Disclaimer: The turtles are mine only in my dreams.

A very short and silly one-shot written during Chem class. Not one bit of it is meant seriously.


"NO! I REFUSE to accept it!"

Splinter opened a weary eye at the outburst that shook the thin bamboo walls of his room. That sounded like DonatelloWhat could have upset him so? He thought.

The aged mutant opened the sliding door and peered into the main cavern of their home just in time to see an enraged Donatello storm out of his laboratory. The turtle brushed past his Sensei without so much as a word, grabbed his trench coat and fedora, and stalked out of the lair, a murderous expression marring his façade.

Splinter looked after his normally meek and mild son with a puzzled expression. Suddenly his attention was captured by a bemused Michaelangelo slinking out of the lab. At his father's questioning glance, he smirked. "He got his IQ test back. It was average."