Disclaimer: I don't own Invader Zim or Pinky and the Brain. It is both owned by Nickelodeon.

Invader Zim meet Pinky and the Brain

(Acme Labs, in Pinky and Brain's cage. Brain is pacing around, while Pinky is just standing there)

Brain: Pinky, my resources have informed me that an alien life form has landed on Earth. This alien is a scout for its people who want to take over the world.

Pinky: Like in "E. T."?

Brain: No, Pinky. E. T. was a friendly alien. This alien wants to beat us to world domination!

Pinky: I guess we'll have to find something else to do every night, huh, Brain? Narf!

(Brain hits Pinky on the head)

Brain: No, Pinky.... Wait a second! Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pinky: I think so, Brain, but why do fools fall in love?

Brain: No, Pinky, we can create an alliance with this alien and take over the world... together! Come, Pinky.

(Zim's house. Pinky and Brain walk up to it. Brain knocks on the door and Gir answers it)

Gir: Oh cool! Mongooses!

Brain: No, we are lab mice. Take us to your leader.

Gir: You know, when we landed on Earth, I wanted to be a mongoose, but I'm a mongoose doggy instead! I'm gonna roll on the floor now, okay?

(Gir rolls on the floor)

Pinky: Cool! Can I join you?

(He rolls on the floor with Gir laughing)

Brain: Well, what do you know. There ISN'T intelligent life outside Earth after all.

(Zim comes)

Zim: Gir! What is the meaning of this?! Why have you let these feeble Earth mice in?

Brain: Ah, greetings alien life form. My assistant and I would like to form an alliance with you to achieve our goal of world domination.

Zim: All right, mouse. Come on in and we'll talk business.

(They all sit on the couch.)

Brain: If you and your, shall we say, insane robot join us, we will make sure you and your people get fifty percent of the Earth.

Zim: Fifty percent?! It's all or nothing for us!

Brain: All right then, how about seventy-five percent?

(Zim pulls out a remote control)

Zim: I don't think so.

(He presses the button on the remote control. The pillow on the couch that Brain and Pinky are sitting on springs out of the couch, sending Pinky and Brain flying through the roof and crash landing on the sidewalk)


Gir: I'm gonna sing the Doom song now. Doom, doomy, doom, doom, doom, doomy, doom....

(Pinky and Brain manage to get up.)

Pinky: Ha, ha! That was fun, Brain. Zort!

Brain: Enough, Pinky. Come, we must prepare for tomorrow night.

Pinky: What are we going to do tomorrow night, Brain?

Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky... TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD... BEFORE THE ALIEN DOES!


The Pinky, The Pinky,

And the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!


Author's Note: I hope you guys liked this fic. It kind of came to me, seeing that Zim and Brain are both trying to take over the world, while both Pinky and Gir are both... insane. Please be kind, this is my first Invader Zim fic.