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Connie ran a hand through her greasy hair and lightly grimaced at the slimy gunk that was left over on her hand. She hadn't been able to wash her hair all day, and the various bits of food that were hidden throughout her mane certainly didn't help matters. As she picked out a bit of corn out of her hair she rued the day that she had stuck around after a game to make sure that Guy was okay. He had been acting strange the entire week, showing up late for classes, fighting with people that he usually got along with, and getting more penalty laps in practice than anyone. She had been surprised at first that he had opened up to her, explaining that his grandmother was very sick, and it was putting a lot of stress onto his entire family. Guy said that he had tried to stay upbeat at first, but found it to tiring and soon stayed up late worrying about it all. After telling her all of that he had told her that he'd be fine and that she didn't need to worry about him.

A week later he had violated enough Eden Hall rules to get suspended for a week. It didn't take her long to find him, sitting on a park bench beside a small pond on campus. That week they talked more than they had in months, if not years. They hadn't spoken that much since breaking up in the middle of their freshman hockey season. Now juniors their split was showing up in the other ducks, albeit in not as obvious ways. By the end of the week Connie was spending more time with Guy then in school. The clincher came when Julie woke Connie up in the middle of the night on Thursday and told her that Charlie had just been by to tell her that Guy had gotten a call and his grandmother had died. It hadn't taken her much to convince Orion to let her out of practice to accompany Guy back home for the funeral. The rest of the original ducks had wanted to go to but two was all that the team could spare. It would be years later before either Guy or Connie fully understood the how and why of that weekend. They left Eden Hall good friends that were formerly a couple and came back a renewed couple and unbeknownst to them, expecting parents.


Scooter had been the first one to question if she was pregnant. After the all important game their freshman year Scooter had become kind of a big brother to some of the ducks while dating Julie briefly before enrolling at a nearby college. His sister was pregnant at the time and he became suspicious when he had noticed Connie exhibiting the same behavior. Julie had been skeptical at first but soon after Scooter had dropped hints of the possibility she had confronted Connie one night and was told the whole story. After that Connie and Guy began to spend almost every waking moment together, outside of a short window where the sight of him or any mention of his name would send her into a furious rage. Charlie was the next to be told as all three felt it only right. To say that he had been shocked was an understatement, as he had walked straight into a door shortly thereafter. Bombay had been next, mostly because they had run into him after practice one night. He had said that he wasn't there checking up on them but just visiting some old friends. But after Casey's second marriage had ended Charlie had admitted that Bombay had been around quite a few times. The rest of the ducks were told in turn and all of them were happy, with Dwayne this time needing no explanation.

The dean and board however had not been pleased, secretly calling Connie and Guy every dirty name in the book. Their parents were initially only a little less upset. But given time both Guy and Connie's parents quietly admitted that in the back of their minds they expected such an event, just a few years down the line. They had all been sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner together when the Dean had called and said that the board was going to revoke Connie's scholarship. That call quickly ended any and all sense of merriment or joy that could have happened over the holidays. Most of that time instead was spent consulting with Bombay about what was to be done. After several agonizingly slow weeks of closed-door meetings an agreement was reached. Connie could keep her scholarship and keep playing as a member of the ducks, however in turn she could not live in the dorms with the rest of the students. At first the agreement had been a sore spot for Connie and Guy as neither was quite sure what to do next.

The uncertainty ended when after finally finding an apartment within a block of campus, paid for fully by Bombay, Connie had just started to unpack her things when there was a knock at the door. Guy stood on the other side with a box of his things in his arms and a dopey grin on his face. After several hours of talking, in which Guy explained that no matter what he wasn't going to let Connie have to go through giving birth and raising a child alone, the two had uneasily agreed to live together. In the beginning Guy had stayed in the second bedroom, giving Connie the larger of the two rooms for herself. But as the days grew short the sleeping arrangements changed. When Connie and the baby were finally able to leave the hospital they, along with Guy, returned to the apartment to find it transformed. Portman and Fulton had, under Julie's close supervision, had moved the furniture out of Guy's room and into Connie's, changing Guy's old room into a nursery, complete with crib and changing table. When her parents first saw how the apartment had been changed Connie's mother made a comment that it looked like newlyweds lived there instead of Connie and Guy.


"Have you seen my tie," Guy asked with a frustrated frown on his face as he leaned out of the bathroom and looked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

"It's hanging up in the closet beside your suit," Connie shouted back over her shoulder as she stopped writing down an answer on a worksheet long enough to answer.

"Are you sure, I was just in there and I didn't see it," Guy said back down the hallway with an anxious frown on his face before he ducked back into the bathroom.

"Of course I'm sure, I laid it out for you yesterday…I swear Emma, your daddy would lose his head if it wasn't attached to his neck," Connie started to shout back to Guy with a frustrated scowl on her face before she turned to her daughter and tried not to giggle at the toothless smile on her face.

"I heard that," Guy shot back with a fake tone of anger in his voice as he stepped back out of the bathroom, finally finished fixing his hair, and headed back to their bedroom. Connie thought about what to say for a few moments before she set her pencil down and shut her textbook.

"Come on honey, let's go help daddy get dressed," Connie said softly with a weary sigh as she picked Emma up and then headed off towards their bedroom, arriving just as Guy was sliding the closet door shut.

"It's not there, I checked, you must have put it somewhere else," Guy said with an unhappy frown on his face before he turned to his honey haired daughter and grinned.

"What are you talking about, here take Emma, it's right…oh my God," Connie grumbled back in frustration as she rolled her eyes and handed Emma to Guy before she threw open the closet door and gasped. There lying on top of a stack of his denim shorts was a small box with a beautiful ring propped up inside of it.

"Like it," Guy asked with a nervous grin on his face as he held Emma tightly and did his best to remain calm.

"Of…yes, but what…where, why," Connie stammered out with a look of disbelief on her face, as tears sprang to her eyes, as she turned away from the ring and looked back at Guy, who was fighting back tears of his own.

"It was my grandmother's wedding ring, after my grandfather died she put it in her jewelry box and refused to wear it for the rest of her life, she gave it to me when I told her about Emma, she said that I'd have more use for it than she would," Guy replied with a slightly goofy laugh as he tried to shrug his shoulders and act all macho but the tears in his eyes gave his nerves away.

"But you," Connie started to stutter back with an overwhelmed look on her face as she turned back to look at the ring before Guy gently reached out and wiped away a stray tear that had slid down her cheek.

"Found the use for it, I know this isn't how you expected this to go and all but," Guy replied with a terrified smile on his face as he reached over and picked up the ring before getting down on one knee in front of a teary eyed Connie, with Emma still in his arms.

"Are you," Connie started to say with an overwhelmed smile on her face as she fought to keep from balling like a baby before Guy reached out and held the ring in his free hand, palm up and hooking her fingers with his of that hand with her palm faced towards the floor.

"Will you marry me," Guy asked softly with a scared silly expression on his face but love in his eyes as he gazed up into Connie's eyes. Emma seemed to know that something was up as stopped fussing and grinned up at her mother while reaching out and squeezing Guy's left earlobe with all of her might.

"Guy I…yes," Connie started to stammer out with a slightly unsure look on her face before her heart bypassed her head and answered. Guy stayed where he was for several seconds; almost as if he thought that he had misheard her. "Guy, I said yes," Connie added with a tear filled laugh before Guy shook himself out of his shock and smiled.

"Cool," Guy mumbled back with a very excited grin on his face as with Connie's help he slid the ring onto her finger and then stood up and used his free hand to pull her into a kiss, while Emma squealed with delight.


Just a little one shot, unless people want me to continue. Connie and Guy always were my favorite couple and after watching the movies a lot lately I decided to write this. Hope you all like it. I hope that they make a fourth Mighty Ducks movie someday, maybe with Connie and Guy not starting out the movie as a couple but the movie either ends with their wedding or they attend one of the other ducks' wedding and we see them in the audience, married and trying to keep their newborn from fussing. I left Julie dateless in this as I've seen a couple of different pairings with her and aren't sure which one I like best yet. Anyway has anyone else noticed the similarity of everyone's names from the movies, most of them seem to end in the long e sound. For instance there's Guy, Connie, Tammy, Tommy, Charlie, Jesse, Terry, Julie, Kenny, and Casey, Charlie's mom. Only Adam, Peter, Karp, Portman, Fulton, Russ, Luis, Dwayne, Averman, Bombay, and Goldberg don't fit that bill. About even I know but still it's kind of odd if you think about it. Aside from that I wonder what the actors that played the ducks are doing now, a few of them are still actors but the rest I don't have a clue about…And another little side note, at the beginning of the second movie Guy complains that he was so close to kissing Connie like they'd never kissed before, but if you watch the end to the first movie closely they do share a kiss on the ice…I just found the bit in the second movie odd.