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O2. A New Beginning

The next day, Ryoma woke up to the alarm clock, "En… its 7.15, I need to meet the principal by 7.45…Nani!! I'm going to be late!" Ryoma jumped out of bed, and rush to the washroom to get a quick wash. Quickly, he rushed down the stair and out through the door.

"Ryoma-san breakfast… be careful." Nanako sighed, shook her head with a smile and took the breakfast back into the kitchen.

As Ryoma was running late for school he didn't look where he was going and bumped into someone again.

"Gomen/Sorry" two voices said together. Ryoma get up immediately and ran towards the direction of the school without looking back at the person he just bumps into.

"Err… excuse me, the school is this way." The person said, pointing towards the opposite direction that Ryoma running to.

"Sorry, I saw that you are wearing the same uniformed… anyway I haven't seen you around? Are you by any chance cousin of Nanako-san that Kaa-san talks about?"


"Really? I'm Niwa Daisuke, dozo yoroshiku."

"Echizen Ryoma."

The both of them end up running to school together. On their way, none of them spoke. Ryoma being himself did not talk unless it's someone he knew. Daisuke of course doesn't really talk to stranger, but he made an observation of Ryoma. Long eye lashes, petite form. He looks like a girl from the back… if he has longer hair I bet anyone would have mistaken him to be a girl just by looking at his back. He doesn't seem to talk much too.


When they reached the school, Daisuke told Ryoma how to get to the Principal's room and ran straight to class. As Daisuke step into the classroom, his best friends, Saehara tackled him to the ground.

"Ne, ne, Daisuke do you know that there's going to be a transfer student in our class?" Transfer student? Is it Echizen-kun?

"Is that so?"

"Yes, aww I hope it's a girl…" Sorry but it's a boy though he does look like a girl.

"Hmph, even if it's a guy, I bet he's just another nerd like you. No one will be better than Dark-sama or Satoshi-sama. I will support only Dark-sama and Satoshi-sama forever."

"Me too..."

"Me too..."

"Mou, it's just a transfer student, do they have to make such a ruckus? Isn't it kind of bad to say things about the transfer student?" Riku walked to where Daisuke and Risa were.

"Maa… that you don't know Riku; this is the life of being a fan girl."

"Now that is what they say, I bet they'll shout their mouth if they saw the transfer student." Of course they do, if it's Echizen-kun.

"How do you know?" asked the twin.

"I saw him on the way to school; he's probably the one transferring to our class if I'm not wrong." Just as the twin wanted to ask more, the teacher came in.

"Alright, class settles down, I bet all of you already know that there going to be a transfer student in our class, Echizen-kun."

Ryoma walked into the class the moment the teacher called him. As he walk into the class, the whole class fall silence. If you look closely, you could seeing that all of the girls in class are blushing, even Riku and Risa. The boys, some jaw dropped, some just follow the girls and blush. Not for long, noise broke up again.


"He's so cute..."

"He's so cool..."

"He's so handsome..."

"He's so beautiful... Are you sure he's really a boy?"

"Class!!" The class kept quiet immediately and listened to what going to come next. "Echizen-kun would you like to introduce yourself?"

"Echizen Ryoma, dozo yoroshiku."

"Okay, Echizen-kun please move to the seat beside Niwa-kun, Niwa-kun would you kindly raised your hand?"

When Ryoma saw it's the red-head from before, he quickly walked to seat beside him. As he walked on, Daisuke could feel girls staring and glaring at him out of envy and jealousy, all he could do was sighed.

"Okay, class please be nice to Echizen-kun, he just came back from America…"

"America? Sugoii..."

"Class, listen! Now I know you are excited but please take out your text book, if not you are going to stay with me during your lunch." Having no choice, they took out their text book.


Soon the bell for lunch rang, however in Daisuke's class, the girls didn't dash out of the class to the cafeteria as they usually did, instead all of them crowd around Ryoma's desk and asked him questions.

"Echizen-kun… can I call you Ryoma-kun?"

"Ryoma-kun, when is your birthday?"

"Echizen-kun, can you teach me English?"

"Ryoma-kun, do you have any siblings?"

"Hey, you girls it's enough, can't you see that he's uneasy and I thought you girls decided in the morning that you will only support Dark and Hiwatarii-kun?"

"Well Dark-sama and Hiwatarii-sama are cool and handsome type; while Ryoma-sama is cute and pretty type… they are two different types. It can't be compare."

"Mou girls, I still don't see why is there a needs for them to go so far."

"That you don't know Riku, it's the…"

"Life of a fan girl, I know but it's just too much."

"Anyway, Echizen-kun, do you want to have lunch with us?" Seeing as a route to escape these fan girls, Ryoma agreed to join Daisuke.


On their way to the cafeteria, Risa went up to Ryoma and ask something that had been bothering her since she saw him for the first time this morning.

"Ne, Ryoma-kun do you have any brother?"

"Why you ask?"

"No, I just know someone that you like you and have the same last name so I thought maybe you know each other."

"I have a brother, but we seldom see each other, he loves traveling around."

"Is that so…"

"Anything else?" Ryoma asked in a cold voice.

"No, nothing… sorry to bother you." He's cold, but his eyes look sad did something happen before?

"Isn't it weird? How come it's so quiet today?" Riku said as she looked around in search of the lecher.

"Dark probably not around today, come on lets go find a place to sit."

"Echizen-kun, if you want to eat peacefully, you better start now before…"


"It's probably too late." Ryoma turned to look and saw someone familiar but he could not remember where he seen that person.

"Daisuke, Riku and Risa. How come you didn't wait for me?" Dark asked and looked to the newcomer. "Ah! You're the girl from yesterday." Ryoma's eyes twitched.

"Echizen-kun, you know Dark?"

"Yes/No." two voices said at the same time.

"Hey, I'm sure you the girl I meet from yesterday. I'm Dark Mousy remembers."

"Oh, come on Dark, you can't just use this tactics to get a girl it's useless these day, beside Echizen-kun is a boy, are you blind or something."

"Yea, even if I do love you before, but it's not a nice thing, saying that Ryoma-kun is a girl, Dark-san."

"Heh… so your name is Echizen Ryoma? Can I call you Ryo-chan?"

"Mada mada dane..."

"Hmm… mada mada ka? I see. How about Hime-chan or maybe Neko-chan?"

"You!! Anything but Hime-chan and Neko-chan, I'm not even a girl."

"Okay, okay… so Ryo-chan…" Dark receive a glared from Ryoma. "… I mean Ryo-kun, you study here? How come I don't see you before?" Man, I'm defeated by this guy, but he's cute.

"He's a transfer student, Dark."

"Hmm… how bouts this today after school let's goes celebrate for Ryo-kun, I know a sushi restaurant that sells great sushi. Ask Hiwatarii and Krad along and your boyfriend too, Risa."

"Sure thing, but my boyfriend is not in Japan, he's in America, and he be back a few days later though."

"I'm not going." Ryoma said as usual.

"Come on, Ryo-kun, it's for you if you not there, it won't be fun." Dark pleaded.


"Okay that's settles Ryo-kun going too."


After school, all of them went to the restaurant that Dark recommended, while Ryoma was being dragged along by Dark. When they reached the restaurant, Ryoma frozen on the spot, it's the least place that he wishes to go other than Seigaku. He wanted to escape but Dark had a firm gripped on his hand. As Dark open the door to the restaurant, greetings was shouted.



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