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O1. The Meeting

It was yet another day at Azumano High. The bell had rung; the students were all dashing to the cafeteria to get their lunch.

In the cafeteria, there was one table surrounded by a lot of girls. After taking a closer look, one could actually see that a young man around the age of eighteen was sitting at the table. The young man had long violet hair, a pair of beautiful amethyst eyes that seem to take your breath away, a pair of seemingly soft lips and a well-built body.

Almost all the girls and even some boys in school were swooning over him. Yes! All of the girls except for Harada Riku.

"Really, why can't we have our lunch quietly and peacefully for once?" muttered Riku.

"Well, Dark is after all a "supermodel". Every girl in town loves him."

"Hmph! He's just a pervert. I don't see what's so fabulous about him."

"Daisuke, Riku! Over here!" Dark shouted to them.

As the two walked towards to where Dark is. The crowd around Dark slowly dispersed. It had always been like this. The girls crowded around Dark during lunch. When Riku and Daisuke walked into the cafeteria, Dark shouted to them and the crowd dispersed. It was not that they hated Daisuke or Riku. No they don't. It just meant that whenever Riku and Daisuke were around, Dark wish to be left alone.

"Where're the commander and Krad?"

"Isn't Krad in your class? Satoshi is not in school today." answered Daisuke.

"What a coincidence, Krad is not in school too. Don't tell me they…hehehe…Ouch! Hey!"

"Stop being so dirty-minded, you pervert!"

"I'm just kidding, don't need to get so work up." Dark sighed. "Sometimes I feel really jealous. Dai-chan has Riku, Krad has Satoshi and I'm left with me alone."

"What about those fan girls of yours? I thought you went out with some of them?" asked Daisuke.

"The only reason they want to date me is so that they can go around bragging about having lain by me."

"Hey! That's not true, not all the girls are like that. At least not Risa, she really does love you."

"I know that Risa is a nice girl but I don't feel the same about her. I love her but only as a little sister, nothing else."

"Sometimes you are very cruel, the way you put things into words. Anyway, not that I didn't warn you first, Risa won't give up so easily. You better tell her about your true feeling. If not things will become more complicated." said Riku.

"Heh… don't you know?"

"Know what?"

"Risa had long given up on me… besides she already has a boyfriend and she talks about him lovingly every time we went out. Then her surrounding will be full with pink bubbles and heart shapes."

"What?! She hasn't told me anything… and I'm supposed to be her twin."

"Anyway, Dark are you going to the movie with us later on?"

"Nah, I need to go for my photo shooting session, maybe next time."


Somewhere else in the town, a boy with a Himalayan cat in his arms had arrived at the doorstep of a house next to the Niwa's. The boy had dark-green hair, a pair of the most beautiful golden eyes that shone brightly and soft lips that every one wants to have a taste of it. He was quite small-built compared to other boys around his age. As a boy, he was also very beautiful, even more beautiful than some of the female top models. Wherever he walked, all the attention would be focus on him.

"Look like this is our new home, Karupin." said the boy with a melodious voice.

"Meow" answered the cat as if she had understood what her master had said.

Ding Dong.

"Coming!" shouted a female voice.

As the boy waited for the door to open, someone came over and talked to him.

"You're moving in to this house?" the newcomer pointed to the house in front of the boy.

"Huh? Hn." was the boy's reply.

"I'm Niwa Eimiko. Welcome to Azumano! I live next door if you ever need any help just press my door bells." exclaimed the woman who claimed herself as Eimiko.

Suddenly the gate opened and revealed a woman in her twenties. She had long dark-blue hair that went down to her waist.

"Ryoma-san, okaerinasai! Where's Obaa-sama and Oji-sama?"

"Tadaima! Kaa-san is coming tomorrow moring while Oyaji said that he wanted to stay in America."

"Sou? Ara… Eimiko-san! Sorry, I didn't realize that you are here. Do you want to come in?"

"It's okay… I'm just come back from some errand and saw this cute boy over here Anyway I need to go back to prepare some dinner, see you." Eimiko smiled.

"Oh, okay. Ryoma-san please comes in. I'll help you with the luggage." said Nanako.

"Iie, it's okay. I can carry it myself. Where's my bedroom?"

"Your bedroom is on the third floor, the one to the right, to the left is your study room and the one beside your bedroom is your bathroom. Have you eaten? Want something to bite?"

"Iie, I'm really tired. I think I'll take a nap instead."

"Okay! Yell for me if you need anything."

"Nanako-san... Arigatou!"

"Dou itashimashite!" said Nanako with a warm smile.

Ryoma carried his luggage to the third floor and found his room without much difficulty. He was surprised when he opened the door. The room was twice as spacious as his old bedroom. The bed and televison set were also twice as big. There's a laptop on the desk and a closet big enough to put all his clothes.

Ryoma put the luggage aside and lie on the bed. Soon Ryoma fell asleep without unpacking his luggage.

When Ryoma had fallen asleep, he had a dream as usual. However, this time instead of seeing Fuji and Tezuka making out in the locker room. It was a different dream. This time Ryoma saw a shadow with a pair of black wings. The dark angel was fighting another shadow with grey wings. Soon the dark angel won. Although Ryoma could hardly see the face of the dark angel but he knew that the dark angel was looking at him because the shadow had shouted his name. Ryoma reached out his hand to catch the dark angel out stretched hand but something was pulling him back. Soon he was completely engulfed by the darkness.


Ryoma snapped his eyes opened. He was sweating and panting hard. Frantically, he looked at his surrounding and realized that he was in his new bedroom.

'What was that?' thought Ryoma as he tried to recall what he had dreamed. After recovered, he looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

'It's still 5pm; maybe I should take a looked around the town.' Ryoma went downstairs and looked around. Nanako was still busy in the kitchen.

"Nanako-san, I'm going out to take a look."

"Okay, but be back soon. I will be cooking your favorite dish tonight." shouted Nanako.


Ryoma stepped out of the house and explore the neighborhood. He realised that Azumano had pretty much influenced by the western culture as all houses around seem to be built in European style.

Ryoma continued to walk towards the direction of his new school, without looking where he was going he collided with someone.

"Gomen." Ryoma looked up and found himself staring at a pair of amethyst.

"Miss, are you alright?" said a familiar voice.

'Buchou? Wait… it can't be, surely buchou won't recognize me as a girl and buchou does not have violet color eyes. Who could it be?' pondered Ryoma.

"Hello? Miss, are you alright?" the man asked again failing to realize that Ryoma was twitching his eyes.

"Hey! Miss, I'm talking to you."

Finally, Ryoma could not take it anymore.


The man was shocked at Ryoma's sudden outburst but recovered quickly and smirked.

"You look absolutely a girl to me from head to toe. Although…your chest still needs to develop more" teased the man.

Ryoma was outraged, "Hmph, mada mada dane." Said Ryoma and he walked away.

"Hey wait! I'm Dark Mousy, What's your name?" shouted Dark.

"Why should I tell you? Mada mada dane…" before Dark could stop him again, Ryoma was nowhere to be seen.

'Mada mada ka? This should be interesting…'


When Ryoma reached home, he did not say a word and ran to his bedroom.


When Ryoma reached his bedroom, he flopped down on his bed. He did not know what had caused him to react this way. It was a first that he ever snapped in front of a stranger. Normally, he would just ignore them.

'Dark Mousy? Who is he? Why does he have such effect on me?' Ryoma sighed and went down to have his dinner. Little did he know that he would soon meet Dark again


Okaerinasai --- Welcome back.

Obaa-sama --- aunt

Oji-sama --- uncle

Tadaima --- I'm back

Kaa-san --- mother

Oyaji --- old man/father

Arigatou --- Thank you

Dou itashimasite --- you're welcome

Gomen --- sorry

Buchou --- captain (here Ryoma means Tezuka)

Mada mada dane --- you still have lots more to work on

Craze: Hope you like it...