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"Alleged killer Brent Mitchell's trial is set to start this coming Monday. The District Attorney in a formal statement said that they have plenty of evidence to lock Mitchell up for a long time. Mr. Mitchell has been held pending trial since the beginning of the month. The prosecution's star witness Nicholas Stokes of the Las Vegas Crime Lab is scheduled to appear in court next week. For Channel 7 news I'm Sheryl Fields, back to you Bob."

"And in other news…"

Nick turned the volume back down on the T.V. that hung in the break room of the Las Vegas Crime lab. He turned around and sat down in a chair at the table nursing a cup of coffee. Nick had only just returned to work. The mandatory six weeks that Nick had to take off after his ordeal with Brent Mitchell were finally over. He had been forced to take the six weeks off after he was shot and beaten up by Brent and his men.

He had been kidnapped and was to be used as leverage to force his father, a Supreme Court Justice into releasing a criminal that was being held for trial. Fortunately his father didn't negotiate and everything worked out in the end. He wished that this darn trial were over so that he could put all of this behind him and finally get on with his life.

He had been meeting with the District Attorney to go over his testimony for the last few weeks. The DA said that he was the key witness, but that during the trial Warrick and Grissom would also be testifying and presenting evidence. Brent was not only facing kidnapping charges and attempted murder, but also murder in the first degree.

After Nick was rescued, the task force found the bodies of a young man in his twenties and a doctor. The doctor Nick assumed was the doctor that patched up his leg after he was shot. The young man he had no clue. It was shown that the gun that Brent had was the murder weapon. They were able to pull enough evidence to nail Brent with those murders plus the murder of Brian Daeber.

Warrick walked into the break room to see Nick sitting there staring at his coffee cup. He stopped and smiled.

"Hey Nicky, you're back!"

Nick looked up surprised, "Warrick what's going on man?"

"The usual man, the usual. You looked deep in thought. Everything O.K?"

"Yea man everything is fine, just happy to be back is all." Nick said smiling as he took a sip of coffee.

Warrick poured himself a cup and sat down across from Nick.

"I can't tell you how great it is to have you back. We really missed you around here." Warrick said sincerely.

"Yea I missed you guys to. It feels really good to be back. I was going stir crazy. There's only so much Oprah you can watch."

"I hear that."

"So have you talked to Grissom at all? Is he going to keep me in the lab or let me go out in the field?" Nick questioned.

"No man I haven't talked to Grissom. Even so I don't think I would be privy to that info. He knows how tight we are."

"Yea I guess your right. I will just have to wait and see."

At that moment Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle and Greg Sanders all walked in. They saw Nick sitting there each walked up and greeting him. It seemed that the whole shift was happy to have their family back together again.

Catherine took a seat at the table, Sara and Greg followed suit.

"It looks like we all beat Grissom here again." Catherine said.

"I heard that." Grissom said as he walked through the door with a bunch of files and papers. He smiled at Catherine than sat down at the table. He looked at everyone then at Nick.

"Nick its great to have you back." Grissom said as he opened a file on the table. "Your doctor released you for active duty, so I take it that you are well?"

"Never better Grissom. I'm ready to go." Nick said

"Good. O.K. here's tonight's assignments. Warrick, Sara, Catherine and Greg we have a two DB's over at Chuck's Bowling alley. Nick you are with me tonight. We have another DB over at Dunston Park.

Nick could barely mask his disappoint. 'First night back and he was already being mothered by Grissom'. Everyone took their assignments and left the room. Warrick gave Nick a slap on the shoulder as he left.

Grissom could see that Nick wasn't too excited about the assignment. Not a man who usually explained himself, he felt though in this instance that he should.

"Nick I know what you are thinking. You think that I'm mothering you."

Nick was surprised that Grissom had him pegged dead on. Grissom continued talking.

"The only reason I paired you with me was because Brent Mitchell's trial starts next week, and I don't want you bogged down with cases. Now both Warrick and I are scheduled to testify early next week that's why I paired him up with Sara. That way Sara can take over while Warrick is testifying and the same thing goes for us. We cover each other. O.K?

Nick felt guilty for feeling the way he did. Grissom was looking at the whole picture like a supervisor did.

"Sorry Grissom I should have known better."

"Its O.K. Nick. Should we get going? You drive."

"You just made me a happy man." Nick said smiling from ear to ear.

"Anytime Nick." Grissom replied.

Dunston Park was only a fifteen-minute ride from the Crime Lab. When they arrived there they found Detective Sophia Curtis waiting for them.

Both Grissom and Nick exited the vehicle, grabbed their kits and headed over to the dead body. The body was that of a young girl around the age of sixteen. She was up on the bleachers lying back. She wore faded blue jeans and a white shirt with BRAT written on it in big black letters. She had long black hair.

Sophia walked up to them. "Hi guys, student id shows her as Shelia Davis. Sixteen. It looks like an apparent OD. Found a needle next to her body and she has track marks."

Both men nodded in acknowledgment. "Thanks Sophia." Grissom said.

"Anytime." She started to walk away and turned with a smile, "Oh and Nick, welcome back."

He smiled back. "Thanks."

The coroner's assistant Dave was already on scene. He was kneeling over the body when Grissom and Nick walked over.

Dave looked over to Nick and Grissom; "Temp is 97.1 she hasn't been dead for long."

"Thanks Dave." Grissom said.

Dave grabbed his stuff and left the scene to Grissom and Nick.

Nick looked at Grissom, "Well I suppose we should get started."

Nick began to take photos of the scene, while Grissom worked on the body. There were no physical signs that she was attacked. So far everything pointed to an OD.

The roar of the engines as the plane landed woke Michael Mitchell up out of a deep sleep. He yawned and stretched. He looked around the first class cabin to see that everyone started to pack up his or her stuff. They had just arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not even a month in a half ago he was rotting in jail and now he was in Las Vegas.

Michael Mitchell was being held pending trial in the Dallas State Prison. He was going to be tried on multiple charges of murder, money laundering, and drug trafficking. Fortunately for him he got off on a technicality, the cop didn't read him his Miranda Rights. As he exited the plane with his bag and entered the terminal he recognized two familiar faces He walked up to them with a smile and shook both of their hands.

Brett Daniels and Ryan Croft worked for Michael's uncle. They were two of his top men in their line of business.

"Your uncle is expecting you." Brett said as he grabbed Michael's bag. "Follow me."

"How's my uncle doing?" Michael asked.

"He's doing just fine."

Michael followed both Brett and Ryan to the short-term parking lot where they parked their car. They all got in and they drove off.

This wasn't the first time that Michael had been to Vegas; he had been there before for pleasure. Unfortunately it was business that brought him to Vegas this time.

Ryan pulled up to a large gate that had a keypad; he stopped the car and punched in the code. The gate opened and they drove in. The driveway was a colored stamped concrete with a stone design. The landscaping was immaculate. There were flowering shrubs all along the driveway. The grass was freshly cut. Michael could smell the freshly mowed lawn in the air.

Up the driveway there was a majestic looking house. If one looked at it they would think that it looked like an English Castle, but a smaller version. As they pulled up to the house and stopped an older man stepped out of the house. When Ryan finally put the car in park Michael got out of the car and made his way over to the older man.

"Uncle Max." He said giving him a hug. Uncle Max was Michael and Brent's mother's older brother.

"Mikey my boy. How are you doing?" his uncle returned the hug with a smile.

They parted and Michael answered. "Can't complain now that I'm out of that damn prison."

"Good. Good. Now we have to work on getting your brother out." He turned and looked at Ryan. "Could you please bring Michael's bag into the house and put it in his room."

"Yes sir. Mr. Singer." Ryan grabbed Michael's bag and headed into the house.

Michael and his uncle followed Ryan in. When they walked into the front door. The entrance way had a giant chandelier hanging down and the floor was made of black marble. Placed directly in the middle of the entrance way was a beautiful cherry wood table with a large floral arrangement on it. There was a beautiful oak stairway curving up to the second floor.

Michael always knew his uncle had good taste, but this proved it.

"Come Michael, let's go into my study. I want to tell you the plans I have for getting Brent out of jail and let's just say that I'm not going to be using a get out of jail free card. If you get my drift."

"Sound like fun Uncle Max. Can't wait."

Michael followed his uncle into the study and the double doors closed behind them.

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