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Summary: Kyo disappeared after Akito summoned him with no one seeing or hearing from him for three months unti he suddenly shows up for breakfast. Why and where did he go? Yuki starts recieving annonomus (love?) letters and feels compelled to reply to them.

Chapter One:
Yuki's POV

"Good Morning Miss Honda, Shigure." I said, stifling a yawn as I sat down for breakfast.

"Morning, morning! Sleep well, I hope?" Shigure chirped in a sing-song voice as happily as ever, pointedly ignoring the phone as it began to ring, most likely his editor on the other line.

"Yes, fine. This smells great Miss Honda, thank you." Quite the liar, I am, if I do say so myself. I hadn't slept well at all. Nightmares of Akito plagued me all night to the point where I could no longer sleep. I just lay there, shaking.

"Oh, really, it's nothing!" Tohru spoke quickly, blushing modestly.

"Yuki? Would you do me a favor?" Shigure pleaded childishly in a girlie voice.

"No." I began filling my plate, not daring to look at the older man.

"Oh, how your icy tone bites me so! All I wanted was to read the morning paper. To see what the weather's going to be like and inform you! But alas, it is not to be. Oh, woe is me, woe is me! I-"

"Enough already! I'll get the damn paper. Just shut up, will you?" Kyo yelled, eyes narrowed in his customary glare, face looking pale as he appeared in the doorway.

I looked up and then he was gone, off to fetch the paper. Shigure sat quietly, still ignoring the phone that continuously rang. I looked at Tohru. Her face was etched with worry, probably for Kyo. This was his fifth day back from... where ever he had been. Three months ago, Akito had demanded to see the cat. No one knew why or what it was about. Kyo stayed there all day. I never heard him come home that night, none of us did, not even Shigure. But he must have. Tohru had gone to wake him for school, as she always did, and the next thing I knew was that her screams were echoing throughout the house. When I had entered to see what was wrong, I was met by the sight of clothing and random object strew messily about the room. Blood littered the floor in tiny droplets, smears of it running along the walls, Kyo's crimson hand prints leading in and out the window.

That was the last we knew of him. Kyo was gone. Nobody saw or heard from him. When we had managed the courage to ask Akito if he knew anything, all he did was laugh. It sent shivers running up and down my body. To see that look of sadistic happiness in his eyes as he laughed about our question of Kyo's disappearance...

Then he just showed up for breakfast. None of us questioned why or where he went, though we were all itching to, and he supplied no explanation. At least Miss Honda wasn't a walking corpse any more. She had been devastated, crying herself to sleep, thinking it was somehow all her fault. But I knew it wasn't. The only people to blame were Akito Sohma and Kyo himself. And now... he was making her worry again. Kyo looked sick.

It wasn't long before he returned, throwing the newspaper at Shigure's face before he quickly picked up the ringing phone.

"Damn woman, he doesn't want to talk to you! Call back later!" He growled, slamming the phone down forcefully.

"That wasn't very nice." Shigure whined, no mention of a thank you.

Kyo didn't say anything. He didn't even eat or acknowledge anyone at all. Not even Tohru. The baka neko just walked away and back up the stairs to his room. Something was definitely up.

"Kyo!" Tohru called after him, but it was too late. I could hear his door slamming.

I quietly ate my breakfast, brooding to myself. All this was quite normal, really. So what if Kyo was looking a bit under the weather? Why should I care? It was none of my business. He was none of my business. Kyo was a big boy, he could take care of himself. Right?

"Oh! What's this? Another letter for Yuki?" Shigure pondered aloud, inspecting an envelope he had found hidden inside the rolled up newspaper.

I looked over, spotting my name scribbled on the face of a neon orange envelope. Shigure was about to open it when I reached over and plucked it from his hands.

"Read your newspaper, not my mail." I quipped before thanking Tohru for the food and retreating to the sanctuary of my room.

Another letter. Another girl confessing her undying love for me. I sighed deeply, sitting down on my bed. I had little desire to read another sappy love note. I had had enough. I could fill three bags with letters I had received just this year. It was only October! It was unbelievable, uncalled for. But this one seemed different. For one, the envelope was neon orange. I have never gotten a neon orange envelope, not once. Second, the writing was strange. The lettering wasn't loopy, but like chicken scratch. Very neat chicken scratch. The writing even looked familiar. I just can't say whose it is.

I set the letter down on my pillow before me, resting my face in my hands. I took in slow, deep breaths. One, two... three. Why was I suddenly smelling cedar and some other musky scent? I pulled my hand from my face and stared at them. Then I looked at the letter. Shrugging, I picked it up, bringing it to my nose. It smelled good, natural, as if stained by the writer's presence. Natural. I inhaled again, savoring the smell. It was pleasant. Really pleasant. That was it, I was going to read it.

Carefully, very carefully, I two fingers along the seal, opening it. The letter inside fell into my hand as I tipped the envelope, and I stared at it. Then I unfolded the paper and read:

Yuki Sohma,

1. This is to inform you that from the day we first met I have been:
a. Admiring you from afar.
b. Wishing we had met under different circumstances.
c. Crazy about you.
d. All of the above.

2. Even though many years have passed, I have done nothing to change our relationship because I am:
a. Afraid of Rejection.
b. Afraid of my feelings.
c. A coward in general
d. All of the above

3. Now that we're older, I want you to know that:
a. I'm going out on a limb.
b. I want to know everything about you and tell you everything about myself.
c. I secretly care.
d. All of the above

4. If your feelings are the same, would you please:
a. Write me!
b. Reply to this letter!
c. Did I mention you should write me?
d. All of the above.

5. If you think I am the same as all of your other admirers/fan-club members, who always spew about how much they love you, would you be so kind as to:

Kill me now?

Can you guess who?

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