Chapter 1:

Jonathon Crane sat inside a small shack. He had been dreaming; planning for a time to get revenge on the mighty. He did have a past, but he wanted to forget it. It had been too long; too long for a man of a mere 22 years to go into hiding. It wasn't healthy, and he was surely tired of being alone. He stood up as a knock on the door faintly reached his ears. He walked over to the door and opened it to find a man he had never seen before.

"Can I help you?" Crane asked the mysterious man. He barged inside past Crane, and started inspection the small room.

"Mr. Crane, I am surprised to see you living in a state like this. This is preposterous!"

"Who are you?" Crane asked him.

The man smiled. "My name is Ras Al Ghul, and I have come to redeem you from this misery."

Crane closed the door and looked strangely at the man known as Ras Al Ghul. "How do you know who I am?"

"I am a very mysterious person. You shall never understand how I think and feel. But I know your story. I know about your sister, Ellie, and I know about the tragic 'accident' that you have been in hiding since."

Crane sat back down on the small rug that represented his bed. He stared at the man and watched as his trinkets were picked up and placed down gently by Ras. "Okay, albeit, why are you here? To take me away? To lock me up? I am so sick of being here alone."

"You have a destiny, Jonathon, and you could use it to become something more than just a man. You can be something that people fear; that people run from. You have power Mr. Crane, and I believe that you should find the answer."

Crane stood up again and looked at Ras. "What do I have to do?"

"At the top of the mountain, there is a rare blue flower. Bring it to me and you will see what lies ahead. Your question will be answered, by shadows."

Crane tilted his head. "Alright, but what is my question?"

"Only you know that. Now I must leave, but hopefully I might see you soon. Remember, don't forget the flower."

And just like that, Ras Al Ghul was gone in the snowy wonders of he outside.

Crane sat down on the floor and thought over the previous incidents. A man had walked into his home and told him that he had a destiny in shadows. He played over the conversation and thought about his decision.

He packed a bag full of food, extra clothing, and other supplies he needed to travel through the mountains. And he left. He left his home of horror and his past behind him. He was on to a new life, with better or worse things ahead.