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Connie stared at the old photos in the album and wondered where the time had gone. It seemed to her like only yesterday that she and the other ducks were at Eden Hall. But now she was fast approaching her seventieth birthday and was worried that there might not be enough of the ducks left to celebrate with. Coach Bombay had died on Emma's twenty-first birthday, struck head on by a drunk driver. Fulton and Portman had been killed in a small plane crash twenty years earlier as they were on their way to Canada on a long planned fishing trip. Goldberg had a heart attack on his fiftieth birthday and died a month later. Peter and Karp had been driving to fast on a slick country road one night and lost control of the car. Jesse and Terry Hall had been killed in a hurricane while trying to get others to safety. Charlie had moved his family to Florida after a particularly bad snowstorm almost stranded them all in the middle of nowhere. He worked as a youth hockey mentor and owned a small hockey shop. Kenny Wu was a retired figure skating coach and could often be seen relaxing away the hours in Miami with his best friend Luis. Russ had gone back to LA and unfortunately had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot to death three years out of high school. Dwayne had opened up a ranch in Texas and rarely left his land for anything, other than the occasional ducks reunion. Averman ended up oddly enough owning a comedy club in Minneapolis, one that Guy and Connie would visit every time they were in the area. Tommy Duncan was now a retired senator and would drop by from time to time. Adam and Julie had barely escape death when they had switched a scheduled flight because of Eve getting in a car wreck that day and in the end it saved their lives as the plane that they had been scheduled to take had gone down shortly after takeoff, killing everyone aboard. Eve hadn't died that day but had been left with an ever so slight limp that would remain with her for the rest of her life. She had married one of a set of twins that was in her class and had at first moved away from California and Emma and Gordon. But after seven years and three kids her husband had died and she moved back, mostly to help her raise the children and find a good job. Emma and Eve had opened up a small shop together that did catering for small gatherings. Neither ever had much interest in hockey, something that surprised everyone, though both had known how to skate almost before they could walk.

"The good old days, it seems like only yesterday that Bombay drove his limo out onto the ice, hard to believe," Guy said softly with a sweet smile on his face as he slowly made his way from the kitchen over to the couch and sat down beside Connie.

"Yeah, it's still hard to believe he's gone," Connie said with a somber frown on her face as she gazed at the old picture of her, Guy, and Gordon on their wedding day. The three were all smiles and looked healthy and full of life. Now Guy had a bad hip and Connie needed oxygen.

"It happens to the best of us," Guy sighed with a sad frown on his face as he shook his head and wrapped an arm around Connie's waist.

"Unfortunately," Connie agreed softly with a sad and tired look on her face as she laid her head down onto Guy's shoulder and stared down at the photo album. His blond hair had long since turned to first gray and now half white but to Connie Guy still looked as good as he had the day that he asked her to marry him. For her part Connie had stayed in shape, priding herself in her ability to be in better shape than most women half her age. But after awhile her age had caught up to her and she had to have oxygen every so often to keep her going.

"So when are the kids coming," Guy asked with a warm smile on his face as he turned the page and gave Connie a squeeze.

"Emma and Gordon are coming tonight, the twins should be here around noon tomorrow, as for the rest…who knows with those three, Amy's probably going to say that she has to work, Michael will probably not be able to get off of the base, and Julia is in England," Connie answered with a soft chuckle as she explained where the rest of her immediate family was at the moment.

"Don't worry honey, they'll show up…they always do," Guy said with a supportive look on his face before he leaned over and gave Connie a kiss on the cheek.

"I hope you're right, it just won't be the same without everyone here, no matter where we are we've always celebrated birthdays together…always," Connie said back softly with a sincere look of worry on her face before Guy gave her another hug.

"Well since it looks like we're going to have some time to ourselves I thought that I'd just give you my present now," Guy said with a slightly sing song tone to his voice and grin on his face as Connie turned and looked at him in confusion as he pulled a rectangular box from his pocket.

"Guy…my birthday's not till tomorrow," Connie said softly with a slightly nervous but content smile on her face before Guy shrugged his shoulders.

"I know, but I just couldn't wait any longer to give you this," Guy said with a happily guilty and embarrassed smile on his face as he ever so slightly nodded his head and opened the box. Connie gasped as she looked into the box. Inside was a small chain with a pendant shaped like two crossing hockey sticks dangling from it. The hockey sticks were gold and had small jewels inlaid into them. "Each one the birthstone of one of our angels, I think you're getting something like it tomorrow from Emma and Gordon, for the grandkids," Guy added with a wide grin on his face as he tried not to tear up at the ecstatic look on Connie's face.

"It's perfect…thank you," Connie said softly with tears in her eyes before she leaned over and kissed Guy softly.

"You're welcome, nothing's to good for you Connie," Guy whispered back softly with a pleased smile on his face as he leaned over and helped Connie put the present on.

"Except for you," Connie joked back with a sly grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye as she softly poked Guy in the ribs.

"Well I try," Guy quipped back with a quickly growing grin on his face before he pulled Connie close and placed a soft kiss on her lips. A few hours later Emma and Gordon would arrive to find the two quietly sitting on the couch looking through photo albums of the glory days.


Author's Note: Hope you liked this story from me, sorry if you thought that this chapter was a bit short, but I have a tendency to ramble at times so I wanted to keep that from happening and just update what happened to the other ducks as well as Connie and Guy and their family. In case you didn't figure it out Connie had triplets when she told Guy that she was pregnant in the last chapter. Should I write any more Mighty Ducks stories…

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