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Cursed Accommodations



After their meal, they all headed up to Yami's room where the book was kept hidden. Aqua picked up the book before looking to them. "So, is that the book?" Yugi asked. "Yes, this solitary book is what kept us locked away in his home for the longest time. For many millennia, we wish to destroy this book but we couldn't for fear that we would be killed.

"This house was cursed and the only way we could break free was to find our true love. For many years, we have led people here, hoping to find that person and yet, none of them aroused the feelings we felt when we saw you." Aqua explained and they nodded.

"And now that we have you as our soul mates, we can destroy this book and live our lives regularly." Yami spoke as Aqua placed the book down on the table. He whispered a spell and soon, the book was engulfed into flames.

They watched as the book became nothing but ashes. "Finally, we are free." Yami whispered as the ashes blew out through the window and into the winds. Yugi walked over and wrapped his arms around him and he did the same. "So, Yami, what are we going to do now?" he asked.

"We will still do the same thing we have been doing. No need for us to leave our home and possibly get caught by someone in the city. People may still think there's something to worry about in the Forbidden Forest but that doesn't mean they won't try to find out about the mystery of the missing people." Yami said.


A few years later, it was October again and the group of teens that sent Anzu through the forest dared to venture into the forest to see if the legend was true and to see if they could find her if she possibly survived all those years. "Why are we even worrying about her? She and her friends have been gone for the last few years so they could either be dead or something else happened to them." A girl said.

"I know but if she was gone for this long, there has to be something going on in here and I want to know what it could possibly be. If there are such things as demons, I want to see them myself." Another girl said. They soon caught sight of something further away from them and they moved closer to see it was a boy.

He was just sitting there, playing with a white wolf pup. "Hey you. What are you doing here?" One of the girls asked. He looked to them as he got up before running off into the forest, the pup following behind him. "Wait! Come back!" she called as they followed him until they came upon the house.

He stood at the door before running inside. They followed him inside and looked around but didn't spot him anywhere. "He has to be in here somewhere. He couldn't have gone far." she said and they all look around although some were reluctant to even be in the house that sat right in the center of the Forbidden Forest.

From above, Yami watched their latest catch. "You've done well, Yugi. They will make a suitable meal." Yami said as he looked to his little lover. "Thanks, Yami. I'm glad I went out today. I heard that Sorincha was having her litter of cubs today and I couldn't pass that up. She even let me take care of this one." Yugi said, holding said pup.

"Yes, who knew that Eclipse would fall in love with Sorincha as fast as he had seen her?" Yami spoke before he got up. "Come, let's acquaint our guests to their resting place." Yugi nodded as they faded away into the shadows.


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