Notes: You see what had happened was…

No, I just got lazy. By the way, I've also posted a rewrite of chapter one. It's the same stuff, just written better.

This is also set two or three years after the series, just so Juubei and Kazuki can be more settled and otherwise gay-married and Ginji and Ban have the time to recover from whatever big badness I'm sure happened at the end of the series. Thanks.

When Ban finally got to the spare room he was sharing with Ginji, the blonde had his back facing the door and was pretending to sleep. He knew that he was awake, because Ginji always snored when he slept. This was something Ginji liked to deny, so it was obviously something he wouldn't do when pretending to be asleep. Ban silently undressed, leaving just his boxers on before slipping into bed behind Ginji.

"Why did you pretend to be tired?" Ban demanded. Ginji started breathing louder. "Damn it, I know you aren't asleep!"

"Because it was weird, Ban!" Ginji whispered. Ban knew that Ginji was being serious when Ginji didn't add '-chan' at the end of his name. "Didn't you feel like we were interrupting something?"

"We are interrupting something," Ban replied, not without a hint of bitterness. It wasn't that he liked Kazuki or Juubei. He knew if it was just him, he would never want to speak with them. He didn't like being in their house, he didn't like trying to have a conversation with them, and he certainly didn't like hearing strange giggles from the kitchen. But they were Ginji's friends. If working with Ginji meant spending time with his strange friends, he was up for it.

"It's just… they're happy! This is their home. They live together, and cook together, and talk about how your hair looks funny together." Ban growled. "And I know that I should be happy for them, but all I can think is that I can't have this."

"What the hell do you mean, you can't have this? Do you want to get rid of me so much?" Ban growled, turning his back to Ginji.

"Ban-chan! I don't want to get rid of you. I just… want something more than my best friend and a car."

Neither spoke for a few moments. Ban had never had any idea that Ginji felt that way. He knew that this wasn't what he had expected for the future, either. He'd expected to have made enough money by now that sleeping in a real bed for one night wouldn't mean having to stay at someone else's house.

"I never wanted to live like them," Ban finally replied softly. "I like dates, but I never wanted one girl. I don't want to settle down, like they have. There isn't one girl who wouldn't piss me off too much. It's not like I want to live in the ladybug forever; I just figured that when we make it big it'll still be you and me."

"It's not like I figured we'd ever be apart," Ginji replied softly. He'd learned to savor the times that Ban opened up to him, and knew it wouldn't be long until he was his gruff self again. Another few moments passed in silence before Ginji gained courage. He wrapped his arm around Ban.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ban asked, but without heat, without pulling himself away.

"I don't know," Ginji confessed. "But I know that there isn't anyone else that I could do this with."

Ban knew that this should be wrong. He knew that being like this with another man probably earned him a first class ticket to Homosville. But even more frightening was the knowledge that he didn't care. Snuggling like this with Ginji was normal. He unconsciously backed against Ginji's chest. He didn't mind that Ginji's finger had started running up and down his arm. In fact, it was really nice.

Suddenly, they heard a loud moan. Neither said a word, but Ginji's hand stopped halfway down Ban's arm. Another cry pierced the silence.

"They didn't do this at the Infinity Fortress, did they?" Ban asked.

"I don't think so. Not when I was within earshot, anyway. They were young when they got there, too. They probably hadn't…" Ginji trailed off. Both were blushing fiercely. Neither seemed to notice that they were still pushed firmly against one another. Ginji remembered where his arm was, and his cheeks reddened further, but he did not move. It wasn't long before both ignored the sounds from the next room and fell asleep.

Kazuki woke the next morning and stretched. He definitely shouldn't have done that last night. He wasn't lying when he said he had to work early. Still, it was nice. Living together for two years meant that their sex life had all but disappeared. It was important to know that they could still be spontaneous like that. Still, his back was reminding him that it had been while a while since he had bent that way. He had half a mind to call off work and just stay with Juubei all morning, but he knew that was ridiculous. He gave his sleeping lover a peck on the cheek and went to shower.

Kazuki returned from the shower an hour later, having finished blow-drying his hair as well. He usually took showers at night, but with Ginji and Ban, he hadn't had the time. He had to wake up at five to have enough time to make sure his hair was dry before he got to work. He went to Ginji and Ban's room to make sure they hadn't left. He grinned when he saw them. He went to the hallway to get his camera.

Ginji Amano and Ban Midou were snuggling. That's right. The lightning emperor, who had struck fear in the hearts of so many and Ban Midou, the man with the snake bite and evil eye were canoodling in his spare bedroom. It would have been scandalous, if it wasn't so adorable. It was times like these that he really wished Juubei had his sight back. Times like these and times like last night. He blushed. Usually, his mind wasn't in the gutter like this.

After three snapshots, Kazuki went to the kitchen to make breakfast. He knew that Ban and Ginji would be up as soon as they smelled breakfast.


Ban woke shortly after. He felt something warm against his back. He was also unusually comfortable. He opened his eyes. No, he certainly wasn't in the ladybug. 'Did I get laid?' he wondered. As much as he would never admit it, it would have been a first. He was young when he'd first met Ginji, and after that it had been the two of them in the ladybug. He didn't really have the privacy for sex. He rolled over and nearly fell out of the bed at what he saw. It was Ginji. 'Of course it's Ginji,' he thought 'It's always Ginji.'

The memories of the night before slowly came back to him. They were at Juubei and Kazuki's house. Kazuki had cooked for them, let them stay… and then had loud, kinky sex in the room right next door. And during this, Ginji had spooned him. Ban quickly scooted to the far edge of the bed. He needed a shower.

This was all too much. He never should have suggested this. It was getting just a little too real. Snuggling with Ginji had been nice. Kissing him had even been nice. And it terrified him. This was the last thing he needed. But he knew that no matter how confusing his feelings got (or even worse, if they were to get any clearer) he would always have Ginji in his life. Ginji was his best friend. Stupid hormones weren't going to stop anything like that. He knew that this was a phase many people went through. And since he'd never had time to go through it when he was younger, it made sense that he was going through it now. It would all be over soon.

Ban followed his nose to the kitchen. Kazuki was working on something on the stove and appeared to be already dressed for work. Ban suddenly realized that he had no idea where Kazuki worked. Wherever it was, it involved an apron.

"Oh, Ban," Kazuki said lightly, not even turning around. "I'll be done cooking soon. You can wake Ginji up when you go to get dressed. The shower is free; towels are in the cabinet across the hall."

"Um… thanks," Ban replied, suddenly feeling extremely awkward. Kazuki stopped cooking and turned to face Ban, a slight smile on his face.

"You're welcome," he replied, before turning back to the pot he had been stirring.

Ban turned around quickly. Why did Ginji's friends have to be so weird?