Title: Cynical and Jaded

Fandom: Mutant X

Characters: Emma, Tyler, Jesse

Prompt: Sight

Word Count: 112

Summary: How to make a psionic cynical and jaded? Let her watch her soul mate die in front of her.

A/N: Pessimistic Emma is fun to write.

She refused to believe in happy endings, ever since her soul mate Tyler was stolen from her by some freak accident involving a psycho bastard (sociopath) and a bunch of nuclear bombs. The sight of her one true love dying in front of her killed any faith she had that happily ever after's existed. When Jesse hinted that he wanted to be more than friends, she laughed it off and refused to believe that there was still hope for a happy ending for her. Weeks later, as she fell down the cold waters beneath the Naxcom building, she let out a tired, little laugh and whispered to herself, "I told you so!"