I've loved House for many-a-moon. Loved House/Cuddy for just as long. Loved Lisa Edelstein for longer.But I've never felt confident enough at doing a Huddy fic...but I did it! Kinda...

For Sammie, my fellow Huddy/Lisa lover :D
and Rosanna, for many many House geekouts ;)

Dsclmr The only House things I own are a coupla recorded episodes, icons/wallpapers...and the concept of this fic.

That was it. She was done. She didn't care how many piles of papers still surrounded her, she just couldn't write another apology letter, grant request form, or, well, apology letter. Was it just her or did she need to send more of them off the last few months? She didn't care.

It was dark already outside. In fact, it was getting light. What the hell time was it!

She didn't care.

She'd long since changed into the grey sweatpants and white tank that adorned her figure. She was so thankful she'd remembered to put them into her car that morning. She pulled her hair out of the loose pony and padded over to the cabinet on her left. No one knew about this cabinet. They always assumed it contained more files or papers. There was that rumour about the whips and chains a few weeks ago. Of course she had House to thank for that one. In reality it held something much more shocking and revolutionary.


She wiped her hand across the top of the box, dislodging the dust that had accumulated since she last had the opportunity to relax and watch something. She grabbed the remote and went back to her desk. The chair creaked as she leaned back, propping her feet on the desk.

She chuckled, thinking of what House's face would be if walked through the door right now. This was probably what he dreamed about late at night. A woman. Watching TV. Who needed internet porn with a visual like that?