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Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Him

Chapter 2

December 17th , 6th year

(6th year boys dormitory)

Blaise and I were sitting on his bed talking about homework or some such thing when he turned to me and said,

" Draco , you're betrothed to Pansy , right? " I agreed and he continued,

" Is that what you want though? I mean do you really want to spend the rest of your life with that cow? "

Somehow Blaises words shook me to my core. What if that wasn't what I wanted ? I had never really though about it before. My father told me when I was about 10 that Pansy Parkinson and I were to be wed as soon as we were both of age and out of school. Then it came to me , I don't like Pansy. I hate Pansy. She's short and fat and looks like one of those squatty little dogs. She complains about everything to anyone who'll listen and spreads her legs to anyone of gives her a second look. Why on earth would anyone want to spend more than ten minutes in the same room as her let alone marry her! Blaises few sentences started a chain reaction of life changes…

Then as Blaise and I lay down on his bed , just staring up at the stucco ceiling and thinking about life, Blaise said,

" Are you staying here for the hols Draco? "

" I am if you are "

" Good then you are " and thats how it all started really.

The first few days of the hols were spent on making sure that all homework was done so we wouldn't have to worry about it later. About two days before Christmas, Blaise and I were sitting in the empty common room with me reading by the fire while Blaise sat curled up in an armchair, all the while writing in that damnable little book of his. I was about to put down my book and sneak off to the kitchens for a snack when Blaise started singing , very quietly to himself :

" I prayed heaven today

Would bring its hammer down on me

And pound you out of my head

I can't think with you in it "

I think I almost melted right there, why did he have to have such a fantastic voice? And it was so hard to describe, very masculine but slightly higher pitched than most. Well, whatever, he sang beautifully.

" Blaise?" He looked up at me and I continued, " What the fuck are you doing?"

" Well I was bored so I decided to juggle a troupe of circus elves while getting a blowjob from Filch. I'm singing , you know to produce musical tones by means of the vocal chords…jackass. "

I actually felt horrible for stopping his song but since apologies were practically punishable by death in my family I tried to do it in my own way ,

" I didn't know you could sing. Did you take lessons or something? "

" Well no shit Malfot, what do you think I do all summer other than work the grounds, knit? Mother had Blythe and I start lessons when were six. Violin, piano, cello, and vocal lessons. And Blythe plays flute instead of cello.Yes, mommy dearest thought it would be absolutely precious to have musical twins. Prat of a Malfoy always… " he trailed off, going back to his writing. Blaise had always done that, answered a simple question with a long rambling answer that usually ended in an insult and then kept quite for the next half an hour. I shortly finished with my book and I quietly went back to our room to get another. I was gone for maybe five minutes. As I made my way back to my reading spot I heard that Blaise was singing again. So , instead of being a total jackass and interrupting him again I decided to sit at the foot of the steps and listen.

" Je t'aime encore

avec toute mon corps

avec toute ma vie

avec tout mon âme et tout mon esprit

je t'aime encore "

According to my father , Malfoys are of french heritage and as such should be perfectly fluent in thier original language. So , basically , I'd been taking private french lessons since I was five and was as comfortable with it as I was with english. That was one of the few times I ever thanked my father (mentally or verbally) because without being fluent in french I never would have understood what Blaise was singing. The lyrics were beautiful , roughly translated they meant "I love you still , with all that I am , with all of my life , with my entire soul and spirit , I love you still" Of course it doesn't rhyme in english but you get the picture. But I had never heard the song before. I watched as Blaise stopped singing , tapped on his chin with his quill , wrote something down in his notebook and resumed singing ,

« Mon sauver aux cheveux argentés

aux yeux percants de couleur pareille

il est dur de tête et fort de volonté

je l'aimerais pour toujours

mon ange Draconien »

And then , it hit me , Blaise sang about a male with silvery hair and eyes , someone who was stong willed and hard headed. The last line translated into " I will always love him , my Draconian angel. " …who could have possibly matched that decription other than me? Well my father perhaps...but , ugh , let's not even imagine that possibility. My head was swimming , what was this weird sort of tightness in the pit of my stomache. Of course nobody had ever used to term "love" when talking about thier feelings towards me. In my family the only feelings even permitted wern't remotely positive. My temperature must have shot up like mad , my head was filled with new thoughts and possibilities , someone loved me. ME!!! ...me? Oh , dear sweet confusion. I wasn't brought up to ever have to deal with this kind of thing. So what did I do? I ran , through the common room and out the portrait hole , ignoring Blaise's calls. I ran , head spinning , through countless corridors and up endless flights of stairs to the one place where I knew I could let it all out if the need ever strook. Hey , there's a first time for everything.

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" I prayed heaven today Would bring its hammer down on me And pound you out of my head I can't think with you in it " -Missing , Beck

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