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Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Him

Chapter One

« No! » I screamed over and over in my head. But, in reality, I remained silent as I felt the repulsive excuse for a man force himself into my torn body. What felt like hours later he collapsed atop my already bruised and bleeding back. He rose, dressed, and rolled my battered body over with his foot. It almost burned my skin as he stared at me with those ice-cold eyes.

"I believe you have learned your lesson. "

" Yes father." At that he spit in my face,

" Despicable excuse for a Malfoy. " He turned and left me lying in the snow, by the lake. Cold, naked, and bleeding. I was alone, free to let down the famous Malfoy mask. But I couldn't, the tears wouldn't come. They were trained not to. My mother told me once, when I was little:

" Even if life isn't going as you want it to you have no right or reason to cry because of who you are. You are superior, you are a Malfoy. »

The name of Malfoy is a loaded one. Loaded with rules and regulations set by the first of a long line of cold, heartless bastards. The number one rule in my family has always been to hate those that are different from us. Including but not exclusive to non-whites, non-heterosexuals, and non-purebloods. Hitler was part Malfoy on my great-grandfathers nephews' side if that give an idea about how far a Malfoy could go to preserve his ideals. What a crazy fucker he was. But he didn't break any of our rules, I did. I broke the number one rule, big time.

Five Months Earlier

I walked down the Hogwarts Express to the compartment I had used for the past six years expecting to find it empty. I was wrong, inside sat Blaise Zabini (who was probably the closest thing to a real friend I had at the time). The summer holidays had obviously treated him well. I think that was the first time that I really realized just how gorgeous Blaise really was.

New muscles made thier prescence know even from under Blaise's thick chocolate colored skin , the result of two months work on the huge grounds of the Zabini estate.Also the long dredlocks that Blaise had worn since before we even started at Hogwarts had been completly shaved off to reveal a smooth , bald head that only helped to showcase his naturally strong cheekbones and jaw. The change did him a world of good. One thing that definitely hadn't changed was that he was still writing in that damn notebook of his. He always had it on him, and , of course , nobody ever knew what he wrote in it, not even me. If Blaise hadn't been my friend I would have probably stolen and read it by now.

Blaise heard me come in and when he stood up to greet me I could feel my eyebrows rise slightly in surprise. He had grown at least five inches in two months! Was that even humanly possible? He had always been about an inch shorter than me and now I felt like I was being towered over by him. But, of course, I wasn't going to let on that I had noticed how amazing he looked.

"Still obsessed with your little book Zabini?"

"Yes, still and asshole Malfoy?"

"Of course."

"Good, nothing's changed then." Blaise's little joke nearly made me crack an almost smile.

But really all I could think about at that point was how amazing Blaise looked. He really is an enigma of sorts when it comes to his personality and the house he was sorted into. Slytherin's are know for their coldness and "every man for himself " attitude but Blaise was extremely warm with those who he deemed worthy of it and would easily take a curse to the chest for anyone he loved. Love, ha! He was probably the only Snake that actually understood the concept. Of course he did have the cunning and sharp wit with that comes with the green and silver tie. He was bitingly sarcastic and one of the top students in our year, after me of course.

Blaise and I had known each other since we were about six as our parents had pushed us together. And we were together, always, until sometime after my 10th birthday. We were separated when the market dropped and the Malfoy and Zabini corporations were pitted against each other. I remember that year as one of the worst in my life.

Losing money brought out the worst in my father and he was quite the bastard to begin with. So it was when one of his companies lost 40 million galleons in five months that the beatings started. In the beginning it wasn't too bad, he would slap me a couple of times and send me to bed, as long as he was sober. When he was drunk I often ended up in Saint Mungos, I still have the scars.

The abuse stopped when I enrolled at Hogwarts and finally re-united with Blaise (without my father knowing of course). We were inseparable. I distinctly remember that it was on December 17th of my 6th year that this whole mess and falling in love with my best friend started…

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