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Veresulaste koor by Metsatoll

There were moments on this dusty world when Kyra could almost hear the wind sing as it pummeled through the caverns and caves of this planet. So much of her time had been spent in silence that she began speaking only at night when the wind was loudest. Her hand placed upon her growing belly she spoke to her children. She didn't know what sex or sexes her children would be but her sensitive fingers could feel the distinct pumping of blood to two tiny hearts.

"You know," Kyra began, "your father is a killer." She brushed her fingers upon her stomach willing her children to listen closely. "He possesses such grace. He saved me you know. Before I knew how to watch my own back that is."

Kyra burst through the doors of Lajjun's room bringing forth a sharp scream from Lajjun and a squeal from Ziza, who ran to attach her small body around Kyra's thigh. Pulling her free she knelt down looking into the small child's eyes as well as up at her mother. "Listen to your Mother. Stick close to her. Be good." Kyra stood as a few tears welled up in the little girl's eyes. "The Elementals said they would protect you, but Riddick and I have to leave," Kyra raised her eyebrow, as Lajjun was about to say something, "Don't. We don't have time."

She walked back to the entrance of their room, stopping briefly to hold the doorframe. "Stay safe."

The image of Ziza's tear stricken face brought back memories of her own when Riddick had left Helion Prime. She pushed those memories to the back of her mind as she moved like the wind itself.

Kyra looked at her supplies holed up in this cave, which conveniently belied the greater cavern at the back where she had landed her ship. Memories flooded over her as the small warm fire burned near her feet. She leaned back carefully; the bulk of her stomach was something she never fully got used to. Relatively comfortable she looked into the fire, once again stroking her stomach. "I'll tell you the story of the killer and the little girl." Her children shifted and the corner of her mouth turned up slightly. "I see that's your favorite."

She felt him before she saw him. Riddick showed no sign that he knew she had come up behind them but he knew. Her sudden appearance threw Jarek for a moment causing his body to momentarily seethe in defensive flames. Before Kyra could open her mouth he turned and left. Locking her eyes with Riddick's she asked, "So what's the plan?"

"We get the hell off this planet." He stated matter-of-factly.

"Now where have I heard this brilliant plan before?" She scoffed.

"Well Hujan seems to have put a new twist on things."

"I'm intrigued." Kyra's voice dripped with sarcasm.

"Hey don't knock it 'til it kills you." Kyra sniffed incredulously at Riddick as she turned away from him. He pulled her into the shadows and she instinctually followed his lead in time to watch Hujan lead the Necromonger 'ambassadors' towards the docking port. She looked back at Riddick, her face giving him a look like 'you can't be serious'. He only slightly moved his head as if to say 'oh, yes I am'.

"Once in a dark, Gods forsaken place a killer found and saved a little girl. What the little girl didn't know was that as soon as they got to the shiny kingdom that her Killer would go away." Kyra chewed on a piece of dried meat trying to ignore the heartburn that was quickly building in her chest. "Now where was I? Ah, yes. The little girl was angry for her Killer leaving her there, even if it was with the nicest holy man—who treated her right… Even welcomed her into his budding family." She went silent for a moment remembering Imam. "One day the little girl did something very stupid. She went looking for the Killer. See, she thought that by hooking up with bad people, it'd be easier to find the Killer. She was wrong." Kyra bit down a little harder on the dried meat, heartburn rising. "They took her and did bad things to her. She wasn't a little girl anymore. So then she did bad things to them. She did many bad things to many bad people. But one day she was caught, sent to Slam. She was in another dark and Gods forsaken place, again."

The Necromonger ship began its prep and checks for take off. As if to throw their arrogance in the face of all the other ambassadors they urged the flight deck crew to take their time as they boarded. Riddick and Kyra waited just in the shadow of the archway to the flight deck. Riddick knew what he was about to undertake but Kyra didn't and a flash of doubt, unperceivable to others, made Kyra mouth 'tell me, now.' Riddick's lips thinned before he opened his mouth to speak.

"Riddick." They both turned, shivs ready, to see Hujan. Barely hidden surprise on both their faces—no one was faster or quieter than the both of them! Kyra tilted her head slightly as if to say, 'well this is Riddick's Mother we're talking about here.' "You know what to do. I'll explain the rest to Kyra."

"No." He said flatly.

"She's a woman, Riddick. She doesn't need you to hold her hand while I explain a plan to her." Riddick's lips thinned further as Kyra let go of a slight chuckle. Riddick turned back to the Necromonger ship and melted into the shadows, closer and closer. Hujan waited nanosecond longer until she knew Riddick was out of earshot. "Plans change."

"The Killer saved the Woman, which honestly pissed the Woman off, because hey his timing sucked. She didn't need him anymore. She was a killer too." Kyra stopped a moment to listen carefully to the wind again, making sure that wind was all she heard and nothing else; satisfied, she returned to her story. "The two Killers, man and woman, now raced back to the shiny kingdom to save the holy man's family—barely escaping, and not without a price. See, the Killer had gotten hurt. Badly hurt." One of the twins' feet got caught under her rib and she winced. "Hey, no acting up or I won't finish the story." She massaged her stomach softly and eventually relaxed once her children shifted again, as if trying to get a more comfortable spot to listen from. "So like I said, the Killer was hurt bad so now the woman-Killer had to hide all of them in plain sight. A prison planet was the only place they'd be safe from the evil soldiers, at least, for a little while. The woman-Killer found a doctor that patched her Killer up good enough so they could leave again. They found the one planet in all the 'verse they might be safe. And for a brief moment…" Kyra sighed softly, "They found each other all over again. And fell in love."

"I have had a vision, one of which you must listen." Hujan continued with only a few pauses for breath, "When a great fire lights up the very sky you must make a choice. You will fall behind. I have seen it in every version of my visions. I do not see a way of preventing that," Hujan's brows furrowed for a moment, "Forge your own future and you will survive but it will cost you Riddick."

"Stop! You're not making any sense damnit."

"You'll have to make a choice between being with Riddick and your survival."

"How does telling me any of this make a difference?"

"Because if you prepare you'll have your survival as well as Riddick, but—"

"There's always a 'but'—"

"But, one of you must hide and one must run. If you attempt it together you'll be caught. And you my dear, it's your turn to hide." Kyra stepped forward about to say otherwise but Hujan put up her hand, "It's that or put your self, Riddick, and your children at risk." Kyra's face went pale.

"Wait a second…" Gulped Kyra. 'Children'? As in more than one? thought Kyra.

With her heartburn subsiding Kyra put her head back on the rock surface spear in hand letting her senses widen and her body relax for sleep. "The two Killers were happy but once again the evil soldiers found them and they had to keeping moving. The woman-Killer was warned that she had to make a difficult choice. A Seer told her what was coming and so she made her choice." Kyra's eyelids began to slide closed, "I'll tell you the rest of the story another night kids, you've worn your mom out for today." With that Kyra slipped into a light sleep, one hand firmly gripping her spear.