Enter the Emperor's Chosen
Chapter 1

Authors note
This is a little sequel to another one of my stories, not posted in this section. While at first you might not recognise it as a sequel by the end you should understand.
This is the first story I've posted in this section and it's here because I think it deserves it. Most of the readers should understand the back story of both ideas little better.

If you want to familiarises yourself with the other story it's called "The Emperor's Key" and can be found in the Buffy crossover section (cunningly hidden in the misc menu… don't ask me why it just is). The only thing you really need to take from that is that the Emperor has been resurrected and now uses the Grey knights chapter as his personal bodyguards and forces. (but I do suggest you read it.)

Stargate Sg-1 belongs to Gecko/mgm (set after the end of season 8)
Warhammer 40,000 belongs to Games Workshop (post "The Emperor's Key" by Mountain King found in the Buffy crossover section).

Chapter 1

As the gate began to spin and the far too familiar alarm of an off world activation sounded. Brigadier-General Jack O'Neill sighed, it was going to be one of those days. For once just once he wished for a normal day down in the SGC, one that did not involve life and death decisions for the galaxy. 'Who is it Carter?'

'No iris code general.' She quickly reported before reaching for the palm scanner.

'Close the door.' he gestured to the gate and watched the iris spin shut within a fraction of a second, a fraction too slow.

Out of the gate came a light grey armoured glove. It grasped the iris with frightening speed, stopping it from closing. 'Extra guard teams to the gate room! NOW!' but before he had finished the sentence another hand and then another came out of the gate and started to push the iris fully open.

'Holy Hanna! That's impossible! I'm setting the base auto-destruct.' Carter gasped before acting. Another hand and then another came through the gap in the iris, pushing it open. Jack glanced to his 2IC before hammering the base wide alert. From the wormhole the owner of one of the gloves strode into the room. Seven foot if he was an inch and four foot wide. Whoever or what ever it was they wore something like medieval armour. In heartbeat it raised its right arm, strapped to it was the biggest double barrelled cannon Jack had ever had the misfortune to see. The shots from it cut through the descending blast screen like stones through a wet paper bag and buried themselves in the console. Sparks danced from the impact.

'Sam!' he tackled her to the ground as the table cracked open with a series of miniature explosions. Looking over the wrecked console and through the shattered screen Jack saw dozens of these knights flood into the gate room. 'I'm going to set the base charge manually.'

'Good luck sir… Jack.' Carter looked him in the eyes, he smiled at her and began to scramble for the exit. Flinging himself down the short flight of stairs he was stopped mid-air by an outstretched arm.

One of the juggernauts had made it to the control room, this one armed with a massive bladed staff. Jack tried to get to his feet but whatever it was it was definitely faster than it had any right to be. The staff became a blur…

Sam saw Jack go down and the short powerful blow to the head. Grabbing the sidearm from beneath the console she fired at the things head. The small bullets bounced of the armour without even phasing whatever was inside. He looked up and then past her. Before the Lieutenant-Colonel could turn she was hit in the back of the head…
Daniel was caught just outside his office. Without a gun he knew better than to fight. The three invaders carried a mix of medieval weapons that went with the armour and most of the markings but Daniel knew they weren't from the past. The large guns and the soft whine of electric motors coming from them told him they were something else. Without words they guided him to one of the isolation cells and threw him in.

When he landed on something soft he knew he wasn't going to be as isolated as he first thought. Daniel blinked his eyes trying to see in the half light. He had quite neatly landed on the sleeping forms of Sam and Jack. 'Well this is new. It's usually me who's knocked out. Jack, Sam? Come on guys we're in trouble.'

'Ow, did I die again?'

'Nope Jack. Your still with us.'

'Did you die?'

'Urm… No.

'Wonderful, Carter?'

'She's still out.'

'Well the days not as bad as I thought. These guy's are hardcore and they want us for something.'

'You sure about that Jack?'

'Danny.' he sighed 'They stormed the gate room like ants at a picnic and the only thing that got in their way was the damn air. If they wanted us dead I think we'd be dead don't you?'

Sam groaned and started to come too herself; 'Sir. Are you all right?'

'Aside from the lump the size of an Alkesh I'm fine. You?'

'Same lump. Who were you talking to?'

'Its me Sam.' Daniel supplied. 'So what now?'

'We need to get a message out of the mountain.'

'I got that, I mean right now.' Daniel looked at Jack who held his hand up.

'I'm thinking.'

'Sir?' Sam broke the deadly silence that had descended a good five minutes ago.

'Ah. Still thinking here Carter.'

Daniel checked his watch silently counting the seconds. Then right on time Jack finally dropped his hand; 'I give up, any ideas?'

Daniel stood up and walked to the door. 'urm Hello? Is someone there?' The knight on the other side opened the door. The armour looked different, less bulky and more basic but still enough to stop anything they had. This one also had his helmet off and Daniel could tell he was human despite the build. 'Is there someone in charge? A commander or something? We just want to talk. Okay?'

The only answer was a frosty look.

'I don't think he understands you Daniel, try Ancient.'

'I understand you perfectly well.' the man said silencing Sam with the sort of glare that would send a system lord gibbering in terror. With an oddly gentle gesture the hulking man touched his ear and spoke again, this time into his collar. 'Brother-Commander. One of the prisoners wishes to speak with you.' Now he spoke in an Ancient dialect that Daniel had a hard time following. Switching back to English the guard looked back at them. 'One of you is from SG-1?'

'Actually we all are.'

After a second he spoke back into his collar. 'All confirmed... Understood.' Then he was back to them again 'You are to come with me.'

Brother-Commander Marcus Cole stood in the room overlooking the stone portal. He could feel the incalculable distance in both time and space from his god and it saddened him to think that in this dark time the holy light of the Emperor was hidden. Behind him he felt one of the small doors open as Brother-Sergeant Redman entered behind three humans.

The holy Emperor had informed him of these three. The infamous SG-1, the most impressive, mortal, guardians of holy terra. They were to be His friends in some distant time yet to come. Now they would be distrustful and concerned, Marcus knew he must gain their trust somehow. A difficult task but He had determined it necessary thus it was to be.

Jack O'Neill, their leader. Feared amongst the Xeno that infected the galaxy in this time, he was a cunning warrior who's skills were at odds with the image he gave. Samantha Carter, the tec-priest. She who built the weapons and the first ships. Daniel Jackson, the scribe. A fair and just man who's knowledge of the past was only rivalled by his determination of the future. The Emperor told Marcus of these giants of pre-history before sending his command on this mission. 'I am Brother-Commander Cole of the Adeptus Astartes, chapter of the Ordo Malleus. Commander of the Seventh Company of the Grey Knight Chapter. On selected mission by the Holy Emperor of Mankind himself. On His authority I hereby clam this outpost in His name for use in this time land. You are to be honoured.'

'Well thanks for that.' Said the tallest, most likely to be O'Neill. 'Daniel, you're up.'

'Thanks Jack' smiled the younger man with some sort of optical protection device on his face. 'I'm Daniel Jackson. This is General O'Neill and she's Lieutenant Colonel Carter. He's… he was the commander of this place until just now and I'm sort of the ambassador. Urm why are you here?'

'Because the Emperor ordered my company to this time.'

'No… well yes but you've already said that but there must be a reason why he did that.'

'It is a dark time for this Galaxy. His light is yet to shine and great dangers encroach unto this dimension. The uncertainty brought by the destruction of those who clamed to be gods has left a vacuum. One that the forces of Chaos will exploit and are doing so even now.'

'So something worse is coming and you're here to stop it.'

'Yes. You will help us.'

'I don't…think so.' Said O'Neill looking around.

This stopped Marcus in his tracks. Perhaps he had not been clear enough. 'You will assist us in the protection of this galaxy and the destruction of the rebel Xeno known as the Jaffa.'

'Right, we've got a problem with that. You see the Rebel Jaffa are our friends and while they might not do things the way we like we're not going to let you kill them for some no-named emperor.'

Marcus kept hold of his temper with an iron will. 'You do not understand, they are the worshipers of Chaos and must be destroyed before they infect the entire galaxy.'

'They what the who?'

'We have very little time before we must leave…'

'Oh that's good.' Said the grey haired man. Marcus thanked the Emperor silently for his warning that this man always found a way to aggravate someone. Any other time it would have been a sound tactical choice.

'The procedure must start immediately.' Marcus reasoned that they could explain better while they adjusted. Reaching out with his mind he quickly overpowered theirs and knocked them out.

End chapter one