Chapter Six--- Great Expectations

Seifer watched Fujin playing with their new puppy from the window. She really was beautiful when she smiled. He just wished she wouldsmile, even once, just for him. That she really was his.

His gaze drifted to the Garden and he smiled when he saw her progress. It looked just as beautiful as when his mother used to take care of it. Sighing he sat down again, looking at various articles and reports and such. Deciding that maybe it was time he tried being Fujin's friend, instead of her husband.

That rock really needed to be moved.It just didn't fit there! Fujin groaned and set about the task of trying to move the huge rock herself. It wasn't working so well for her. Slowly, the thing began to move and she was about to smile triumphantly when she noticed Seifer was beside her, pushing too.

Oh. Well.

"I thought maybe you could use some help." She graced him with a smile and nodded. After several minutes of pushing, the rock hadn't really moved. It was obvious it had every intention of going nowhere. So Fujin sat with her back against it, thinking. Seifer sat beside her, quiet.

"Maybe..." She started biting her lip. Did she have to tease him so?

"Maybe if we got Rorick to make it less...ugly..." She was pursing her lips and wrinkling her brows in the most adorably irritated fashion, Seifer was having a hard time keeping his hands to himself. He'd had her once and Hyne help him if he didn't have her again.

"Seifer, couldn't we put a fountain in?" Ruby met emerald and he smiled.

"Of course. Anything you like. I think Rorick might have a hell of a time trying to carve this thing though." Fujin bit her lip again. Damn her!

"What if we had Artemis and Vincent working with him?" Three of the best Master Carvers this side of Esthar. Expensive tastes she has.

"Vincent doesn't carve for just anyone and he demands carving exactly what he 'sees' in the rock. If Rorick and Artemis can work with him, then I'll be damned." She grinned and had once of the servants send out a request for the men to come and make her fountain.

"I get my fountain. Yay." She laughed a bit and licked her dry lips. Seifer watched. But before she could open her eyes, his lips were on hers, soft and pleading. Somehow she couldn't say no and she responded. Fire crept up her spine and made her shiver against him, pulling him closer. Wanting more.

Wanting him...

Well isn't that a pleasant surprise?

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