Enter the Emperor's Chosen
Chapter 4

Authors note:-
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Chapter 4

'Three days. After three days what have we got that we didn't have after the first?' Jack asked his team as they gathered around the briefing table.

Teal'c was the first to speak; 'I have witnessed their staff training. Their legends do not exaggerate their skill or their devotion.'

'Still day one Teal'c. Carter any idea who they sent through the gate yesterday? All I got from Cole was "survey troops".'

Carter got that look in her eye again, like the one she gave him when he asked if she had found out how to go to the toilet while wearing the armour. The look said; "I know and you don't want to". 'Assassins Sir. Two of what they call Vindicare class. I think that means snipers and stealth recognisance.' She stopped, looking to the desk.

'Oh perfect! Snipers, think they were responsible for repelling George's attempts to retake the base?'

'Yes sir.' She was still looking at the table.

The brigadier general sighed; 'What else?'

'Sir?' she looked up.

'What are you not telling me?'

'They have another, in storage room 4. A different class. He's in suspended animation. Apparently he's too dangerous to be allowed to wake up. The call him an Eversor. Apparently he is trained in close combat/suicide missions. Sir'

'Suspended animation?'

'A status chamber sir. His training makes him into the perfect weapon, if a little indiscriminate.'

Bra'tac took a few steps from the desk: 'By indiscriminate, Colonel Carter, do you mean psychotic?'

'Yes I do.' They sat in silence contemplating the idea of a psychotic kamikaze assassin. Jack's unease at the army from the future doubled, he had long since lost track of how many time's it had done that.

The silence was broken when the group heard an uneven stomping of someone in heavy armour. They collectively let out a breath when it was Daniel who stumbled into the room. 'Danny where have you been?' Jack half jumped from his seat.


'Daniel?' Carter asked as Bra'tac looked around the table.

'Coffee?' the errant archaeologist said in the same half stunned voice. Jack had an idea, about two seconds after Teal'c apparently.

'Daniel Jackson, have you drank any caffeinated beverage in the last three days?'

'Coffee.' he shuck his head.

'Oh boy, Carter...'

'On it sir.' She got up and grabbed his hand. 'Come on Daniel.'


'Yes Daniel we're getting some coffee.'


Just before she got him out of ear shot Jack shouted after them 'The usual?'

'Yes Sir!'

'Coffee?' they shouted back respectively.

Jack fought down a grin, unfortunately Bra'tac didn't. 'All right then. I'm going to order the pizza's. You two keep trying to find out more about why they are here. and more than "The Emperor commanded it" or "For the good of humanity".'

Sam watched as one of her best friends nursed the coffee mug. She had half dragged the Semi-comatose archaeologist to her lab and the nearest emergency coffee supply. Eventually, after he had lost the glassed look in his eyes, she exploded on him. 'What have you been doing for the last three days?'

'My job. I was in the Temple, that's what they were doing with the commissary. For The last three day's I've been listening to their Chaplain concentrate the room. Part of the ritual was fasting for three days and nights, one day for each great age and three nights for each cataclysm.'

'Come on, the General will want to hear this.'

It was several hours later, halfway through Daniel's understanding of the history of the 41st millennium one of the airmen turned up with a stack of takeaway pizzas that Daniel set on like a starving man.

'So let me get this straight; The Emperor comes from nowhere and clones himself a bunch of kids, they get whisked away by some alien force and he goes out to find them. Along the way he re-unites all the humans in the galaxy and builds an Empire but once he's done this his kids turn against him.' Jack looked around the table.

'Not all of them just the most powerful.' Daniel corrected.

'The most powerful of which kills the Emperor...' he continued stopping Daniel with a hand. 'Only he's wasn't really dead because he was put in suspended animation at the eleventh hour. Fast forward ten thousand years, and this is the bit I don't understand, he resurrects himself?'

'Apparently he needed the help of his Aunt who travailed from the time before his birth, about now actually.'

'So he was born about now. Making him fifty thousand years old and with the ability to resurrect himself. He damn well better be on our side is all I can say!'

Jack clomped down the corridor looking for Cole when the alarms started. It took him a little longer than usual to get to the gate room, mainly because he was still getting used to the armour. When he got there he found Cole next to a man in a skin tight suit carrying a snipers rifle on his back and a large pistol in a thigh holster. Another one dressed and kited out in the same garb stood to one side of the Stargate.

'So you're one of those assassins Cole sent out as scouts?'

The guy looked at him and nodded, he had some sort of mask that was built into the whole body suit thing.

'The assassins of the Vindicator Temple have taken an oath of pure silence.' Cole supplied, 'They cannot brake it, even to the point where their footfalls must be without sound.' the big guy handed Jack a thick palm pilot. 'This is what he and his associate have found. We are to execute both plans.'

The palm computer scrolled in a odd form of Ancient and English; from what he could read of it there were two targets. The first was described as a heretic outpost and the second a class one foothold, at least that's what he guessed it said.

Cole turned to the assassin; 'You and your companion will take the Eversor and eradicate the heretics as per tactic Omega-Two.' He turned to Jack: 'Your team will follow us into the daemons lair.'

As the assassins went one way and they went the other Jack had to ask; 'Omega-Two? What's that tactic mean?'

'Omega is the tactical act of terrorism. Leave minimum possible witnesses, injuries and summary executions granted to all who resist. Those who surrender or attempt to escape may do so only if suitably wounded. Tactic two; your life is secondary to the mission completion. After completion they will send one message of confirmation and then suicide as per standard mission protocols.' The marine stopped and looked at Jack. 'You do not agree with my choice of tactics?'

'You could say that.' he said through gritted teeth.

'There are four tactics for assassins, "Alpha" or "Omega" and "One" or "Two". "Alpha" is genocide, the deliberate mass murder of everything within range. "One" is the survival of the assassin for future missions. I have no further use for them once the mission is completed. Furthermore in intend to strike terror into the Jaffa, they will not worship false gods again, once those three agents have made an example of those that do.'

'He's serious about this?' Sam asked. The General and Daniel were with her in the main control room over looking the assassins deployment .

'Yes he is.' Down below them the two Snipers were checking there guns while a couple of tech-priests oversaw the third assassin's recovery from stasis.

'But he's about to order three men to commit mass genocide.'

The General looked to her. 'You want to stop him?'

'No sir. Well I do want to stop him but we can't can we.' she looked back as the two tech priests cracked the shell and headed back to the control room. The two snipers half carried the still lucid psycho to the foot of the ramp. Using a remote, Riker's assistant Mcrintosh accessed the dialling computer. 'I just wish there was something we could do.'

'They might be religious fanatics but it's more than the fact they believe in what they're doing. They just don't strike me as the type to kill any one in the way, we're still alive aren't we.'

'This Chaos is a belief system with fanatical followers.' Daniel said in a thoughtful voice. 'We know how hard it is to fight that, I think the emperor knows that. As far as I can tell he's fighting fanaticism with fanaticism.'

After a long silence the General slowly turned his head. 'Fighting fire with fire?'

'More or less.' Daniel half winced.

The gate opened the three highly trained killers left, ready to sterilise a whole Jaffa settlement. As they watched them go the General grunted; 'and next we have the whole army leaving for the main engagement.'

'We're going with them?' asked Daniel obviously not wanting the answer.

'Oh yes. Should be fun shouldn't it.' With that he left the room and the two scientists look at each other. they were thinking on the same lines; "not really..."

End Chapter 4