Author's Note: Ok, this is my first fan fic. So I'm open to any suggestions. For example, if I should put in more detail or make the chapters longer or whatever. Thanks. Also, "In the Light of an Angel" takes place in the year 4991. This makes Jessie 10 years old and Cassie 9.


In the Light of an Angel - Chapter One: Forced hope
By Miki-chan

Sunlight glistened off her soft blonde hair and shined in her baby blue eyes as she looked upon the holy crucifix that hung in the back of the church. She didn't know how long she'd been sitting there nor did she care. She sat in silence, thinking rapidly. She thought of how she had no parents and lived with little food. She thought about how her life was like a game. A game she had to run to win. A game she had to win not for herself, but for her sister. Cassie. The only one who understood her feelings and what it's like to grow up with no hope.

But now, she had hope. She had to, for Cassie's sake. Without it, Cassie would die. And then, so would she. At that moment she made a promise… a promise to God. "I, Jessie Gurtland, swear that I will not give up hope… no matter how bad things are." With that, Jessie got up and walked out of the church.


It was a nice, sunny, April morning and as Jessie walked down the alleyways of New York, she enjoyed the peace. She watched housewives put the laundry out to dry. She noticed how the clothes flowed in the wind, like how a leaf falls from a tree. She watched as a blind old man fed the city pigeons. She watched the birds fled with fear as a shuttle soared above. She watched school kids her age, play on the playground.

She stopped.

Jessie walked over to the chain link fence that separated the school from the outside world, the real world.

"Wow. They all look so happy." Jessie sighs. "Cassie should be in there…"

'What about yourself?'

She looked down into a small pool of water, one of the last remains of last night's storm. The water was so clear and pure she could she herself in its refection.

'Don't YOU want to be in there too?'

"Sure but…" Jessie closed her eyes tight. A small tear formed in the corner of her eye. "Why don't you just leave me ALONE!?" Jessie screamed, as she jabbed her fist into the fence in front of her. Blood dipped down her hand as she stepped away. "Damn!" With a bolt of frustration Jessie kicked the fence, turned around and ran home.


"Cassie, I'm home."

Jessie was standing in the doorway of a dim lighted apartment, high above the city floor. The same apartment Jessie and Cassie had lived in their entire lives. Alone. The apartment was small, very small. In fact, the apartment was more like a studio. The walls are a faded white with a few holes, which are patched with cloth. There is a kitchen and a bathroom, a miracle they both have running water. The kitchen reeked of rotting food. A smell they are both use to. In the far corner of the apartment was a bed, the bed in which Cassie spends most of her life laying in, sick.

For as long as Jessie can remember, Cassie as been weak and sick and always in bed. This made it harder to survive, to have hope. For Jessie had to find away live and to take care of her sister.

Jessie smiled. "Cassie?" The small girl, with hair and eyes identical to her older sister's, made no response. "She must be sleeping."


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