'….. Save a horse, ride a cowboy…' Sara sang softly.

"Excuse me?" Warrick who had stopped by to see how she was coming on their case questioned.

"What?" Sara turned around.

"You said something about a horse and riding a cowboy?" Warrick explained.

"It's Nick's fault."

"Be grateful I'm not Greg who would automatically jump to the wrong conclusions. I on the other hand will wait for an explanation."

"His Denali had a flat so I lent him mine, he switched the radio to a country station, which it is now stuck on and I ended up with the stupid Big & Rich song in my head when I went to get food earlier."

"I think Greg's explanation would have been more interesting." Warrick crossed his arms.

"Greg's explanation of what would be more interesting?" Nick asked from the doorway.

"As to why Sara wants to save a horse and ride a cowboy." Warrick replied.

Nick gave Sara a strange look.

"You changed the radio station in my Denali and now it's stuck on that station so I have that song stuck in my head." Sara explained.

"Right." Nick crossed his arms. "I wouldn't mention the whole cowboy thing around Greg he may get the wrong idea."

"That's just what I was saying." Warrick said as his pager went off. "Mia, DNA results are ready. Excuse me."

"Big & Rich?" Nick questioned once he was gone.

"It stuck in my head." Sara shrugged.

"I switched radio stations in your Denali almost a month ago when we drove out to Lake Mead for that picnic." Nick reminded her.

"I know, but I wasn't about to tell Warrick that was I. We took my car because yours had a flat, I just didn't mention a time frame."

"I see."

"So cowboy what are we doing later?" Sara inquired.

"It depends on which side of the whole saving a horse thing you fall on." He teased.

"I don't what kind of girl you think I am Nick, you at least have to buy me breakfast first." Sara winked at him.

"Well since it's our 6 month anniversary, I'd say breakfast was called for." He smiled.

"How did we manage six months without anyone finding out?" Sara asked.

"We know how to hide the evidence." His pager went off. "Archie. So come and find me when you're done."

"Will do. By the way I got you a gift it's back at my place."

"I got you one too." He took a small box out of his pocket which had been carrying around all night and placed it on the table in front of her. "I'll see you later." He left.

Sara stared at the box for a few minutes before picking it up and opening it. Inside was a diamond solitaire, she pulled it out. Attached was a small piece of paper which made her smile.

"Nice rock." Catherine said walking a few minutes later. "Evidence?" Sara shook her head. "Yours?" Sara nodded. "What does the paper say?" Sara handed it to her wordlessly. Catherine read it. "Marry me." She paused. "I didn't know you were seeing anyone."

"Today is our six month anniversary." Sara replied.

"And he just dropped the ring off?"

"Something like that." Sara replied.

"What are you going to say?" Catherine inquired.

"I should probably tell him first." Sara said smiling.

"If that isn't the face of someone who is going to say yes, I don't know what is. Congratulations."

"Thank you." Sara smiled.

"So is he anyone I know?" Catherine asked.

"Maybe." Sara replied coyly.

"I see you're not going to tell me."

"No. I'll find out."

"I'm sure you will eventually."

The DNA evidence had nailed their suspect so Sara could wait a few minutes to finish processing her evidence, so she went in search of Nick. She found his in the AV lab with Archie.

"Nick." She said.

"Hey Sara." He turned around.

"Were you serious earlier?" She questioned.


"Then okay."

"Okay?" Sara nodded. "Seriously?"

"Seriously. I should get back to work, I'll see you later. Bye Archie."

"Bye." Archie called after her. "What was all that about?" He asked seeing the smile on Nick's face. "Did you get her to agree to go out with you or something?"

"Or something." Nick replied.

"Sanders is going to be jealous."

"He'll get over it. Where were we?"

"So did we get engaged?" Nick said as they sat down in the restaurant for breakfast.

"Well technically you didn't ask me, a piece of paper did." Sara set the ring box on the table.

"Let's rectify that. Sara, will you marry me?"

"Yes." Sara replied. Nick kissed her. "So can I try it on now?"

"You didn't before?" Nick questioned.

"No." Nick took the ring out the box, and tore off the paper off and slid it on her finger. "How did you know what size to get?"

"I have my ways." He teased.

"Let's forget breakfast." Sara said.

"I thought you were hungry."

Sara leant over and whispered in his ear. "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."

Nick smiled.

"Let's go."