Yes yes. Now those of you who like Gaara. THIS IS A LOVE STORY JUST FOR HIM! (cries with passion) He's had a bad past and I wanted to dedicate this story just for him. Everyone deserved a second chance right?

(Sucks for Lee though. But is it evil that I laughed when Lee almost died? MUAHA… err anyway sorry Lee)

NO BASHING! CAUSE GAARA MEANS A LOT TO ME! Seriously. That really sucks how he was neglected and feared.

Plus I can kinda relate to him being all crazy you know. I've been neglected by friends and it can really make you go crazy. (sighs) seriously.

Anyway. The girl he's going to fall in love with is a made up girl. No one in Naruto is perfect for Gaara so I made up a girl who can relate to him.

(NO I'M NOT PUTTING MYSELF IN THE STORY. ALTHOUGH I WOULD LIKE TO!) (gasp) Anyway. Her name is Hotaru Shugoryuu. (Thanks AddictiveJoe for the last name.)

She's really weird. You see whats going to happen is she's going to be training Naruto and his group. (Along with just Hinata)

Although she's the same age as Naruto and the others. (all of them 16 now) She was born different. REALLY DIFFERENT!

She's a friend of Anko and lives alone deep in Forest of Death. (She gets along with people she just doesn't want to) Last but not least, no she's not any clan of any ninja. Didn't even want to pass Ninja School.

That's why she lives alone. OH! One more thing. She a bit of a mind reader.. Not really.. Just.. ACK if you read on. You'll understand.

Err hope I didn't bore you. OK ON WITH STORY!




And possible Neji showing his face. Possible Neji/TenTen

Name… Temari… Age …. 19... Ok why the hell am I thinking this to myself? Temari shifted into another seat. She breathed out in exhaustion. Occupation… Taking care of Gaara…. OK not really. She heard the shower turn on and knew it was him taking one. She got a little sad. Poor Gaara… Its good he changed and all that but he still must feel pretty lonely..

"Bored Temari?" Her other younger brother Kankuro, who was just one year younger, came in, placing his wooden puppet on the side of the door. "That gives you wrinkles. Being bored like that."

Temari rolled her eyes, "Anyway."

He lowered his voice, "Hows.." He looked toward his room then got closer to her, "Gaara?"

She barely smiled, "I haven't really talked to him but-"

"I don't understand why you let him stay here." He sighed in anger, "He deserves to be alone."

Temari pouted a bit, "Come on Kankuro. Can't you have a little sympathy?"

He glared toward Gaara's room again, "Never." He turned back to her, "our mom was killed cause of him. Our dad was killed cause of him. Its all his fault."

Temari frowned, "Kankuro-"

"He will stay evil. He will always be evil. He will never learn what love is. And he will DIE alone."

Temari gasped.Noticing Gaara was at the doorway listening the whole time. Only baggy pants covered his bottom half.

Kankuro glanced behind, his eyes then sinking back. "Oh.. Gaara…"

Gaara slowly raised his eyes, anger, sadness all mixed up emotion he felt that moment. "Then kill me already." Water dripped down from his bloody colored hair.

Kankuro snapped, "DON'T YOU THINK WE'VE BEEN TRYING TO DO THAT! EVER SINCE YOU WERE BORN PEOPLE HATED YOU!" He covered his mouth, realizing what he said. Oh shit I done it now.

Gaara gave him a troubled look then looked down in anger. He grabbed a red shirt nearby and slipped it on. Sand underneath him gathered around.

Kankuro backed up as he started walking to him.

Temari panicked, "Gaara please! He didn't mean it!"

Gaara stood in front of him, angry and completely empty inside, "You think I wanted to be born this way?" Sand rose up. "You think I want to be evil?" Sand spread out then smashed the floor under to his own side, his angered fist then relaxed. He looked up at his older brother, "I want to know what love… feels like.." He looked at his hand, "I.. I want.."

Temari wanted to cry..

He scrunched his hand up and looked away. Walking to the front door. Not bothering to finish his sentence.

"Gaara!" Temari ran after him.

Kankuro narrowed his eyes in anger, "Let him go Tamari!"

"Oh fuck you!"

Sand violently swept past, an invisible air bubble surrounding Gaara. No sand hit him. Not even once.

Tamari shrieked when she stepped out the door, "Gaara! Please.. Wait!"

He kept going.

"Please!" She forced herself to step out the door, sand continued to go past. She shrieked again when it got her in the eyes.

Gaara frowned and rose his hand, a large wall blocked any sand from hitting Temari, he continued to let it follow her as she ran closer to him.

She breathlessly looked at him, "I'm sorry for what he said back there. I don't-"

"Why did let me stay there with you?"

Temari smiled, heartwarming. "Gaara. You're my little brother-"

He narrowed his eyes, "Blood and relation doesn't mean anything. It doesn't stop anyone from killing." He looked down at her.

(He's taller then her now)

She gave him a sad look, "Gaara…I believe in giving second chances.. You deserve it."

He looked away, now uncomfortable, "I'm going away."

"What? But why?" She grabbed his arm unwarily. Sand rushed up to block her. Cutting her skin.

He sighed, "That's why.. I need to figure things out.."

Temari frowned then nodded, "Be careful ok.."

He nodded and turned around, his back now facing her. "I have no choice so it doesn't matter what I do."

Temari couldn't help but smile. She was really going to miss him, "Well.. You can come back here anytime ok Gaara. I'm here."

He shoved his hands in his pockets, "Thanks Temari.. You'll be a good mother someday." He started walking off.

She also started walking back to her house. His sand wall kept blocking her until she reached the door, then she glanced back. "Bye Gaara.." She gripped the door, feeling tears start to run, "I'll really miss you."

Forest of Death-

Anko leaned on the screen door, "Come on Hotaru! You owe me one! And you know it."

Hotaru swatted a fly, flinging it at Anko, "Hell no Anko! You know I keep away from people!"

(Funny cause when I kill bugs I fling them at girls to hear them scream. MUAHA I'm so evil)

"Look these kids are talented and if they get your help. They'll become better ninjas."

"And I care why?"

Anko placed a hand on her shoulder, "Just 4 kids. That's it."

"UGH! You annoy me so much. Fine Fine. Name them."

"Yay!" She tackle-hugged her. "Ok. One is Naruto Uzumaki. Age 17. Second Sasuke Uchiha. Age 18. Third is Sakura Haruno. Age 17 and last. Special requested is Hinata Hyuuga. Age 17." She handed pictures of each of them.

Hotaru rolled her eyes, lifting her feet on a nearby table, "Gosh. And they're all practically the same age as me. How even more annoying."

Anko chuckled, "Wait till you meet Naruto."

"I've met them all before."

Anko raised an eyebrow.

"Well, not exactly met them but I watch your village all the time. Pretty entertaining at times. And you had to bring me the most popular couples huh?"

Anko laughed, "Hey you need some excitement during the summer right? Besides you don't even have to train them hard. This is like a vacation for them."

Hotaru cracked her neck, "Look. If I feel like it I'll train them. If I don't. I don't."

She nodded, "I already told them if they come here during the next two months. They're taking a risk since you don't care. But they said if you're the best then they will come."

"And you told them I was lazy right?"


"They still want to come?"


"Aww man. Well. Get your maid clothes on Anko."

Anko began to sneak out but Hotaru grabbed her collar, "I SAID GET YOUR MAID SUIT OUT! GET TO WORK!"



Ok since this is only the first chapter. it's a little boring. But I promise it'll get more interesting. I mean… its all about Gaara! Err and Hotaru. REVIEW! Oh and if you really like Hinata and Naruto pairing. Read my other story. 'So we're lost.' Its all about them in there. YAY!