Full Metal Magic?

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One thing to note is the setting for this story. It follows along with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the main story arc, there have been a few questions about the world though and instead of making up some elaborate reason that amestris is hidden from the rest of the world and time travel and all that this is how I'm going to work the blending of the two worlds. I'm treating both worlds as a single fantasy world instead of trying to slot them into the real world. The same laws apply from the Harry Potter universe in that the muggles do not know the existence of magic. On the flip side the wizards don't know much about the Amestris form of Alchemy either. Amestris is mainly avoided by the rest of the world as it is unstable politically, much of the countries keep mostly to themselves. Three main forms of power in this world are, British magic, Amestris Alchemy and Xing Alchehestry. Throughout the story Ed will be learning about the other two and finding out the links and differences between the three.

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Ch 1: Is this some kind of joke?

"Hey, Match head. What the hell is up with this?" Colonel Roy Mustang, aka the Flame Alchemist, didn't even bother to look over the ever present pile of paperwork on his desk when the military's resident hothead stormed into his office, without knocking, as usual.

"Lieutenant Hawkeye, is there a draft in here?" he asked mildly, his stoic expression showed a very, very faint twitch of amusement as he counted in his head, five, four, three, two, one, queue explosion.


Lifting his head at last to glance down at the fuming, diminutive alchemist, he raised one of his eyebrows slightly, "Oh, Fullmetal, I didn't see you there. Was there something you wanted to talk to me about?"

Ed's eyebrow twitched and Mustang silently applauded when the youngster managed to contain his usual tirade at the jab at his height. Instead, he held out a crisp looking folder, the type that usually contained written orders. "Is this some type of joke?" he practically hissed through clenched teeth, causing his superior to blink, the kid was actually angry. Not his usual, hothead reaction but out and out coldly furious.

"I'm not sure what you are getting at, Fullmetal. Is there something wrong with your orders?"

Ed threw the folder down on his desk, scattering some of the papers already there, "Now, I know that I am the youngest State Alchemist, but I don't see how that makes it right to be ridiculed like this. I have better things to do then be led around by the military and being made a laughing stock." Mustang retrieved the folder and thumbed through its contents. He knew what it said of course, and he had a fair idea what the problem was, it was just interesting seeing the hothead actually steaming. "Every thing seems to be in order, what seems to be the problem?" He asked mildly as he set the folder back on his desk.

Edwards eyes went flat, "Magic, Mustang? Wizards and Witches? How old do you think I am?"

Ignoring the almost overpowering urge to leap on that particular question, Mustang shook his head. "Really, Fullmetal. You would think that after everything you have seen and done in your short life, that you would be more open minded." He smirked slightly as Ed's eyebrow twitched again at the jab, but apparently this matter offended him more then his height issues.

"As I said, I have more important things I could be doing." He stated coldly and turned on his heal to storm from the office.

"Major Elric, you are not dismissed." Roy Mustangs suddenly cold order and the use of his military rank stopped the young Alchemist in his tracks. He turned to face the desk again and saluted smartly. "Sir?" he almost snarled. Mustang barely held back from sighing. Of all the times to have a subordinate that was glaringly resentful of his military ties, "Take a seat Major. It looks as though I need to explain a few things to you."

As the small Alchemist took a seat across from his, he noted with a faint frown that the kid was limping slightly. Filing that away he turned his attention to the file in front of him, reading aloud.

"Major Edward Elric aka The Fullmetal Alchemist. Mission brief, as of 0700hrs on the 31st of June, you have been hereby enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Where you will pose as a student for the duration of the school year. Whilst there you will gather intelligence on the usage of magic in it's many forms as well as act as backup in the case of outside interference. Whilst in Britain, you shall be under the direct orders of Colonel Roy Mustang aka The Flame Alchemist, and you shall report your findings directly to him. All other information will be made available to you in your mission brief. I think that fairly covers the outline of your mission. I take it you have an issue with the thought of magic." He smirked rather evilly at the disgusted look on the younger Alchemists face, "I assure you, Fullmetal. Magic does indeed exist."

Ed's gold eyes snapped up to meet his, his face going pale. "Sir, I am an Alchemist, a scientist, as you are. The very thought of magic is ludicrous. It goes against all natural law."

Mustang merely shook his head. "Much as I hate to admit it, I agree with you in principal. But the simple fact remains that magic does indeed exist. To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons were are being sent to Britain in the first place is that there is an extremely dangerous man on the loose, known as a dark wizard and as corny as it sounds, this guy is apparently the real deal. I have been asked to help out their government as a show of good will, and to offer the skill of a state Alchemist in apprehending this criminal. The reason I want you within the school is because there is apparently a connection between this man and one of the students there, so I want you to keep an eye on things from the inside as well as gather information about how magic works." He flashed his usual smirk, although this one was more serious then usual, "You never know when the information might come in handy."

Edward shook his head, his expression frankly incredulous, "You know Colonel. If I didn't know better, I would think you were nuts. Wait I do think you're nuts, but that's beside the point. I still don't see where this is of much benefit to us. We have enough worries here as it is without getting involved in tracking down trouble makers in a country half the world away."

Mustang leaned back in his chair, his smirk taking on a faintly malicious edge, "And if I was to give you extra incentive?" he asked. He could tell that Ed was suspicious. Not that he could really blame him after all the times he had managed to swindle the Elrics one way or another.

After a moment of silence, Ed's natural impatience set in and he frowned, "Well Mustang? What makes this worth the time?"

"Tell me, Fullmetal, have you ever heard of the name Nicolas Flamel?" Edward immediately snapped to attention and lent forward on his chair, his expression suddenly intense, "Got him." Mustang thought with satisfaction, "Yes I am talking about that Flamel, it seems as though the man not only made a study of Alchemy but that he dabbled in magical theory as well, here's the part that should interest you however, the man's lab partner on the wizard side of things happens to be the headmaster of Hogwarts. I am sure there is also numerous books in that library of theirs, there has to be something there worth the look for a researcher such as yourself."

Ed's expression was still doubtful and suspicious but that was far out weighed by the possibility of a fresh lead on the philosophers stone. "Alright Mustang, I'll go along with you on this one."

Remembering something, the Colonel suddenly felt real uncomfortable, "Just one thing, Ed. I'm afraid that Alphonse will have to sit out on this one. I am afraid he would attract too many unwanted questions where we are going." His heart unexpectedly clenched at the faintly lost look that swept through the Fullmetal Alchemist's eyes, suddenly and blatantly reminding him that, for all his abilities and accomplishments, for everything he had achieved and experienced, this boy was still only a child of fifteen. Seeing the pain in those eyes he amended his thoughts, maybe not a child. The Elric brother's had all but given up on childhood the day they burnt down their house. "I'm sorry Ed, but there is nothing else we can do. He would attract too much attention and you know it. As it is we are going to have to be careful to keep your automail a secret."

The unexpected sympathy in his voice got through and Ed glanced up at him in surprise, his emotions once again in his control. Catching his eye, the younger man nodded slightly, "I understand sir. If I may, I would like some time to speak to my brother and to visit Winry, then I shall be at your disposal." For all his compliance, there was a trace of bitterness as he said the last word.

Mustang just nodded, "I noticed you limping, how much damage this time?"

This time, Ed's expression morphed into his usual annoyed scowl, complete with twitching eye, "That last mission you sent me on was a crock, and then that idiot Armstrong managed to knock me into the wall when we got back. I did some damage to the knee when we were chasing that stupid chimera and I was trying to take it easy until I could get it adjusted but then that nit wit had to go and break it properly. Winry is going to kill me."

Mustangs usual smirk was back in place and he lent back in his chair, "You have until tomorrow morning, Fullmetal. I am taking you to meet your new headmaster." He got the response he was hoping for, at the mention of a headmaster, meaning back to lessons, something he hadn't had to attend, other then those given by his Alchemy teacher, since he was a young child. His face flushed then paled and his whole body shuddered. Without another word, he limped from the office, his left leg chinking noticeably as he walked.

Chuckling to himself, Mustang slung his feet up onto his desk only to freeze as he felt the cold muzzle of a gun brush against his neck, shit he had forgotten Hawkeye was in the room, "Sir, may I remind you that you are going to be away from HQ for a whole year, that means you only have the next few days in which to catch up in your paperwork before you leave. I suggest that you get to work." Her tone of voice was military correct and precise, the subordinate respectfully advising her superior officer. The effect was totally spoiled by the fact that she was blatantly holding said superior officer at gunpoint. Sighing in defeat, he dropped his feet to the floor and picked up his pen, maybe this trip would be a good thing after all.

At least it got him away from the paperwork for twelve months.


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