Usagi stood in front of her closet, hands on her hips fighting back tears. It was just one of these days every girl gets when she wants to feel pretty and cute and can't find the right outfit. It's no surprise she was almost sobbing from frustration. Sighing she picked a pink knee length skirt off her floor and grabbed a frilly white top to go with it. She'd have to make up a better excuse for being late then choosing her outfit. Stuffing shoes on she grabbed a purse and ran all the way to the arcade.

She slid to a halt outside the doors of the arcade to smooth her ruffled hair and slow her breathing a little. She didn't want Motoki to see her so mussed up. Sighing, she flounced into the arcade to run smack into her enemy, Chiba Mamoru, before she was even past the doors.

"Baka!" she squealed in indignation. Neither noticed the door sliding shut behind her. "Get out of my way right now or I'll"

"Or you'll do what Odango? You'll beat me up?" he smirked. Mamoru enjoyed their daily spats and if he could keep this one going on longer it would turn his crummy day into a fantastic one. He placed a palm on the glass door behind Usagi and leaned in closer. "I'm soooo scared"

Usagi glared at all her might but Mamoru only smiled wider. She looked to her friends for help but for some reason they were squealing in smothered giggles, even Ami the supposedly serious member of their group.

"Get. Out. Of. My. WAY!" she shoved him with all her might and was rewarded when he stumbled backward in shock and fell to the ground. A small ripping noise was covered by her scream as she fell on top of him. Mamoru oofed and smiled up at the slightly flushed girl in his lap.

"I'm out of your way now Odango"

"Thank you. Will you let go of my skirt so I can stand up, please?" she asked with smothered hatred.

"Skirt? I don't have you skirt. Just stand up Odango. I suppose you do know how to stand?" Mamoru questioned lightly.

Struggling against an unknown pressure she unfolded herself from his lap and started to walk over to her friend's table. Started is the keyword here. As soon as she had taken a step her skirt ripped with a loud snap and left her clad in a skirt barley long enough to be considered one. His whistle was immediately overwhelmed by Usagi wailing in shock. She went to slide to the floor but a strong pair of arms supported her. Mamoru pulled his hideous school blazer off and gently tied it around her waist. Pulling out a handkerchief he wiped the barley formed tears from her eyes and guided her to a stool at the counter.

"Motoki." he said, snapping the confused bartender out of his shock. "Can I get a coffee and a double chocolate sundae for Usagi"

Motoki nodded numbly and went off to make their order. Usagi glanced at Mamoru to see what was going on and sighed when she saw him pull out a small notebook. Using a pen he crossed out something a few pages in and went to return in to his pocket. Usagi snatched it out of his grasp and started to read it over.

"Things to see, do, make before I die. Wow Mamoru. I never knew you were so obsessed with stuff like this." she kept reading and snorted in laughter at a few. "You put make a child on your list? Oh no, no, no this is way better, 'Number 34, ride my motorcycle from one end of Japan to the other'. Do you even own a motorcycle"

Mamoru smiled at her but didn't respond, a slight blush creeping up his neck. Usagi turned the page to see the line he had just crossed out. She gasped in shock and started to redden.

"'Number 71, someday, somehow see Usako in a skirt short enough to make me blush and whistle.'" Usagi stared at him in shock and smiled slightly. Encouraged by her response he leaned in a little closer and whispered,

"Do you think Number 104 will happen anytime soon, Usako?" She went wide eyed and started searching the little book to see exactly what Number 104 was.