The big day had finally arrived.

It had taken just over eleven years, but Jack Shephard and Kate Austen were finally getting married.

Jack stood in the back garden of their new home, where they were going to hold the ceremony. The large back garden was more than big enough to hold all of their guests. Jack had flown in a few more of his family members to attend the ceremony, and Margo was flying back with them, so that she could pick up her best suit, so she had said. Kate had no one to bring over, but was happy enough with Sam attending as her family.

Delivery men had filled the garden at the moment, as he oversaw them bringing in the flowers and the chairs, even the makeshift alter that they were going to stand at together in a few short house. Despite the amount of priests around, Eko was going to marry them. It didn't feel right even considering having someone else conduct the ceremony when Eko had known them from the start of their relationship. At the patio of the garden, Claire was ordering around the caterers who had delivered the buffet food selection for them.

Inside, he knew that Kate was getting his children dressed. At the moment, Kaia was with him, more than happy to help tell the delivery men what to do. She was fascinated by the idea that their job was to do whatever people told them to, and was currently trying to get one of them to buy her a pony. Jack made a mental note of the fact that she wanted to have a horse to ride with Christmas coming round again soon.

They had decided that Kaia would be put in her flower-girl dress last, because with all that was happening, it was a dead certainty that she would get herself and her new dress dirty, so with an hour and a half before the ceremony began, she still hadn't been bathed.

Shannon was helping Kate get the children ready, whilst Sun was waiting at the front of the house for the dressmaker to bring Kate's dress. It was a custom made-dress, and that was all Jack knew. Everyone was so firm on traditions that he hadn't been allowed to see her that morning. He had slept in the guest room last night, so that he wouldn't chance a sneak peak at her in the morning. The bedroom windows were still closed upstairs, and he knew that was where she was hiding out.

Upstairs, Kate was putting the triplets into their outfits. They were all of a matching set, Laura and Kasey wearing dresses, and Cody wearing a two-peice outfit, all in pearl white. The triplets were six months old now, having already grown so fast. Having three newborns in the house was stressful, and Curtis was the first to complain about the crying. Kaia hadn't, and insisted that Curtis cried more as a baby, even though that wasn't true. He had been a quiet baby.

The most stressful time was when Kasey, Cody and Laura had a cold, and had been crying simultaneously for a week. Kate wondered whether her hearing had been damaged throughout this week having been so close to the crying children the whole time. Just as the triplets got over their cold, Kaia had caught it, and had needed a few days off school until their fever came down.

But now, everything was blissfully happy. There was always a rampage in the morning that was somewhat comforting. They enjoyed the morning rush to get Kaia ready for school and Curtis ready for kindergarten whilst keeping the babies happy as well. It reminded them both of what their life had become: perfect, and full.

Beside the bed where the three triplets lay, Curtis was sitting bawled up in fluffy white towel, waiting to be dressed. He had wanted to dress himself, but after falling over himself trying to get himself into the outfit, the three-year-old had given up and waited for Kate.

She helped him into his outfit, a white shirt with a black waistcoat and matching black trousers. It was a beautiful day outside, so there was no need for a jacket as well. She placed on his shining new black shoes, and set him down off the bed.

"Do I look beautiful, Mommy?" He asked her hopefully.

"No." She told him, watching his face fall for a moment, before bending down to his level and giving him a kiss and a cuddle. "You're more than beautiful, Curt."

Being 'more than beautiful' satisfied him, and he put his arms around Kate's neck, squeezing her tightly.

"Sorry to interrupt." Came a voice from the door, and she looked up to see Sawyer with a filthy dirty little girl under his arm. "Daddy says its bathtime for her."

Sawyer placed Kaia down on the ground, and Kate looked at her strangely. "How did she get so dirty?" She asked.

"Playing Rambo in the flower beds."

"Oh, Kaia." Kate sighed. "You better not have ruined any of the flowers." She warned.

Kaia smiled at her, a tooth missing on her top line of teeth. She had been so pleased when she had been visited by the tooth fairy. "I didn't. I promise." She told Kate.

"Okay. Bathtime it is." Kate decided, and bundled Kaia into the bath before she could protest.

Sawyer stayed in the room, sitting down on the bed as Curt crawled into his lap, and he began coodling over the babies whilst Kate started to clean half of the garden soil out of Kaia's hair.

There was nothing but silence apart from the noises of the content babies and splashing and laughing from the bathroom until Kate came back out with Kaia, starting to dry and dress her.

"So, this is it, huh?" Sawyer realised

"I guess so." Kate smiled, excited at her wedding in only an hours time.

"This is the day I finally let you go."

She looked up over Kaia's wet head to Sawyer, who was giving her a sad smile.

"Sawyer-" She started with a gentle smile, but he carried on.

"Don't get me wrong, me and Chica are great. What the heck, I love her." Kate smiled. "But there will always be a place in my heart for you, Freckles."

She looked at him. She knew that he loved her still, in his own way. After all, he had told her once that she was the first woman he had ever really loved, and that he loved her enough to let her go. By 'letting her go', of course, he meant, letting Jack have her. She was no stranger to the silent battle for her heart, but she always knew that Jack would be the winner.

"If I told you, you were one of the greatest friends I've ever had, you'd believe me, right?" She asked him.

Sawyer smirked. "Well, I wouldn't say 'great'." He told her, causing her to laugh softly. "But if he ever hurts you, I'll be the first one to kick his ass."

"I appreciate that Sawyer, but I think after eleven years and five children together, I know that he's not going to hurt me. Also, don't teach my children that kind of language. You know what they're like." She told him.

He laughed, and looked at Kaia in her bridesmaid dress. "Well, look at the little Princess." He admired. "All pretty like her Momma."

Kaia looked at him brightly. "Really, as pretty as Momma?"

Sawyer nodded. "Exactly like Momma."

Their eyes met, and she smiled at him. She had always been grateful for Sawyer's friendship, and even if, at first, she had found him attractive, she hadn't been in love with him like she was with Jack. She wanted to thank Sawyer for everything that he'd done to help her over the eleven years that she'd known him, but she didn't known what words to use. Sawyer nodded, understanding, and she knew that he knew what she was saying. He understood all along that Jack and Kate needed to be together, which is why he was Jack's best man.

"Kate, it's here."

She looked up to see Sun standing in the doorway, holding a dress bag in her hands. Inside, she knew was her wedding dress. Sawyer left, giving her his best wishes, and took Curtis downstairs to Jack. They knew that there was no chance of him getting dirty, and he would be standing with Charlie and the other ushers at the alter anyway.

All the girls suddenly crowded into the room to help Kate get ready. The triplets were entertained by Claire, who had finished with the catering, whilst Shannon helped Kate into her strapless dress. Then, both girls did her hair and make up, only using subtle shades to enhance her natural beauty. Jack had fallen in love with her without all the hassle of make-up, she wanted to marry him that way.

The dress was strapless, and fell down to her knees, lowering slightly more on the back with the uneven and layered skirt. There was a diamante pattern around the upper bodice, and the finishing touch was added with a diamante chocker necklace that Jack had brought for her a few months ago. She knew that he loved to see her wear it, and had planned to wear it with her dress.

Claire and Shannon did her hair in a plain style, with the top half of her hair bunched into a ponytail, and the bottom half curled more than its usual wave to hang over her shoulders. Around the bunched up area of hair, they attatched a clip that matched the necklace, and then attacked her with hairspray until even Kaia was trying to get the taste off her tongue.

Afterwards, Kate stood infront of the mirror, and for the first time in ages, she could admit that she really did look beautiful. Of course, Jack told her that she was beautiful every day, but sometimes, a girl needs to see it for herself. His words meant the world to her, and she could see it in his eyes that she was more than just pretty to him, but it is better to see it in one's reflection once in a while. And today was one of those times.

"Okay, five minutes. Time to go downstairs."

Kate simply smiled.


Kate walked down the path created in the garden, and didn't care once to think about the people around her. She only thought about the man infront of her, and the children behind her. She was surprised at how quickly it took for her father to escort her down the ailse they had created towards Jack, and before she knew it, she was standing before him.

He took hold of her hands, and admired her dress, but found that he was more drawn to the expression of pure happiness on her face. This was more than the happiness he saw everyday when she tended to their children, or when he told her that he loved her. This was the happiness that only radiates from a girl at her wedding, when she knows that all that lies before her is happiness.

"You look beautiful." He whispered to her, and she squeezed his hands in reply as she grinned at him excitedly.

They both looked over each others shoulders unconsciously to check that everything was ready. Jack looked over at the girls, seeing Claire, six months pregnant with a daughter of her own, holding Kasey; Sun holding Laura; and Kaia standing at Shannon's side, holding her hand as well as the boquet of flowers that Kate has passed to her to hold.

Kate looked over Jack's shoulder, spotting his ushers lined up behind him. Sawyer was there, best man, with Curtis on his hip, and behind him was Sayid, holding Cody, and then Charlie, with Aaron at his side, mimicking Kaia's position with Shannon.

When they were certain that everything was ready to go, they turned to Eko and nodded, and he began the ceremony.

"We are gathered here today to witness the marriage between Jack and Kate, two lost souls who found each other in an unexpected place, and went on to have five beautiful children before comforming to marriage."

She smiled at Jack, squeezing his hands again. Throughout Eko's talking, they gazed into each other's eyes, and both of them immediately whipping their heads around when Cody stirred for a moment, but Sayid managed to still him, and they continued on. Jack and Kate smiled throughout their whole wedding, repeating everything they were meant to with passion in their words and determination to enjoy every moment of their marriage as they had done with their previous years together.

"Jack and Kate have written their own vows for the ceremony. Jack, if you would like to go first."

Jack nodded at Eko, and turned to Kate, taking a deep breath before he started speaking.

"I never even dreamed when I got on that plane that I was going to crash land and actually find the best thing life could throw at me." He told her. "When I first saw the burning fuselage, I really thought that we would die on the island, especially when bad things started happening. But despite everything that was going wrong, I met you, and I fell in love. After that, everything started to go right. In the strangest place, you made me feel like I had finally come home. So thats why I took you to the spot where we first met, and tried to find a way to show you how special you are to me. Back on the island, I never had chocolates, or roses, or diamonds to bring to you, but I still loved you with all my heart, and I promised myself that one day I'd buy you those things. So I did, once we were rescued, but it wasn't how I thought it would be. Because, at the end of the day, all I had to offer you at the start was myself, and that was all you wanted. You loved me when I had nothing to offer you but a heart that needed you more than anything, so I made sure that I always told you how much you mean to me. Now, you've given me the six most precious things in the world, you, and our five children. After eleven years of dreaming, I can finally put this ring on your finger and make you my wife, because I'm going to love you long after this heart's stopped beating."

If there was a dry eye in the house, it certainly wasn't Kate's. She knew that she was going to end up crying at some point, so she had made sure not to put any make up on her cheeks, as she knew she'd be rubbing it off.

"Kate, if you would like to say your vows." Eko invited.

Kate nodded, and looked at Jack for a few moments first. "To be honest, I came up here today not knowing what to say for my vows." She admitted. "And it's not because I couldn't write them, or that I didn't know what to say, it was that I wanted to stand up here and have every word come straight from my heart. I met you when I thought my life was practically over. I was headed for jail, and from the look of things I was going to be there for the rest of my life. Instead, eleven years on, I'm living in a beautiful house, with the greatest friends I will ever know, five amazing children, and the man I will love until my last breath." Jack squeezed her hand as she smiled again. "I never imagined that when I started falling for you, I'd fall so hard and so deep, but I did, and when you took me to that clearing and told me that you loved me, I knew that there was no going back, and that I'd never love someone like I love you. You tried to be my hero, even though you didn't feel like a hero inside, and you've done everything you wanted. You've taken care of me, protected me, built me a world to live in, and I always want to have you by my side in that world. Without you, it wouldn't be worth living in. So this is how things should be. Me, you, Kaia, Curtis, Kasey, Laura and Cody. Us and our children. We could be a million miles away, but as long as I'm with you, I could never be anything but happy."

Now there was tears in Jack's eyes as well, even though he'd promised himself that he wouldn't cry. He couldn't help it though. Hearing her words had just opened up a side to him that felt so relieved that he was finally able to call her his wife.

Eko smiled, and they placed the rings onto each others fingers, finally binding them in marriage, before he said the words that everyone was waiting to hear.

"Jack Shephard, you may finally kiss your bride."

Jack leaned forward and kissed her with everything he had. They had done it all. They had overcome all odds to be standing here today, sharing their first moments as a married couple. They had been kidnapped, tortured, seperated, pained, and hurt, but they were still together, and their love was strong. The past eleven years had brought them closer than any two hearts could ever be, and their five beautiful children showed that.

A long time ago, Jack Shephard and Kate Austen had fallen from grace...but that was forgotten the day they realised that they had fallen in love.


Yes, I'm not kidding, that's the end. The end of Fallen From Grace.
Yes, I cried when I was writing it. A lot. This story is like my baby, and I've worked on it for just over a year now, so considering I'm 17...and a year of my life has been spent on this...thats quite a big portion.
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1. YES, Kaia and Aaron did eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend

2. YES, Shannon and Sayid do eventually have a child of thier own after looking after all of the others for eleven years.

3. YES, Jack and Kate lived blissfully happily ever after.

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