Note: I don't own any of these characters except for Katrina

Note: I don't own any of these characters except for Katrina.

It was a dark and stormy night in the lively city of Manhattan. Rain poured from the sky and pounded the ground below. The wind howled as it knocked over trash cans and blew littered garbage for miles.


Lightening lit up the sky followed by earsplitting thunder; the clamorous sound rattled houses and even set off car alarms. This was not a night for man nor beast and the streets of Manhattan were quite empty……..except for one person. A girl, no older than the tender age of seventeen, walked alone. The wind whipped around her causing the teenager to stumble backwards. Regaining her balance she continued on with no clue to where she was going. She was a runaway and being out in this storm was better than going back to where she came from. She was never going back. As a matter of fact she couldn't go back.

The rain, no longer amused with striking the ground, found a new target to torment. It unmercifully hammered upon the unfortunate girl and every drop of rain felt like a prick from a needle. Her already soaked clothes were now sticking to her body making each step harder to take. The wind, constantly blowing around the stranded teen, chilled her to the bone.

A nearby, abandoned, warehouse caught her attention. She desperately needed to get out of the storm but the consequences of stopping (even for one night) were too dangerous. This was her mess and if anyone else got involved because of what she did...The woman stumbled as another blast of wind threatened to knock her over. After debating whether or not to go in for a few more seconds, she went inside.

The air smelled musty, and large cobwebs were every where. Debris and several boxes were scattered carelessly across the floor. Rats and roaches scampered out of her way as she carefully walked through the rotting building. The place was filthy and it looked like it had been abandoned for years but at least it was dry.

The young girl sat down on one of the boxes and took off her drenched, gray, hooded jacket. Underneath she wore a black shirt and blue jeans. She began to wring out her long raven colored hair when she noticed her bracelet had slipped off her wrist. She quickly picked it up and gave a heavy sigh. Looking at it, she gave a weak smile. It was a 14 karat golden bracelet with the teen's name, Katrina, engraved on the front. It was the only reminder of her mother she had left……..

A tear slid down her right cheek and she quickly wiped it away. She hated crying even when no one was around, it made her feel weak. Shaking her head she placed the bracelet back on her wrist. Her light brown skin was covered in goose bumps from the cold and droplets of water tumbled down her exposed neck, arms and face.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a light. Turning around, she saw it was coming from under a door. Slowly, she crept towards it. Pushing the door open slightly, she had to keep herself from gasping at what she saw. It looked like a lab with a series of computers, shelves of books and formulas. The laboratory looked new; it was clean, modern and very warm. There was also no one inside. Hesitantly, Katrina entered the room. Looking around she noticed several beakers containing colorful liquids atop a table. On the computer screen was an abstract formula for project. Who ever made this lab was still working here and by the looks things they were working on something very complicated.

"Hello," said a man's voice from behind her.

Katrina jumped and whirled around. "Who are you?"

"I believe I should be the one asking the questions, my dear, since you are in my laboratory," said the very tall and very pale, red haired man. "And you are?"

"K-Katrina," she stammered. This man gave her a bad feeling, he was up to something but she couldn't tell what it was.

"Well, Katrina, since you have stumbled upon my laboratory I don't suppose you would mind staying for a while, hmmn?"

"Um, actually, I was just leaving," she said as she headed for the door. But before she reached it, a steel grate slammed shut in front of her.

"I'm dreadfully sorry but I cannot allow you to just leave." He chuckled. "You see I'm working on experiment that I do not think would go over well with the public. It's a tad bit drastic and I can't let you leave knowing this valuable information."

"Oh, trust me. Your secret is safe with me," Katrina said moving as far away from the man as possible. "I hate science."

"Which is such a pity--because you're about to be involved in a groudbreaking experiment," the mad scientist exclaimed as he neared the frightened girl. As he got closer Katrina could tell he was hiding something behind his back. It was a small, white, handheld device that resmbled a gun but was unlike any firearm she had ever seen.

"What do you want from me?" Katrina demanded as she tried to keep her voice from quivering.

"A test subject," the man smiled maniacally. Katrina turned to run but it was too late. The crazed man aimed and fired a large dart into his target's flesh.

A sharp pain formed in her left arm and Katrina looked down at the wound in shock. A silver dart was sticking out of her arm. She angrily snatched the irritant from her body and a sharp pain pierced her entire arm. Her body became numb and she starting shaking uncontrollably.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" she screamed frantically.

"Oh--you'll find out soon enough," he sneered.

A wave of pain shot through her stomach causing her to double over. Another searing pain shot through her entire body and caused her to drop to her knees. Sweat began pouring from her forehead as her body started convulsing. Her breathing became shallow and her temperature started to rise. Now lying on her side, Katrina's convulsions became more violent. Writhing in agony, she squirmed on the gleaming laboratory floor. She could hear her bones crunching as her body began to stretch. The teenager moaned as she felt her light, brown skin becoming thick and rough.

Gritting her teeth, she tried to ignore the pounding sensation in her head. It felt like it was going to explode. Pain soared through every part of her body. Her feet were becoming elevated, large and sharp. Several of her toes were even shrinking. Her fingers were turning into sharp claws and her hands became thick and heavy. She screamed as something began to sprout from her back. It grew larger and wider and she turned her head to see what it was. To her horror she noticed it was a pair of wings. To make matters worse, a long tail began sprouting from her tail bone. This scientist was turning her into some kind of freak!

Frightened, she tried to get up but another shot of pain brought her back down. The gums in her mouth began to bleed as her teeth became sharp and fangs formed. She could feel her hair growing longer and her body becoming more muscular. Gasping for breath and shaking, her vision blurred as she looked up at the man.

"W-what did you d-do to me?"

"My dear, you are the first human to be successfully transformed into a gargoyle."

Groaning, the female laid on the cold, hard floor. Overworked and exhausted, her body shut down as her consciousness faded. Katrina closed her eyes, not fighting the need for rest and slipped into a dreamless slumber.