Ferris Wheel of Memories

"Childhood friends remain the same,

though they got trapped by riches and fame... "

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Chapter One: Memories

I am Sakura Haruno. I live a wealthy life, as they say… but… I don't seem to feel that I am attached of that way of living. I've turned down my dad's offer in going to another country--- or in studying on an exclusive school.

I am already in the third year and last year of Senior high, and finally… I'll be off for college. I'll be missing this school. Really.

Anyway, you might think… what's so special about this normal Senior high school? There's a reason behind it. The people here are nice. My friends are here. And another thing is… he studies here.

Do you know who is that? Well, you'll all find out.



He looked back. That dashing guy with raven hair…

Why am I running just to catch him up?

What's so special with him anyway? My stern inner self keeps on shouting at me some silly questions my mind avails.

"Why?" he murmured.

He has this unemotional face, as usual…

Frowning, I turned to him:

"If you wouldn't clean the classroom, you deserve some punishment."

I glared at him, and he actually deserves that. No one must have special treatment; even he has good grades and everything. Responsibility is responsibility.

Looking back to the direction of the classroom, I found girls running towards our direction.

"Ne, Haruno-san… we'll clean for Uchiha-kun instead!"

There was a short smirk that had escaped from his lips, which did not last for long. His composed face returned immediately. Maybe he noticed that I was studying--- I mean, staring at his face.

Of course I don't buy that line!

"No. Uchiha-kun MUST attend to school responsibility."

My strict voice sure made the girls stop, but they were really persistent.

"But---" they insisted.

Uchiha-kun remained in his bored state, as if really wanting to get out from an imprisonment or whatsoever. As I looked at him with my arched eyebrow, he turned back and walked straight to the classroom without any word.

"Good," I said, somewhat proud that I kicked him to go and clean. Well, not literally.

The truth is, I don't really mind him not attending to our classroom cleaning, but I want to see him for a long time. I can't catch him up after class. It's true that these fan girls of his did his cleaning job just to impress him, still, even I want to do so.

Anyway, speaking of that, I am really fond of him since we were children. We've seen each other in some company meetings of our families. I like him even he was 5, and his cuteness was priceless. I still kept our picture when we attended his 7th birthday, with his also cute older brother Itachi. That was 10 years ago.

I think he likes me better when I have this "strict façade" and "stern looks", and I haven't tried chasing him around like a puppy. That irks him, I'm so sure. I still remember our closeness as children, before they moved to China. As far as my memory scanned, we were happy children playing at a nearby playground… when Itachi called him up. We were talking about the Ferris wheel I'd like to ride without any guardian. He agreed with my childish idea, but it was too late for our planned "sneaking".

He had to go. He had to leave me, and all he did is to grin and tell me he's gonna be back. We'll be riding it together, and when we are older, we won't have so many restrictions.

He had come back, true to what he said. But Sasuke-kun is now the all-time famous Uchiha-kun--- Mr. Popularity. I was just wondering if he remembers his promise, or this famousness drowned his being the mere and happy kid. His cold attitude irked me. We've been in the same class for 3 years now in senior high school. I have no guts either to ask him about it.

He just likes it this way…

Yeah, we remain to be "classmates" and the old "friendship" was long gone.

Dissolved like an ice cube in the hot sun.

I realized that I was thinking too far that I came up thinking about the past; I should not live with it.

But there is just one guy I cannot forget…

"Wow! That's so responsible of Uchiha-kun!" I can hear the watching fan girls from my location. They are so annoying!

I was so entertained watching Uchiha-kun mopping the area, and I was simply smiling in every detail he was doing.

I didn't realize that I lost my stern façade, and it ended up making Uchiha-kun smirk, and talk to me also.

"… well, does that please you?" he asked me.

I looked around me; they were all looking at me. I tried to hide my embarrassment, and also my blushing face. I cleared my throat and went back to Ms. Serious.

"That's great; I thought you were a bum." I replied suddenly, and I exited the classroom. Enough for staring at him!

I'm beginning to lose control…

My mooning did not stop that easy. I tried not to think of it, but it lingers in my mind. I guess I'll just have to go home now. Hastening to the speed of light, I can't help but grin to myself.

It has been years that I didn't have any word from him except: what, no, yes, why, really, okay… those one to three-word responses he makes… he never said anything but that. But a while ago, he asked something about what I feel.

And I saw him smirk. That was rare, he just smiles when someone approaches him about good things he did, when he poses for some picture for the newspaper… still he is the "king ice block" for me. He hides something. And what would that be?

I had stopped walking that long sidewalk to the station.

"Argh! Stop it!" I yelled to myself. Luckily, no one SEEMS to be around.

As I continue walking, someone had tapped my shoulder. I almost shrieked in surprise. When I looked at my back…

It was… him.