Note: According to Babelfish, Geheime Liebe means 'Secret Love', which according to the Flower Language is what Gardenia means.

Geheime Liebe

Next Valentine's Day, Tohru made chocolates for all her friends, the ones of the twelve Junichi cut to resemble each animal of the curse, every chocolate carefully wrapped.

Yuki had smiled at the girl's dedication (pretty much ignoring all the other chocolate offerings), a 'you shouldn't have' pending from his mouth meanwhile Kyo, upon discovering the chocolate cat, had rolled his eyes but he also patted Tohru's head, saying that yes, he would deliver theirs to Shishou and Kagura.

Momiji, despite his well-known sweet tooth, just stared at the chocolate hare for a while, a curious look on his face.

"Is something wrong, Momiji-kun?" asked Tohru when she noticed this. "You don't like it?"

"Of course I love it, Tohru!" Momiji chirped quickly, breaking a piece of the hare's ear and eating it as if all the happiness in the world was inside that bite. "I love chocolate! Delicious!"

Tohru almost beamed. "I'm so happy, Momiji-kun!"

A month later, on White Day, Momiji gifted Tohru a flowerpot with an only white flower on it.

"Momiji-kun, it's lovely!"

"It's a gardenia." he explained to the girl, who had received more hair ribbons, ringlets and an exuberant wedding-like dress (gift from Ayame and Mine, of course) on that day. "Geheime liebe."

"Excuse me?" Tohru blinked. "Is that its German name?"

"Something like that, Tohru." Momiji answered with a small giggle, before taking the teenager's hand. "I'll show you how you've to take care of it."

"Thank you so much, Momiji-kun!" exclaimed Tohru, obviously making an effort not to hug him. Efforts that he pretty much ignored, launching himself to the girl's arms, who, in no time, had a rabbit clinging to her shoulder, nuzzling against her neck while she rubbed his fur.

After a while, when Momiji had turned back to normal (or as close as that was, in Kyo's words), while the cat and Tohru prepared lunch; Haru and Momiji were watching some Mogeta reruns, the topic of the gift came back.

"Flower language?" asked Haru in a quiet, soft voice, barely glancing towards his cousin. Momiji's smile became even brighter while he turned towards the white haired teenager.


Haru just sighed, but he didn't say anything else, just putting a hand on Momiji's blond hair while the both of them, in familiar silence, kept on watching TV.