A Deal with a Devil

Chapter 9: Hell hath no fury part II

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Naruto stood defiantly between the she-demon and his friends. There were quite a few people around the ring who were injured and dieing; he knew that if he didn't end this fight soon, not only would these people be killed by the rampaging beast that Kyuubi was but his home village Konoha was next. Formulating a plan was hard as memories of two lives blended like oil and water. For now, Though, he decided to go with the memories he had of Kyuubi; those seemed to be making her sloppy as he recounted them to her in a way that only she seemed understand. Naruto watched as his wound healed like it had when Kyuubi was still inside of him; no it was healing faster and better. Then he saw it, the reason Kyuubi attacked in the first place, and it was his fault.

"I'm sorry," Naruto lowered his guard, "I'm not Yondaime, but I can remember most of what he did." Naruto stepped lightly toward the demon girl.

"Why would you have Arashi's memories?"

"He gave them to me, so that one day I might be able to apologize for him. You see I know why you attacked Konoha, I know why you were so enraged that night." The Scenery began to distort and vex around them as Sasuke and Sasu watched it do so. Naruto had no idea why they weren't left behind when he began the imaging technique but it didn't matter. The truth needed to be told anyway. Naruto shifted his attention back to the fox before him and began a genjutsu. The images around them turn to a hospital room with the fourth Hokage sitting in a chair seemly waiting, "this was the day it started wasn't it? Kazama was having himself tested."

Quietly, and solemnly a medical nin walked into the room and passed the Hokage a clipboard, "I'm sorry..." she said as she hung her head, "I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but you're sterile."

"So it is true..." The Hokage sighed, "The line ends with me."

"I'm Sorry hokage-sama."

Then Naruto sped up the illusion and soon the immaculate walls of the hospital changed to a beautiful autumn colored forest. The leaves slowly fell in lazy fashion as the oranges, reds and browns blanketed the grass in a soft sheen. The Hokage was alone as he stepped ponderously through the crunching leaves. "Why so sad?" a sweat honey tone voice whispered gently through the forest.

"Who's there?"

"You are in my forest," a slight giggle, "I should ask he who is trespassing the same."

"I am Kazama Arashi, the Fourth Hokage of Konoha. You aren't human... are you?"

"Sensed my chakra have you?"

"I apologize for trespassing; I did not mean to do so." He apologized and turned to leave, but only found brightly red headed young woman in his path. She was clothed in a Victorian corset set dress with an exaggerated skirt building into a crescendo as a tube top.

"You should apologize, but it is not necessary. I have a proposition for you she moved her face inches away from his and grabbed his crotch. Kazama let out a startled gasp, but he was not in pain. "I believe we can help each other."

The Hokage coughed, "Help each other?"

"I know that you are unable. I will give you a fragment of myself and heal your ailment so that you may do what is necessary to survive."

"What do you get from this?"

"I want your first born." Everyone could see the Hokage visibly pale as the possibilities run through his head.

"Why?" he asked.

"I have plans for a human stew..." She smiled as Yondaime frowned, "Lighten up. I'm joking. My reasons are my own, but rest assured I want it for the same purpose you want a child, survival. It will be well taken care of I assure you."

Yondaime thought long and hard almost to the point that the people watching it unfold thought that the red headed lady might loose her temper, but she never did. Finally Arashi dropped his hed and slumped his shoulders, for some reason he decided that the demon fox could be trusted and he agreed.

Once again the scene around them began to distort and change as the illusion that Naruto had begun changed from forests and leaves back to the main hospital in Konoha. The Hokage was pacing around the waiting room like the expectant father he was. Suddenly a scream rang out from the delivery room down the hall and Arashi took off with a flick of his foot. He looked inside the room and saw as his pushed hard one last time and relaxed to the soothing sound of a baby boy being born into the world. For a moment, Arashi allowed himself fleeting happiness, but it was not to last. Time froze around him as the deal he had made donned on him. "No, It's too soon." He whispered.

"It is time." The same Honey toned voice that he had heard in the forest called out.

"Wait, just give me a little time." He pleaded to the fox in human form.

"The time is now. She will know nothing of the boy. No one will, and you will be free to conceive as many more as you want. A parting gift."


"Excuse me?"

"I won't give him up," He pulled away as Kyuubi's features took a decidedly non-human turn for the worse.

"Choose your words wisely human. If you do this you will bring my wrath down on not only you but everyone in your village as you doom mine."

"He is my son, and I will not allow you to take him!"

"So be it!" The Demon fox dropped the facade of humanity and took on the large stature for which it was now known. The building crumbled as Arashi rushed into the delivery room to find that it was one of the first to crumble. He rushed over the bodies of the medical ninjas crushed under the rubble from the building and took the baby from his wife and tried to help her up in order to get her to safety, but he only managed to get the baby before a large piece of the roof collapsed crushing her and the bed beneath her. Sasu gasped as she saw this and latched onto Sasuke. A single tear rolled down the Hokage's eye and his features hardened. With the baby in his arm he jumped to what was left of the roof and screamed at Kyuubi. It was an inhuman almost animal like scream that managed to get the Demon fox's attention. Forming several one handed seals, He yelled something that no one had heard before and a bright flash of light blinded everyone watching and sent the nine tailed fox flying into the distance. As if spent, The hokage doubled over as if his legs had given out underneath him, but managed to keep a tight grasp on his son.

Arashi looked down at his son and gave a weak smile, "I'm sorry Naruto, I'm so sorry."

It was at this point that the genjutsu fell and the surroundings where restored to the village that they had originally been in. Kyuubi was still poised to attack but seemed to have lost all will do to so. "He didn't know why you wanted me, and, in the end, he could not justify letting me go. He was sorry for betraying you and it haunted him until his death."

"I would not have hurt... I needed you. I would have taken good care of you and molded you into the strongest Ninja in the world."

"Why?" Sasuke wondered out loud.

"Sasuke?" Naruto whispered.

"Why would you have made him strong, why did you make the deal in the first place, why would you need a human? Why!?" spat Sasuke.

"and for that matter," continued Sasu, "Why would attack the whole village instead of just the hokage? You could have gotten at him any time you wanted."

"I am a vengeful spirit," Kyuubi answered slowly, "You intend to doom my people to extinction, I will doom yours."

"Extinction?" Gasped Naruto, "Why would not having me lead to extinction?"

"There is a storm coming, Naruto. Something more powerful than the six demon kings is coming to lay waste to my realm, and you were the only chance I had..."

End Season 1

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