Mamoru paused outside of his apartment. A loud crash echoed from within and he hastily unlocked the door, fearing a burglar. Very quietly, he grabbed an umbrella from the stand just inside the door and tiptoed down the hallway. Another crash sounded from the kitchen and he hurried forward to catch the thief in action. Peeking around the corner revealed a very sticky Usagi.

He laughed, dropping the umbrella. Usagi screamed, hurled a sticky spoon at his head, and ran to the other side of the island brandishing a colander. Mamoru flinched as the spoon struck his face, utterly surprised. After a moment, he realized that the spoon was still stuck to his face.

"Mamo-chan! You scared me half to death." She giggled, but smothered it with her hands, eyes going wide. "Get out! Get out out out! You're ruining it."

Mamoru let himself be pushed out of his kitchen, laughing at the tiny hands on his back. He turned around to claim a kiss but she ripped the spoon off of his cheek instead. He gasped sharply, hand scrambling to cover the sore spot. Usagi flashed her infamous smile and trotted back into the kitchen.

"Just what are you doing?" he yelled, afraid to peek around the corner again.

"Go study or something, you're distracting me!" she countered, voice almost covered by another crash. He sighed, still rubbing his face, and moved to the couch. TV seemed like a good idea. Once Usagi got an idea in her head, he was hard put to stop it.

The screen buzzed to life, but the cooking channel was not what he was expecting. Last he remembered, he'd been watching CNN before bed. His interest really piqued, he flopped to the floor and began crawling toward the kitchen. He barley saw Usagi pulling apples out of his fridge before one smashed against the wall behind him.

"Mamoru Chiba! Get your sorry butt out of this kitchen before I do more than throw apples at you!"

He lunged backward, laughing uncontrollably. TV was defiantly a good idea. He could hear Usagi sighing loudly, obviously for his benefit. He felt like a naughty child and laughed again.

Mamoru sighed as the movie ended and flipped through channels for another program. He barely noticed the weight of the couch change, but when she cleared her throat, he knew she was there. She carefully slid closer to him, burrowing under his arm and laying her head on his chest. All the air in his lungs happily whooshed out and he drew her closer, kissing the top of her head.

"Can I have my hello kiss?" he smirked. Usagi looked up to see pouting lips and tightly closed eyes. She giggled and kissed him happily. Mamoru grinned into her lips, wrapped his arms around her, and pressed her body against the arm of the couch. She squeaked, but returned the pressed with vigor. Mamoru was completely willing to smother her in kisses for at least the next decade, but she pushed him away.

"Ready for your surprise?" she happily questioned, grinning at her secret. He smiled widely, eager to see what her kitchen explosion had created. She grabbed his hand, giggling as she dragged him off the couch. He put all of his weight into resisting, but she managed to brace her feet and haul him up.

"Okay, I'm coming." He laughed but she ignored him and continued into the kitchen. Just at the doorway, she turned around, stretched up, and covered his eyes with her small hand. Slowly, she led him into the kitchen, right up to the counter.

"Number 108." She simply stated. Before he could even think about what that one was she pulled her hand away from his face. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light, but quickly noticed the tray of treats in front of him. Usagi grinned as the dopey smile crossed his face, clasping her hands to her chest in joy.

"Oh, Odango they look delicious." He beamed, wrapping his arms around her tightly. His lips lowered to her ear and he huskily whispered, "So very, very delicious."

She squealed with laughter, his hot breath tickling. Mamoru wasted no time kissing her neck a dozen times. She sagged against him, but froze when the kisses stopped. She turned around to see Mamoru's lips taking a bite out of ones of her treats. He chomped down loudly, but couldn't seem to free himself from the sticky coating.

"They have to cool first, silly!" Uasagi collapsed to the floor, tears streaming from her eyes in laughter. Mamoru cocked an eyebrow at her trying to mumble, but the caramel apple plastered to his face only made the gesture look humorous. Taking pity on him, she grabbed the stick and wrenched the apple from his mouth.

"Geez!" was all he could manage, picking bits a caramel from his lips. Uasagi grabbed his hand and winked.

"Allow me." She whispered and her mouth began removing any traces of caramel from his. His notebook lay forgotten on the counter, number 108: Eat a caramel apple, checked off.