Title: does she know?

Author: jsje

Season: any, no spoilers

Category: drabble / fluff, SJ romance / shippy

Summary: actions speak a thousand words.

Pairings: Jack and Sam of course!

Disclaimer: sadly no I do not own stargate or any of the characters... I wish I did though!

A/N: This the first drabble I have written im a newbie to this whole fanfic world so please review and help me out!

Does she know?

Does she know she is the one I drag myself out of bed for every morning, waiting to see her smiling face?

Does she know I get to work early in the mornings to see her come in on her motorbike and black leather?

Does she know I put on a fake surprise when I see her in her lab, just to make her laugh when I know she'll be there?

Does she know that even when she speaks techno – babble I will never understand, I can't help but be entranced?

Does she know that her smile makes my heart – beat a thousand times a minute?

Does she know the little frown lines on her face when she concentrates on a doo – hicky makes me wanna kiss them all away?

Does she know that I love her with everything I am and I would die for her in a heart - beat?

Sam looks over at me…….

Jack, I know.