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This is the long-delayed companion fic to Dragon Lady, both written on the premise that why should only the guys get a Yami? Mana/Anzu yuri, set during Noa's Arc.


She's always had a deck full of the 'girly' Duel Monster cards. A lot of that was because the boys were embarrassed to play with them, so she could get them easily by trading. She has to admit she often makes off like a bandit with the kids at recess.

But she's not into Duel Monsters in the way Yugi and Jounouchi are. It's a hobby, something she does with her friends, not a vocation. Sometimes it worries her how insane they are about it, even as she rejoices whenever she pulls off a tricky move and has to resist the urge to laugh a little at her opponents. She always tries to be a good sport.

But her money goes towards saving up to go to New York to be a dancer, so her cards are the Sorceresses starter deck and a few booster packs she's bought with them and gifts. And the things she's traded for.

She's got a lot of great cards from trading, but she hasn't got anything rare. She doesn't much mind, though. Her cards are more than good enough for the other amateurs at school, and she'll never be a professional like Mai. She doesn't want cards just because they're rare.

But there are some rare cards she wants.

Like the Maha Vailo. A card that not only does her best friend, Yugi, think represents him, but gains extra power from the duelist using Equip cards to help it. She thinks it's a great metaphor. Helping others helps them help you. So she selected that card.

The Dark Magician? It's a very cool card, and it's a card that represents Yugi too. But she wouldn't want that card. She respects that card. It's not a card for an amateur. Not in her league. So she didn't select that card.

But the rare card she wants the most, the one she would kill for, or at least joke she would kill for, is the Dark Magician Girl. Even though it's a pretty weak monster for 6 stars (which means she'd have to sacrifice for it…) and doesn't have any useful abilities besides being helped by the Dark Magician. Like Yugi helps her. So she selected that card as her Deck Master.

But that wasn't the only reason. On her card, the Dark Magician Girl flies. She has always wanted to fly. Dancing is the closest she can get. But the Dark Magician Girl…

Sometimes she dreams. She dreams she is the Dark Magician Girl, flying around the stage, everyone there to see her, the greatest moment of her life. Sometimes, though, she flies with the Dark Magician Girl, and those are the best dreams of all.

It was incredible to see Yugi summon the Dark Magician Girl to duel Bakura. Even though there was the eeriness, and she should have been more frightened, she wasn't really.

She was enraged, that Bakura made the Dark Magician Girl attack Yugi. The Dark Magician Girl should never have to attack their friend, their master. And if she hadn't been able to control the disloyal thought, she would have been more than a little angry that Yugi sacrificed her. Even for a god…

The Dark Magician Girl might not be the best card, but the Dark Magician Girl was the best.

Well, others would say the Dark Magician (who she of course admitted was great), or the Blue-Eyes White Dragon (who was very strong, and Shizuka especially seemed to like it), but while they might be stronger than the Dark Magician Girl… the Dark Magician Girl was the Dark Magician Girl.

A girl. Just like her.

Even if Pegasus was enough of an idiot to make her blonde. She was brunette… no, the Dark Magician Girl was blonde, but why did she think that the Dark Magician Girl should be brunette instead, or as well, or…

It was confusing. And sometimes she thought the Dark Magician Girl should wear white linen instead of blue and pink satin, but that was just a costume… they were pretty colors. Everything about the Dark Magician Girl was pretty. Young and cheerful and graceful and strong and fierce, when necessary. Energetic and learning, just a child but strong despite it. Innocent ancient, wise youngster.

Life. And hope. The symbol of her dream to become a dancer, the dancer in her dreams.

Hovering beside her, looking at her worriedly, trying to help her, advising her, angry on her behalf. Dark Bright Angel of Mercy and Destruction. Dark Spellcaster, Dark Magician's Apprentice.

She was more than just a card. She was real. And it wasn't just that this was a Virtual world. The Dark Magician Girl was here. Right here in front of her, helping her duel. Teaching her.

They both knew she could destroy this fool, but that wouldn't be fair. And this was a game, and it had to be fair. Games were holy, and they didn't want to be no better than this creep.

Wanting to take her body? Eew! The Dark Magician Girl wouldn't stand for it, Anzu knew. She would fight for her, a real duel, if she lost here and now. And the creepy penguin man would lose.

Anzu wanted to see that. Wanted to be fought for. But she wanted to fight for herself. And for the Dark Magician Girl, who shouldn't have to be on the losing side. So she fought on, even if losing would be no loss but pride, even if she was cold and getting colder, and though the Fire Sorcerer had managed to warm her up for a bit that card wasn't the one that could make her feel warm for ever.

She was blushing, she knew. Well, how could she not? The Dark Magician Girl, her idol, was here! Looking at her!

And even though she was cold, sosocold, she couldn't let her down. So she drew. And the Dark Magician Girl and her Master won for her. And then she fell into the arms of her savior, exhausted.

And the two of them shared a smile which warmed her up as much of the spell Mana cast for her.