Summary: After the battle at the Valley of The End, Sasuke, regretting his betrayal of those around him makes a deal with Kyuubi to send a part of him back to Konoha with Naruto.

Disclaimer: All Characters are property of Masashi Kishimoto and if I had owned them in the first place do you think I'd be sitting in front of a computer purposefully ignoring my schoolwork?


A Deal with a Devil


The Terrain was dark and damaged, it was the site of a final battle between two of the best of friends and worst of enemies but now it was over. The Fight had ended and Sasuke had won, by sheer luck, Sasuke had won. However, he had not been able to do the one thing that would have given him the power to defeat his older brother; he had not been willing to kill his only true friend, Naruto. Sasuke sat on his knees at Naruto's head, his aching body writhing with the injuries he had sustained in the fight with Naruto. His body spasmed, shooting its life's blood into his throat causing him to double over in pain and spit it on to the ground beside Naruto's head. Face to face with the unconscious Naruto, memories of the battle flooded back to him as if apart of the very rain he was now drenched in. In the final moments of the battle Naruto had convinced him that they would always be friends, brothers, but what could he do now? He had not only betrayed Konoha but also his best friend. Sasuke's entire being was wracked with sorrow as he realized that the only place he had left to go was to Orochimaru. As the tears washed down his cheeks and dripped into Naruto's mouth Sasuke was hit with an idea; if he could not return home with his best friend then perhaps he could send a part of himself back.

"Demon," Sasuke shouted at the supposed monster that was sealed inside Naruto, "I know you can hear me. I need your help." The air grew thick and even the animals silenced as Naruto was engulfed in red chakra. Slowly his lips began to move, but a voice that sent chills down Sasuke's spine.

"Why?" The Demon asked, "Why should I help you?"

"You have no reason, I have not endeared myself to you in any way, but Naruto has. Help me ease his pain, I want to give him a piece of me." The nine tails fox remained silent as if pondering Sasuke's words then it spoke.

"Fine, but this will require a great sacrifice. I take all of your positive traits give them form and soul, you will feel nothing but darkness and despair. You're only rest will come in suppressing all emotions. This will bring a power that is more than those that threaten you, but this strength will be an empty strength, do you understand?" asked the demon fox.

"Yes," replied Sasuke, "Do what you have to." He braced for the worst as a flaming crimson hand rose from Naruto's stomach and reached into Sasuke's body. He winced as felt the hand close around one of his ribs. Sasuke screamed in pain as the demon unceremoniously wrenched the bone from his body and healed the gapping hole left in its place. Soon the pain ebbed and Sasuke turned his head to watch the now floating bone as it began to spin. Faster and faster the bone spun, so fast it soon became a bright red blur. The blur became bigger and shapelier as it slowly began to take form. Kyuubi was creating a clone of Sasuke but Sasuke could not tell what the clone looked like until the spinning stopped. The newly formed creature slowed so that it was floating face to face calmly above the unconscious Naruto. It was a perfect replica of Sasuke but something was different… the replica was female! Had Sasuke been born a girl this is what he would have looked like. The replica had long raven hair with a trim athletic body and smooth unblemished facial features. The red Chakra laid the girl's nude form on top of Naruto and spoke.

"Go now, leave this place and never bother Naruto again. Should he ever suffer your presence again, I will personally kill you." Without a word Sasuke did what he was told and jumped off into the unknown. Soon people would find Naruto and those who had come for him, they would be safe. Orochimaru would not get his body and Sasuke would neither run nor hide from his fate.


Author's Notes: This idea has been in my head for a very long time and something I know that I can make a good story out of but I want to know what you think first. Please let me know.

I am probably going to make this a NaruSasu (Non-Yoai) but I can't decide how I want it to end, tragic or happy. If I want a happy ending I'm going to have to figure out whether I want two Sasukes or one. Grrr, I hate having to make up my mind like this but I'll probably leave it to a vote or just write two separate endings. So what do you think?