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Title: I'll put a spell on you

Story Type: GSR angst/drama/romance with Casefile.

Rating:M to be safe

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Chapter 1

Lean in my friend's, pull your chairs in close and I'll tell you a story of two lost souls. This is for the dreamers, who never give up hope. Who sail the ship into darkness searching for the light. This is for the dreamers, who hold tight and never fall. Who sail the ship so willingly for true love will conquer all. So follow me my dreamers, in silence if you may and we'll join our two lost souls on this hot Las Vegas day…………

The searing heat engulfed the resident's of Las Vegas, relentless and demanding. It had been over four hours since sunset but the earth still gasped for breath. Gil Grissom gently pulled his SUV to a stop outside the small well kept house and removed the keys from the engine.

"Greg should be just behind us, I called and he's still stuck in traffic" Sara announced, breaking the silence that had fallen during their brief journey. Grissom turned towards her "Ok. Work the outside until he arrives and then join me in the house. I'll go talk to Brass" She nodded and got out. His gaze followed her briefly before he got out. Adjusting his sunglasses, he surveyed the crowd before spotting Brass and heading over to him.

"Hey, neighbour called the police after the dog had been barking all evening. Apparently it was out of character. So my guys broke in at . . . ." He checked his notebook "11:13pm, they found the victim in the master bedroom. They checked vitals, left and then called it in" Grissom nodded.

"I'll need their statements and shoes" Brass smiled anticipating this "Taken care of" He handed Grissom two separate evidence bags and Grissom thanked him.

"Is David still with the body?" He asked glancing towards Sara as she walked up beside him.

"Yep" Brass sighed "This one's going to take some time"

Grissom entered the bedroom and stood perfectly still. In his many years as a CSI he had seen many things but this scene would definitely last in his memory. It wasn't a visual memory but one of feeling. It didn't feel right. The room was cool as the windows were wide open, too wide Grissom thought. It was tidy, very tidy, everything had a place. Clothes were folded neatly on a hamper, cosmetics neatly lined the dressing table and the bed was neatly made. It would have been spotless if it wasn't for the swarm of blood that engulfed the sheets and dripped into a puddle on the hardwood floor. The source of this blood Grissom couldn't be sure as a white towel covered the victim from mid thigh to her shoulders, it was also soaked in blood. She could have been asleep. David turned towards Grissom "I don't know where to begin. I've pronounced death but I didn't want to touch anything. I've never seen anything like this before"

Grissom walked over to him. "It's ok David, I'll let you know when you can move the body" David nodded and headed out of the bedroom.

Grissom continued to stare at the body and didn't have to turn around to know that Sara had entered the room. His body was always heightened to her presence. It bothered him.

"Greg's working the outside" He acknowledged her comment briefly before returning his gaze back to the body, Sara's followed. The victim was female. Sara noticed her long black hair flowing over the bed and looked like it had been brushed. Sara couldn't see her face as there were multiple photos that covered it. After taking general location shots she stepped closer and began to photograph the face more clearly. She counted at least eight individual photos, all placed together to make a complete face. She glanced at Grissom who had started to fingerprint the window ledges and frames.

"Who do you think the photos are of?" She asked, gaining his full attention. He shrugged and paced over to the dressing table. There were a large selection of photos on it and he picked up one of a beautiful young women.

"Our victim maybe" He handed the photo to Sara, who studied it and then the photos on the face again. "Looks like the same girl. So why take photos of her face and then cover her face in them" It was an open question that she didn't require an answer for. It was impossible to understand some acts of human nature. She bent down and began to collect the photos, bagging and photographing each one separately. After several minutes she spoke allowed to Grissom who had just finished printing the windows. "It looks like her hair was brushed. There's a brush . . . ." She paused suddenly, something that caught Grissom's attention. He moved towards her and immediately identified the source of her silence.

"Her eyes have been removed" She stated softly, her voice trembling in disbelief.