Zypher: Well, before I could continue with another chapter, I thought about writing a short Halloween story since it's that time of month. So without further waiting, here's my newest story, Cursed Accommodations.

Summary: Yugi and his friends get lost in the Forbidden Forest and with no way out, they hoped to find something that can help them get back. But when they came upon a haunted house, they get more than they bargained for. They always said looks can be deceiving.

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Cursed Accommodations

Chapter 1


"I can't believe we got suckered into coming in here. What were you thinking? Especially during October, one of the most unluckiest months." Diamond growled as she glared towards Anzu. "How should I know they were going to be making us come through the Forbidden Forest? They just led me here." Anzu replied. "Well, it's your fault. If you think becoming the most popular girl in Domino High beats putting somone's life in danger then forget it." Jou spoke.

The three of them, along with Ryou, Kaiser and Yugi, were currently trapped in the Forbidden Forest, a forest that has been said to be the resting place of many who ventured inside. Like Diamond said, they were suckered into it thanks to Anzu who wanted so much to be one of the cool kids in school that she would drag them with her and risk their lives. "I bet you could have done this without our help." Kaiser said. "Alright, alright. I'm sorry for dragging you guys into this. Can we just find a way out of here please?" Anzu said.

"We will if we can find a way out of here." Diamond growled before she spotted something ahead. "Wait, what that?" she asked. They all looked in the direction she was. "It looks like a house." Ryou answered. "But what would a house be doing in the middle of the Forbidden Forest?" Yugi asked, staying quiet most of the time in the forest but was curious.

"I don't know but maybe someone lives in there. I wouldn't have a clue why but it's the only lead we have. Come on." They nodded as they made their way towards the seemingly abandoned house.


In said house, a figure was looking out the window when he saw them. "Hey, look at this." he spoke to another than sat in the room with him. The other looked up before getting up from the chair and walked over to the window. "What is it?" he asked. "There are some little kids coming towards the house. What should we do about them?" the other asked.

The first watched as they came before focusing on one of them. "Let them come. We won't harm them but we'll watch over them until they are used to being here, then we'll see what will happen afterwards. Go and get the others." he said and the other nodded before leaving.

The first looked back to the window before smiling, showing needle sharp fangs lining his mouth.'Let's see who they are. Whoever interests us will stay while the others go and not in a pretty way either.'he thought before he left the window.


They finally made it up to the house and it looked very ominous with its worn down exterior. "Man, this place looks pretty scary. Do you really think someone would live here?" Kaiser asked. "I don't know but it's better than camping out here in the forest." Diamond replied as she walked up and knocked on the door.

The door opened by itself and she looked around before walking inside. The place was abandoned and not one soul was inside. "Well, it doesn't look like someone lives in here. Come on, we best see if there's a place we can sleep until tomorrow." Diamond said and they nodded as they walked inside.

They were unaware of who was watching them from above.


"So, does any of them look interesting to any of you?" One of the shadows asked.

"Yeah, all of them except the brown hair girl looks like something we can all take into consideration. But what will we do if they try to leave tomorrow?" Another questioned.

"Don't worry, we will make sure their stay is comfortable until it's time. Since the brown haired girl is of no importance, she will die under Hallow's Eve full moon. I think she will make a suitable meal, don't you think?" The first said.

"Yes, I think she would make a great meal. But of course, we can't let her be so thin. I say during their stay here, we go after those that interest us and court them until Hallow's Eve while we also take care of the girl and feed her until then. If we happen to change the others to be like one of us, they can feast with us. But remember, don't do anything too soon or else we may lose them before Hallow's Eve, alright?" The second said, sapphire blue eyes looking towards two others that may do just that.

One growled. "Fine, fine. We won't do anything that would cause them to leave." He said.

"Good. Now come, let's see what they're up to. Seto and Ruby, if you don't mind, see if you can whip up something for them to eat tonight. No need to make them go hungry during their stay." The first said. They nodded. "No problem, Aqua." Seto said.

"What about us?" The black sphinx asked. "You and Bakura will watch over the two you wish to court but like I said, you better not do anything to make them leave or else it'll be your heads." The one named Aqua spoke and they gulped before nodding, knowing how literal he meant.

"And also, do not, and I mean do not, let them know of your true form. That will just make matters worse without telling them the truth when they are used to us being around us. Alright?" he said and they nodded once more. "Ok, I'll go and tell Yami what we talked about. You four go and do what's needed." Aqua continued before leaving. Seto and Ruby left as well while Bakura and Crimson went through the shadows, heading to the rooms Ryou and Diamond were heading in.


Diamond sat down on the worn down bed in the room she was sharing with Ryou. "I wonder if there was some history behind this house and why it was built in the Forbidden Forest." Diamond whispered to herself. "Maybe there's a book somewhere around here. We could look for it tomorrow and bring it back with us when we leave here." Ryou suggested.

"Yeah, maybe we could. But let's worry about that tomorrow." Diamond replied before she yawned. "Let's get to sleep so we can leave out here early tomorrow so we can at least get something to eat before heading home."

Ryou nodded and lied down on the second bed that was in the room. They both fell asleep silently, never knowing they were being watched. Bakura and Crimson watched them quietly and after hearing what she said, they left from the room. "We can't let them leave. We should tell Yami about this." Crimson said.

"I know, you go and do so while I watch the rooms to make sure no one tries to sneak out tonight. We can't let no one find the library and get the book that talks about the history of this house and the curse that was placed on its inhabitants." Bakura said as he left.

Crimson disappeared into the shadows and watched the rooms, making sure anyone doesn't leave during the night and if they did leave their rooms, it was only for a drink of water. Even for a house at the age it looked, the water was still fresh.


Yami was still in the upper room, watching as it started to rain, accompanied with thunder. Bakura appeared right behind him. "Yami, we have some bad news." Bakura said. "What is it?" he asked. "The groups of teens that came in today said they would be leaving early tomorrow morning. What should we do to keep them from leaving the house?" Bakura asked.

"Hmm, let me think about it. Did they say anything that may be of use to us?" Yami asked, turning to Bakura. "Well, the sphinx girl said she wanted to learn of the history of the house and wanted to go see if there was a book about the house." Bakura replied. "Really now? Then we can't let them find that book. Bakura, go and get it. I have something I wish to do." Yami spoke and he nodded before leaving.

He snapped his finger and a large shadow appeared behind him. "I need you to do something for me." He whispered softly, looking up into the gold eyes of the shadow.


Everyone was asleep now except for Yugi. He just couldn't fall asleep, especially being in a spooky house with a thunderstorm going on outside. 'There's something about this house that gets to me. But what could it be?' he wondered. He heard the door opening and he looked up quickly. He heard a soft mewl and looked down to see a black cat sitting there. 'How did a cat get in here?' he wondered once more before he climbed off the bed and picked up the cat.

The cat mewled again and licked his face. He smiled softly and stroked the cat's back. "Now where did you come from?" he asked softly and the cat mewled once more before nuzzling him. He finally saw a red collar around the cat's neck and attached to it was a note. He sat back down on the bed and picked up the note.

Dear to whomever is reading,

This is a rare honor to have a visitor here in the house. Yes our home is a little dusty and such but we will clean it up to accommodate your stay here. We hope that you may stay here for the next few days up until Halloween night where we have an elaborate masquerade party with a nice feast to go with it.

Our dear housecat, Destiny, will stay with you and lead you around our home. If you wish to meet with us, just leave a note in your room and we'll pick it up. There are no house rules except for one. Never go to the library. That is all you need to know. I do so hope you will stay.

Yugi looked over the note once more and couldn't spot a signature. 'I wonder who could be living here. Maybe I should tell the others about this.' Destiny purred and continued to nuzzle him. He pat the cat softly before looking outside. A bolt of thunder flashed by the window and he whimpered softly, not really liking thunderstorms.

Destiny nuzzled him once more before jumping off his lap and onto the floor. She walked over to a desk that was sitting in the room and jumped up, picking up and piece of paper and a pen into her mouth and walked back over to Yugi. He took the paper and pen from her mouth and remembering what the note said, he started to write one for whoever sent him the first note.

Once he was done, he placed the note on the side table before letting Destiny jump up onto the bed beside him. Yugi bid goodnight to Destiny before lying down, falling asleep more easily now that he had someone there beside him.

Once he was deeply asleep, Destiny got up and took the note before leaving the room through the shadows and appeared back where Yami was waiting. He took the note from her and read over it. "So, he feels afraid being here. We can't have that now, can we?" Yami said and Destiny nodded. /"What shall we do, Master Yami?"/ she asked.

"Like I said, we're going to fix up the place so it won't be so intimidating to them. Since they haven't ate yet and I know they would be hungry after the long walk getting here, I suggest they go down for their dinner before they truly fall asleep for the night." Yami said as he started to write another note.

"Go downstairs and tell Seto and Ruby to set up dinner for them and fix up the rooms downstairs. After that, take this note back to him." She nodded, taking the note before leaving the room.


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