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Ash gazed into his right hand as it glowed. If looked at closely, it's transparent. He closed his hand softly, then opening it again. He reached out grabbing a rock, holding it in his ghostly hand. The rock dropped when he cleared his mind.

Only thinking about lifting a rock makes it happen. I have to want to hold it…to actually hold it.

His eyes lowered halfway before continuing his thoughts.

I'm not even here…

Ash then disappeared, reappearing 5 feet away. Picking up a rock from the grassy surface, he cast the stone into the body of water that surrounded the island. On the corner of his eye, he could observe the house that sat on the land. A light in the upstairs room stay lit.

"Marona...I'm supposed to protect you. How can I when I'm not there?"

Thoughts ran through his head as he stared at various objects. Some stones, some trees, all could have a phantom 'confined' into it. He chuckled to himself over the thought.

"Confined…like a prison with no bars."

He walked towards the house, observing a few of the other phantoms that were outside. He jumped lightly, propelling himself into the air, touching down on the balcony that was on top of the house. The wind was slightly stronger when higher in the air. It blew freely, blowing his scarf randomly through the air.

"Even now, I feel nothing."

Looking down, there was a small boarded area of the roof that remained exposed in a small area. From the angle he stood at, he could see Marona sitting on her bed. She held the shell necklace that Castile had given her. He made himself transparent, letting his ghostly figure slip through the floors, landing in Marona's room.

He moved closer, observing Marona as she stared into the shell. A few words escaped from her mouth as she gazed.

"I wish…I had a real friend."

Ash lowered his eyes, thinking.

Castile is her friend, and I am her…guardian. Nothing more...?

He solidified himself, standing in front of Marona. She jumped back, hiding the shell necklace under her feathered pillow. She looked into his cold eyes, which reflected nothing, no emotion, just empty space.

"Ash! W-what are you doing?"

Ash shook his head.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you."

Marona sat on her knees, looking down at the wooden floor.

"Is there something you need?"

Ash took a step back.

"No. I was just checking on you."

Marona seemed to wipe her eyes, before raising her face with curiosity and worry. She had doubts in her mind of Ash's statement.

"Something's wrong with you."

"How can you tell?" Ash replied.

"What do you mean?"

Ash lifted his right hand again, looking into it. Marona stared at him, seeing the figure as if it wasn't there.

"I'm not there. I have no physical expressions. I'm a dead shell, both physically and in my phantom form."

Marona stepped off her bed, moving in front of Ash. She looked into his red eyes; they appeared to have no glow. Ash looked into her, seeing a lively green. She had an aura like a living person, and that aura shined brightly than any phantoms would. He extended his right hand to Marona's height, then breaking the silence shortly after.

"Touch my hand."

Marona raised her hand to his.

"What do you feel?"

Marona looked at his hand, and as she felt it, she only felt the cool air.

"I don't feel anything. But that's because you're in your Phantom form."

Marona placed her left hand on the dresser nearby. Her energy traveled through the objects, reaching a small coat stand where Ash stood on top of; or inside of. A bright light shined, traveling from the top to the bottom. The light revealed Ash's head, slowly down to his feet.

"I feel your hand now."

Ash's hand was loose, while Marona gripped firmly.

"You feel me now. But am I anything? You don't feel my body heat. You can't feel my heart beat, and you can't feel me at all."

Marona looked down to the floor again, lightening her grip on Ash's hand.

"Sorry. Maybe I didn't do it right. I just need a little more practice and maybe-"

Ash shook his head, pulling from Marona's.

"There isn't anything you can do."

Marona listened in closely as Ash interrupted, and then continued his statement.

"I'm not alive, I'm not dead. I'm neither."

Marona's face revealed a tear, running off of her cheek that shined from the moonlight. Ash stopped where he was in his thoughts, lightening his tone to balance the situation.

"Sorry Marona. It's not your fault."

"My mom and dad-"

Ash listened as Marona finally gave a response.

"They gave their lives to save you. But it failed, right?"

Ash nodded. He lifted a part of his scarf, wiping a few of the tears that drenched her eyes.

"Then you swore to protect me."

"It…was the least I could do." Ash replied.

Marona looked into his eyes once more before continuing.

"Is…that the only reason your with me?"

Ash had a confused look on his face.

"What do you mean?"

Marona backed away, sitting on her bed.

"Never mind."

Ash walked toward her, kneeling down.

"Really, what is it?"

Marona lay on the bed, turning to the side opposite from Ash. She brightened her tone, replying quickly with a shaky voice.

"It's nothing. I'm…going to bed. Good night"

Ash shook his head in response.

Marona…if you would just talk to me a little more, I might be able to help.

Ash was confident for the moment over his thought, then rethinking it.

Then again, how could I help? Stay confined to some object for a little while…some help that will do.

A bright light filled the room as Ash began to deform. The light revealed the coat stand that Ash was confined to. His ghostly figure left the room, going down the stairs. Once Marona felt his presence leave, she opened her eyes once more.

"Maybe…I'm not his friend. Maybe he is only doing it because of my mom and dad. Maybe…he doesn't like me at all."

Marona let tears run freely from her eyes as her depressed thoughts ran through her head like a broken record. Eventually, she fell asleep in the darkness that the world left her in.

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