The idea was ludicrous, yet at the same time, exactly something she would do. (Never mind the fact that she already had.)

And so now, a year later, here they were. She was curled on the top bunk, catching a quick nap before supper, and he, home from practice early, staring at her bed from his own beneath. He found himself doing this more and more, contemplating the puzzle that was one Ashiya Mizuki.

She was headstrong and loud, clumsy and kind. She wore naiveté like a fine perfume, enchanting him and frustrating him all at the same time.

How often do you meet a girl like her? Sano never had, and in a very short matter of time, he'd been smitten. Every smile, every laugh… even when she cried – every moment with her endeared her to him even more.

And yet, he couldn't tell her, no matter how much the truth burned within him, no matter how much he wanted to let her know, he bit his tongue. She was the one he wanted to keep by his side, and letting her know that he knew her secret could very well send her from him.

And so, here they were. She was curled on the top bunk, catching a quick nap before dinner, and he lay on the bottom, searching for a way to hold a moonbeam in his hands.