There's a robin in my heart

But I won't let him know

I throw a cape over him so he

Stays out of the light

There's a robin in my heart

But it's a secret only for me

And my friends will always wonder

Where my thoughts take to at night

He flaps his wings against my ribcage

But I can't let him fly

For someone will always be waiting

To use him against me.

But he's stirring inside

And I wonder how much longer

Until my faithful bird

Flies off to be with his own kind

There's a robin in my heart

But to look at me you wouldn't know

And my friends always look at me

Like there's something missing inside

And on the lonely nights I soar

Off to where I'm alone

And I look up at the stars and ask them

If I might be spared this suffering

And there are times when I almost hate him

And I get down on my knees and ask him

If he's trying to drive me crazy

Or just make a fool out of me

There's a robin in my heart

And I don't know how to make him leave

I open the door and watch him fly to freedom

But he always comes back to his secluded perch

He's so sad and full of pain

A robin trying to protect a raven

And he doesn't see that I'm the one

Who should be protecting him

But when no one is looking

I open my heart

For the briefest of moments

And we're soaring above the earth

And he lands among the trees

To taste the sweet nectar of fruit

And I hesitate to go with him

But always stay behind

To sup on dead flesh

Dead feelings I can't let exist

And his song is so sad

Like I've broken his spirit

There's a robin in my heart

But I won't tell a soul

It's a secret only for me

A burden meant for my soul

And when I let him see my smile

He flutters; and my heart takes wing

Free to soar with him above

The grey clouds around my silver lining

My caged bird is singing

He doesn't know he's behind bars

And it's enough to make

A grown person cry

But I'm not crying

Are you?

A poem by Lord Malachite

Dedicated to Robin x Raven fans everywhere

Author's Notes

I know. Kind of an unexpected thing for me to write. I was reading through a book of poetry last night and, well, I got completely inspired to write something poetic. The idea came to me in the shower, which is where I tend to get my best ideas. When it first started, it wasn't supposed to have anything to do with Robin x Raven, that just kind of came in the organization when I started throwing bird references in. And that's okay with me, because I'm something of a closet Robin/Raven pairing fan anyway. So this little poem is my gift to everyone else out there who gets a kick out of them. This poem has to earn the record for shortest fanfic in my stable, but poetry tends to be like that. I'm hoping that someone out there will respond to this, but I expect it'll just lie here in obscurity forever. I think it'll only get noticed by people who have me on author alert. Oh well, I'm okay with that too. Anyway, if anyone is reading this, I do hope you'll leave a review. Even if you hated it. At least I made you feel something. Or if you like, you can send your questions, comments, compliments, complaints, love letters, death threats, marriage proposals, and ransom demands to:

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