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Chapter: 34 The Flames of Lust

Ed watched as a drop of bright blood dripped from the end of one of those monstrous fingers, seeing it fall in almost slow motion as his brain slowed down at her words.

"Mustang did not seem to like it much either. Pity he could not do much about it once I had run him through."

"It's no use hiding her kid. After all she is expendable."

That last word echoed in his head as his eyes flickered to the heavily bleeding Hawkeye then back to that blood again. All at once something in his chest snapped and he let loose a feral snarl before leaping at the freak in the doorway, fully intending to smash the smug look off her stupid looking face.

She didn't move until the last second and Ed, taking a slicing swing at her face, found himself suddenly facing the blank wall. He just enough time to register what had happened to tuck into a roll to avoid those wicked talons from slashing open his back.

Coming up in a crouch, he brought his arm up in time to catch another slash across his metal forearm. Knocking her arm away, he clapped his hands and ducked down under her next slash to slap the ground as he dove past her, bringing a section of the flagstones up in a sharp spike that managed to catch her in the stomach. Springing to his feet Ed ignored the scream of rage and pain from his opponent and slapped the ground again sending a more complex array flashing across the floor. The stones ground together and rearranged themselves into a complex cage around the Homunculus, who snarled at him before swiping her claws across the spike that protruded through her stomach clear out through her back. Ed swore as she sliced through the stone as if it was butter and proceeded to do the same thing to his cage before coming after him again. He sidestepped her next swing and brought his metal leg up to drive his boot solidly into her midriff noticing as he did so that she had already regenerated. His kick sent her flying but one of her extended fingers shot through his shoulder, sending pain shooting through his chest. He managed to flip backwards, pulling free of her spike and coming to his feet just as she did the same from where she had hit the wall. "What did you do to Mustang you monster?" he yelled, ignoring the blood that now dripped off the fingers of his flesh arm. Lust merely smirked at him as she licked the blood from the claw she had stabbed him with.

"Now, now Fullmetal no need to be rude." she drawled, sauntering towards them as if they were merely having a friendly chat, "The Flame Colonel decided to take offence to my perforating his little subordinate so I had to neutralise him." he dodged as she shot the spikes on her right hand at him with a snarl, springing forward under her guard to slash at her ribs as he tumbled past.

Unfortunately the angle that he flipped out at meant that the arm he would have to use to spring back to his feet was his flesh one but when he pushed off from the ground the shoulder crumpled sending him sprawling with a yelp of pain. He scrambled into a crouch, holding his useless arm against his chest, just as another set of claws slashed at him causing him to leap backwards ending up in a heap again. He brought his arm up to block the next attack but it never came as Lust was hit from behind by a giant fireball. He turned in amazement to see a ragged Colonel standing in the doorway. He had his hand pressed to his side that looked as though it was covered by a huge burn. His other he held out before him with what looked like a lighter pointed at the burning Homunculus. The man was smoking slightly, dripping wet and looked as mad as hell.

The flames around Lust flickered then died and her burned skin regrew with a flash of red light, "Really Mustang, your memory must be atrocious." she mocked as she stalked towards him, completely ignoring Ed where he sprawled on the floor behind her. "If your flames didn't work before what makes you think they will work no..." she was cut off as mustang struck the flint on the lighter again, sending another bout of flame at her. Then another. Then another. Ed watched in horrified fascination as the burning monster continued to stalk towards the Colonel, her flesh burning off and regenerating over and over and over again. Mustangs face never changed expression, the cold look of fury never left his eyes and Ed shivered in shock, but as he watched he noticed that each time the flames hit the homunculus they did more and more damage and each time she regenerated it took more time. Finally she stopped moving and hissed, "So this is it." and shot out her forefinger claw at the Colonel, who merely struck the flint again. The spike stopped less than an inch from the Colonel's right eye as the Homunculus caught fire once again but this time there was no flash of red light, no regrowing of burnt flesh. The two of them stood frozen for several seconds before a soft sigh sounded and Lust crumbled into ash.

Ed stared at the pile in disbelief then scrambled to his feet as the Colonel groaned and swayed on his feet. Before he could go to him however there was a slow clapping from across the room and Ed turned to find that the elder Malfoy had managed to get himself loose from the stone hand. The man smirked and toyed with his wand as he too looked at the ash pile, "Well done Alchemist, it looks as though those abominations can be killed after all and the both of you certainly did put on a good show."

Ed flickered a look from Mustang to Hawkeye then back to the wizard. The three of them were not in good shape, all of them wounded and from what he could hear there were more wizards coming. The smirk on Malfoys face confirmed it and he snarled to himself before acting. There was no time to think. Clapping his hands, he slapped them on the floor, already tucking himself in a roll to avoid the spell that the wizard threw at him, coming up in a crouch he clapped again and sent out another array, before the first one had even done its work and sprung up to sprint over to where Hawkeye lay just as Mustang reached her as well. As soon as they were close enough together he clapped again and slapped his hands to the ground smirking as he watched his handy work.

The first array flashed up the wall to seal over the door as if it has never even been there, the next slapped four stone walls around Malfoy while the third shot the three of them towards the roof on a huge stone column. Once they reached the ceiling, Ed slapped his hands to the roof and they shot up out into open air. Not stopping to check the others, Ed slapped his hands down once more and sent out an array he had created to disrupt magical energy. The blue flash of the array actually spread out across the whole yard around the mansion, using the spell energy it was supposed to disrupt to actually power itself, making it big enough to hit the wards around the property. Ed heard Mustang swear behind him as a huge flash of multicoloured light domed over the building signally the failure of the wards. As soon as it faded Ed pulled the portkey out of his pocket he'd had the Headmaster make for him and grabbed the other two before pressing the small switch on the top if the flat coin that activated it. He had discussed it with the Headmater about creating one that did not need magic to activate or a timer and this is what he had come up with. There came the usual nauseating yank in their midsection before the three of them vanished.

As soon as everything came back into focus Ed sighed in relief to find them at the gates to the school. The Colonel stumbled against him and Ed helped lower him to the ground before slumping down beside him and the two of them pulled back Hawkeyes uniform to check her injuries. The puncture wounds were deep and bled sluggishly but none of them seemed to have hit anything vital. With a sigh of relief, Ed turned the Lieutenant's jacket into a strip of bandage and with the Colonel's help managed to bind her wounds. The portkey he had used had a built in alarm so he knew that someone would be there shortly, they just had to make sure that she did not bleed out before they arrived.

Sure enough, just as they tied off the strip, once of the school carriages with it's weird horse creatures arrived and the Headmaster himself climbed out of it to open the gates for them. Ed slumped in relief and let the old man take over as, without a word, he waved his hand setting Hawkeye floating into the carriage. Ed and Mustang managed to climb in under their own power and once they reached the school managed to make it to the hospital wing before both of them collapsed onto the beds indicated to them by the medi witch. Ed noticed that the bed across from him held a figure with red hair but before he could inquire, a potion was pushed into his hand and he was soon watching the back of his eyelids as the world drifted away from his consciousness.