Chapter One---Freedom

I sat in the Garden silent as always and watched the sunrise on the new day. It was sad really. Such a beautiful morning on the day my freedom ended. Fitting, I supposed.

"Fujin? Dear, come inside. You must get ready." My mother, Edea, ushered me inside, stripping me of my sleeping robe and such and into a hot bath. The scent of vanilla and almonds filled the air and steam clouded my vision. I wished my mother would disappear as easily. After all, I blamed this whole thing on her, though it was most likely my fathers fault.

"Fujin get out, we should hurry." Hurry? Hurry for what? My future ending? As much as the prospect excited me, I couldn't say it did. Of course, even if I had told her how much her pawning me off to the next richest soon-to-be-king made me absolutely livid, it wouldn't have mattered. She would have done it anyways.


"Seifer! Get down here!" I slammed my feet down the steps as hard as I possibly could, letting him know just how angry I was with him for marrying me off to the next richest soon-to-be-queen. I was only 20, I had years before I should be married! I didn't want to marry a girl I didn't know! For all I knew, she would be ugly,ditzy and worse, ugly!

"Quit your sulking boy. Edea tells me she's a rare beauty. Besides, the alliance with Balamb will make Delling prosper." Of course.The economic soaring of Delling was exactly what I had hoped to achieve in my future. Not.

"Who is this..this...girl anyways?"

"Fujin. She's going to be your wife. Get used to it."

"Oh dear, you look lovely." Edea, gazed at me adoringly and I couldn't help but want to vomit. My stomach knotted as I looked in the mirror. Sure, I supposed I looked ok. My silver hair was curled and pinned back to one side, and the white dress was tight and lacey and sparkly. I hated that.

"All the guests are where-- oh! My, isn't he handsome? Well...its now or never dear!" Edea smiled at me and kissed my cheek, handing me a single white rose. How I wished I could choose never.


I did my best to look...excited about my wedding. I wasn't. Too many candles, to many rose petals on the floor and everything was lacey and sparkly. I hated that. However, when the music caught my attention and the large doors at the back of the room opened, I had never been more thankful.

This woman...she was an angel. That's all she was. Silver hair shimmered around a procelin face and bright ruby eyes glittered. The dress flattered her petite figure and she damn near glided.

If I had to have a woman walking toward me to marry me by force, I would have this one.

I couldn't keep my hands from shaking as I walked towards him. I had wanted love not a stranger but I suppose love didn't want me and I had to settle for the better of Balamb. What had this place ever done for me? Nothing. Except take away my future. Even if my new future was quite attractive.

As I walked toward him, I could see something swirling behind those jade depths but I was far to angry to try and decipher what it was. All I focused on was my anger towards this man. He was the enemy. I glanced at my mother and father, both smiling like fools, obviously proud of themselves. It was then I realized something.

I was who I was and I couldn't change that. Love or not, I would marry this man.

For Balamb.


"If you'll repeat after me..." I don't know how I got through the vows, but I did. I just remember those lovely ruby orbs that I wanted to drown in.

"..You may kiss the bride..."AsI leaned forward, eager to taste this angel in front of me and just before our lips met, I noticed that the glitter in her eyes was hate.

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