Hello all. Perhaps I should explain my title. I found a challenge for writing one hundred fics, and after reading Gone With the Wind again, I decided to complete it for this fandom. This is my first attempt at GWTW fanfiction, though by no means my first attempt at fanfiction in general. Each chapter will probably be stand alone, and the title is the prompt that was given. Hopefully I can make it through 100! This first one is based off the scene in the book in which Scarlett sees Rhett for the first time.


Rhett Butler held no interest for the barbeques and parties and balls that other Southerners seemed to set so much store by. But when Frank Kennedy gave him an opportunity to attend one, he was so bored with Jonesboro and Frank that he went along.

They arrived rather early that morning, and so far Rhett had not meshed well with the other guests. John and Ashley Wilkes were good enough hosts to converse with a man who wasn't received, but the former was helping his daughter India arrange for the barbeque and the latter was attending to his fiancé, a sweet and gentle woman by the name of Melanie Hamilton. So Rhett, never eager to stay where he was unwanted if it did not serve him, was content to walk the grounds of Twelve Oaks alone.

He had never before quite realized that Southern land was so rich and luscious, and he could see now why the planters prized it so. Of course he'd seen the Georgian countryside, but growing up in Charleston he had not valued it as he was discovering it should be valued. He still found the war ridiculous, but he could see why one might be driven to protect this land. Never him, but someone.

The rattling of carriage wheels and the rhythm of horse's hooves told Rhett he should be getting back to the yard. He wondered if perhaps he would find someone at this party that he could actually talk to, or at least a girl who was willing to give him a little fun. But somehow he doubted it, because the only women Rhett Butler attracted were whores, and the Southern countryside produced matrons, not prostitutes--that honor was reserved for the slums of cities.

He exchanged very few pleasantries with other guests, as it seemed his reputation had preceded him once again. He knew they were whispering and pointing and staring, but he honestly did not care. Rhett had learned long ago that he should value very few people's opinions.

It had been a rather mellow party, up until the point when a new carriage arrived. A change overtook the crowd and a buzz rose as several men flocked toward the carriage, leaving very irritated girls behind them. Not wishing to become part of the crowd, Rhett stood back and waited to see what the fuss was about.

Cheery and bubbling came a girl, fair of skin and dark of hair. She had a lovely figure, but Rhett had seen many girls with just as lovely and would have dismissed her as just another pretty belle but for the fact that she had the audacity to wear an afternoon dress in the morning. He would have to learn more about this woman who wasn't afraid of the gossip she was certain to incur.

The girl was entertaining all the young gentlemen, including Mr. Keneddy, but Rhett saw immediately that it was pure, and genius, acting on her part. She was not here to meet her beaux, and he was quite certain this was what she considered all these men. He saw her eyes searching for something, but just what he was not yet sure.

During one of her sweeps he caught her interest. She stared at him, almost as if appraising him for worth and he grinned with his eyes, appraising her. She was obviously uncomfortable under his gaze, but did not take her eyes off him.

"Rhett! Rhett Butler! Come here! I want you to meet the most hard-hearted girl in Georgia." Frank Kennedy was a suddenly a few feet from him, and he took one last moment to raise an eyebrow at the belle before turning. She stuck up her nose at him and laughed toward another man.

"Rhett, this is Suellen O'Hara." Frank beamed ridiculously and an uninteresting girl was presented.

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss O'Hara." He bowed slightly.

"I see you've been admiring my sister, Mr. Butler. Scarlett certainly can attract the men." She looked irritated and glared at Frank, who immediately went into a long, loving speech about her, but Rhett was not paying attention. He was stealing glances at the pretty girl with the tiny waist. Scarlett O'Hara. He had a feeling he should like to get to know her better.