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Rory groaned, "Please Paris, not right now."

"Not right now?" Paris whispered furiously, "Rory what the hell is going on? One minute you're madly in love with Logan and the next you and Tristan, ex king of Chilton, mob boss, play boy extraordinaire, are practically making out in front of all of Hartford! Don't 'not right now' me."

Rory let out a long sigh. Paris stared at her, eyes burning, and Madeline and Louise who had apparently followed her lead, also stared at Rory expectantly. "Okay listen," Rory began, "There is nothing going on with me and Tristan. He needed an escort for the night and my grandmother asked me to do it. That's it."

"O really?" Paris asked, a smirk forming on her face, "And I assume that Logan knows about this right?"

Rory shifted uncomfortably. "Not exactly," she sighed as Paris snorted in disbelief. "But it's not like I didn't want to tell him!" she defended, "I didn't even know that Tristan was the guy I was supposed to be coming with until just now. And I invited Logan, but he's not really into doing anything other than his work and watching TV right now so he stayed home. It was an innocent coincidence." Paris just rolled her eyes. Rory opened her mouth to defend herself but stopped when Paris's eyes grew wide. "What?" she asked spinning around. Her jaw dropped when she saw Logan standing at the front door, a leggy blonde on his arm.

Madeline and Louise began to whisper between themselves, and the whole party began to do the same as they looked to the door. Rory's cheeks burned red and her eyes flashed in anger. Being busy was one thing but deciding to show up at the same party as your girlfriend with a different girl was in a whole other league. "I'll be back," she told Paris, her voice laced with anger, and Paris just nodded, speechless for once.

Logan watched Rory approach out of the corner of his eye. She looked calm and collected which he new meant she was pissed. "Hey honey," she smiled, as she grabbed his arm. He froze as she pulled him to her and gave him a hot, open mouthed kiss, knowing all of Hartford's high society was looking on.

"Hey Ror," he said, regaining his composure, "This is Melanie. She's an old high school acquaintance." Rory flinched at the word, knowing it was a jab at Tristan. Being the professional she was however, she merely smiled and stuck out her hand.

"Very nice to meet you Melanie." She said. Melanie, obviously uncomfortable, merely nodded and then excused herself for a drink. Rory watched in silence as she walked away, and then she turned back to Logan, her eyes burning into him. "We need to talk," she whispered, and everyone watched as she led him into the library. They listened as the two yelled at each other.

"What the hell are you thinking bringing that whore into my grandparent's house?"

"Me? You're the one here with your high school lover! Acquaintance my ass!"

"You think I invited him? My grandmother set it up! You just can't get over the fact that I was ever attracted to another man than you."

"So you admit you were attracted to him?"

There was a long pause and then, "Yes! Fine I admit it! Is that what you want to hear? There was a time when I would have done anything for his attention, for him to look at me. A time when I wanted nothing more than for him to push me into one of the bathroom stalls at Chilton and fuck me like I deserve! But that was a long time ago Logan. I love you, and I'm with you so please just forget about him and let's enjoy the rest of the evening."

Tristan stared at the doors, stunned. He had always hoped she had feelings for him but he never expected this. As the entire party stared at him a small smirk formed on his face. Mary, his Mary, liked him. A shriek from the other side of the door brought him back to reality. His head snapped up as he heard blows landing and Rory screaming. In an instant he was in the library, pulling Logan off of Rory, his hand around his neck, pressing him against the wall. "Its time for you to go now." He snarled. Logan nodded fighting to breathe. Tristan's hand tightened and Logan's eye's bulged. "Stay the fuck away from her, because next time you won't be so lucky," he commanded, and released Logan. He crumpled to the floor in a heap and gasped for breath as crawled to the door, where the crowd stood, mouths a gape.

Tristan scanned the rest of the room and his anger flared once more when he saw Rory. She was huddled in corner, hidden partially by a leather sofa. One of the straps of her dress was ripped off and the blue of her dress was now spotted with red. He slammed the doors shut and then rushed over to her. He dropped to his knees next to her. Her delicate shoulders shook as she cried, cradling her left hand carefully. "Rory?" he whispered and he drew a sharp breath when she looked up at him. Her blue eyes shone with tears, and one was already beginning to swell and turn a purplish color. There was a deep gash along her cheek, and her lips looked bruised and swollen.

"I'll kill him," Tristan growled, "I'll kill that son of a bitch." Rory let out another soft sob and his heart broke. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. She rested her head on his chest draped her arms around his neck allowing herself to cry as he held her. He traced small circles on her back and sighed into his shirt. Had he heard everything, she wondered. Did she hope he had?

He pulled her closer and she giggled. Their eyes met and, seeing the confusion is his, she began to laugh even harder. "Ror," he questioned, "Are you okay?"

She calmed herself long enough to answer. "Its just so unreal." She explained, "I always thought that I would have a knight in shining armor come and save me from someone like you. But now, here I am, being comforted by a playboy mob boss, after my boyfriend who I thought was my Jake Ryan just beat me up. But maybe I don't need a Jake Ryan. Maybe I need a Bender. I mean who says Emilio Estevez always gets the girl?" Tristan stared at her, even more confused now. "You've never seen a John Hughes movie have you?" she questioned. Tristan shook his head, trying to figure out what that had to do with anything.

"Okay then, lets go," Rory said getting ready to stand up.

"Where to?" he questioned.

"To get the movies of course," she stated as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

He grabbed her arm as she moved to stand up. "Are you sure you want to do this now?" he asked, concerned. She sighed and said, "What I need right now is to just get away from all this. Can you help me get away?" Her eyes pleaded with him to say yes.

"Sure," he said, a smile forming on his face, "Lets get you cleaned up first." She nodded and pulled herself up, limping over to the bathroom. She sat on the edge of the sink as he wet a washcloth. Neither of them spoke as he wiped away the blood from her skin. She flinched when he reached her cheek but nodded for him to keep going. When it was done he took off his coat and draped it around her shoulders. "Ready?" he asked, and she nodded, managing a shaky smile.

As the walked out the door she grabbed his hand and he couldn't control the grin creeping onto his face. Rory quickly located Paris who was looking at her in disbelief. "I'll call you", mouthed Rory and Paris mouthed back, "You better." She looked around to see what had become of Logan and caught her grandfather's eye instead. She knew from his look that Logan had been dealt with. She smiled at him, assuring him that she was alright. He smiled back and turned around to find Emily as Tristan led Rory out the front door.

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