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Here we go.


Mana really didn't know what she thought of this whole reincarnation thing. When she'd first heard about it, well… if you were worthy to go to the afterlife, having to go back to earth again due to unfinished business seemed kinda a rip-off, she'd told Mahado, who had smacked her (lightly, he was her uncle), and told her again not to question the ways of the gods.

She wasn't a very reverent priestess. Much more interested in playing hide-and-go-seek in the palace and learning the most show-offy spells and the fastest ceremonial dances, but she's been born with a powerful soul into a family of priests not that distantly related to the Pharaoh's divine bloodline, and that was how it went.

So she'd been sent off to the palace at the age of five where her uncle already was (not much older than her, and he acted like an elder!) and studied. And studied.

It had been kind of a drag, until… whatever had happened happened. She wasn't quite sure, Mahado wasn't quite sure, the dragon was psychotic and the other duel monsters knew less than them, not having been in the thick of things. It had all been a blur, afterwards, one the survivors hadn't wanted to think about as Seth set about rebuilding the country, creating a memorial to the battle he wished he could have fought with his beloved cousin.

They'd all known, but royalty was royalty. And before they died, they… took steps. The ring hadn't been recovered, she didn't have an Item, so… her ka. Like her uncle and mentor.

But that had left part of her to be reborn. She hadn't quite liked the idea. Who knew what would happen to it? What if… what if she became an enemy of the Pharaoh? Used against him?

Even if her magic was more suited to spells than dueling, what if…

But, well now.

She would have been looking forward to it if she'd known how this would turn out.

Almost the same brown hair she used to have, eyes more innocent than she had been when she died but more serious… a kind, caring soul.

Fought for the Pharaoh. Gamed for him, even, she'd heard in the Shadow Realm.

She'd seen her for the first time, called out against the thief, and, well… she had been so distracted she certainly hadn't performed her best. Mahado had been quite cross. All these millennia, and he still treated her like a child!

Taller than she had been, shorter than she was now, but long lean dancer's legs. The clothing wasn't see-through, but it was favorably skimpy. Women seemed to wear less, not more than men these days, and if it got her a look at this, she definitely improved.

Too bad she'd been too professional (barely) to wander over and take a closer look (a duel was a duel, and sacred) but she was certainly getting one now.

Their souls yearned to be rejoined, even in a physical union… but that wasn't the whole of it.

Such a brave little firecracker, hidden tricks up her sleeve like she'd always had, calling those monsters like her, like them to the field to defend her. Same good instincts, same dueling strategy… a more serious nature, the same fierce loyalty.

She wanted to curse the sacrilegious fool who had dared want the lovely body that belonged to her, but the rules of a duel were the rules, and sacred.

Quick learner. She gave her a saucy wink, they both knew she could make her hotter than that fire.

And she'd always loved showing off.

Hi, Mahado!

It was great to be reunited in the Pharaoh's service!

…and while of course that was the important thing, it was just slightly less good than fulfilling her sacred duty to her God to hold this other half of herself in her arms.

The other half who looked up at her, lying in her arms, like she'd been the one who knew this would happen. Like she'd been dreaming about it, devotion in those pretty eyes…

How flattering. Mana laughed. "Poor chilly thing… how 'bout I warm you up?"

Mahado coughed. Mana sighed, feigning put-uponness. "I know, I know. Penalty game!" She pointed at the penguin, who had been staring at her legs.

Idiot. While she may have dallied a little in the past (poor Isis had really needed cheering up) her pretty little peach of a partner was the only one allowed to touch those legs… and other areas, now.

…still a virgin? She was blushing like a little girl of 10, smooshed up against her breasts. How strange this modern world was, but while the lack of experience was kind of annoying, it was eclipsed by a strange satisfaction that this beautiful dancer, her light, was hers and hers alone.

Going to have fun! …as soon as these challengers to Pharaoh were destroyed, of course.

She blushed as Mahado looked at her quellingly.

The penguin was sputtering uselessly and saying, "This can't be happening!" and other useless things.

She made a face at it and laughed. The Peach giggled a little, like she wasn't sure if she should be. Mana winked at her.

"As you desired the body of my light, so shall she have your body! Penalty Game! Love's Gift!" Hearts swirled from her wand.

Anzu blushed when she handed her the plushie. So cute!

The lines of stress and worry had started fading from her face as soon as she appeared, but now her battle-fierceness was fading. They had won. They were together, in this strange world.

Mana felt like crushing someone else for her. She'd always loved showing-off! …and after three millennia of practice, her spells were a lot less likely to fail.

She twirled her wand around herself, changing into a more normal outfit. The hard ridges of the armor were making it hard for her new partner to cuddle. Couldn't have that.

The Peach made an 'oof!' noise of surprise, now even closer to her breasts. Blushing. So cute! Mana speculated first how much it would fun it would be to get rid of that modesty… then wondered if, as a light, she would always have it. Fun either way.

Mahado coughed for attention before the hand she'd had wandering reached its destination.

She'd always hated serious things. They got in the way of fun!