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White Death


'Get back here you filthy rat! Get back here!'

'No way old man!'

'Filthy street rat give me that back!'

He rounded a corner, never slowing down even though he had been running through the entire city. His legs were burning and his heart was pounding, the adrenaline was the only thing that kept him on his feet. He didn't eat for three days now and the fresh bread, still warm, in his arms smelled so delicious! It was so tempting! When he walked past that bakery, he had no intention of stealing, until his nose caught that heavy smell that hung in the air. It summoned all his hunger and before he knew it his feet took him inside. There were so many yummy things, but all behind glass. The best thing he could snatch was a large bread, fresh from the oven. He didn't expect the owner to come after him though, for a simple bread.

He panted, slipping in another street, he fought his way to the crowd, but they kept pushing him aside. He fell to the ground on numerous occasions and decided it was better to crawl further. People occasionally stepped on his hand or walked against him, but no one pushed him aside and it was easier to get through the busy street for him then for the fat baker. He quickly gave him, throwing his hands up in the air in defeat as he was forced back by pushing people.

He crawled into an alley and got to his feet. To re-boost his energy after such a long run he ripped a handful of bread off with his dirty hands and stuffed it in his mouth. But it only flared his hunger! He looked down at the bread, thinking about taking another bite, but he decided against it, there were better things to waste this on.

He left the alley and soon left the busy streets, walking back to the poorer part of the city that he knew like the back of his hands, since he spent five years of his total of ten there, living alongside the poor, the poorer and the poorest. On nights when the shelter handed out food, they were all nice guys whom you could have a good love with. But with empty stomachs they were mean dogs, prepared to eat anything that they are able to chew on. Solo told him to watch out, because when they were really hungry, they will even eat humans! At first he did not believe his friend, but now he did, ever since a tall skinny man attacked him and while fighting him he sunk his teeth into his arm.

He entered the alley, after looking around to make sure no one saw him. He walked to the dead end where a large metal dumpster stood. Behind that, Solo lay, wrapped in his old ragged, brown blanket, with holes in it large enough to fit your hand through.

Worriedly his sat down by his side as his friend shivered uncontrollably. Solo had always been sick, from the day he had met him. But it had got so much worse then when they first met. He used to just cough and he got cold soon. But as the years progressed Solo was always cold, even when the sun was on his highest place in the sky in mid summer, Solo would be could. And he would be pale, a large contrast from Duo, who got a tan as soon as a ray of sunlight touched his skin. The white of his eyes had become red, that happened a month ago and it didn't go away and lately he was too tired to unwrap himself from his blanket, so Duo was on his own while trying to find food.

'Solo? Wake up Solo,' Duo gently shook his trembling shoulders, 'I have food Solo.'

It took a while for his friend to slowly turn around and look at him with his red and blue eyes that stood out in his skinny, white, face.

He smiled as he saw the large bread in Duo's hands and slowly sat up. 'That a good catch.' He said with a rough voice that normally would not belong to an twelve year old.

'I know, I had to run for miles to shake of the owner of the bakery!' Duo admitted with a laugh and handed Solo the entire bread.

His friend looked at it for a while before shaking his head and giving it back to Duo. 'For me it is two late Duo, it will only be a waste of food. You eat it.'

Duo did not quite understand what his better then best friend said, so he just shrugged, not knowing how else to respond, then he broke the bread in half and gave Solo the bigger half.

Solo didn't seem really pleased, but he forced on a smile no less and took a grateful bite. But after taking a few small bites he got a bad coughing fit, spitting out most of the bread. Duo quickly sat down next to him and patted his back. It took a long while for the fit to subside, longer then it normally did. After he also had to throw up, all the while Duo sat next to him, stroking his back, comforting him, not understanding just how sick his friend really was.

An hour later Solo reached for his half of the bread, Duo had long eaten his and his stomach started to rumble already, half a bread was not enough after not eating for such a long time.

'Here. It will only be a waste.' He repeated and handed it to Duo before turning to lie down, falling asleep promptly.

He was so hungry and solo fell asleep, he really didn't want it. Grateful that he had such a good friend to take care of him and to show him the only sign of love he was ever shown he sunk his teeth into it and happily chewed. Chewing longer then necessary to enjoy the wonderful taste to the fullest.

He slept for a few hours to regain strength, lying closely next to his friend, sharing each others warmth. In the middle of the night he woke, he was hungry already and so incredibly thirsty. He leaned over his friend, he was shaking, more then usual and at the same time sweat trickled down his temples.

Deciding that Solo was in a desperate need of water as well he went out hunting. The streets, even the very busy one he was that afternoon, were empty and no lights were burning behind windows. The people of the city slept peacefully in their warm beds. Duo was angry with envy.

He grabbed the empty bottle out of his large pocket and unscrewed the cap. He snug over a small white fence into a neat garden, the grass mowed and the flowers were blooming. The house that stood in the middle was huge. He was tempted to go inside, such a large house must have a large kitchen, but he had already stolen today and he made a promise to himself to never steal more then once a day, so that he wouldn't become a complete criminal.

He had been coming here every night. There was a faucet outside to connect a hose on, so these rich people could water their precious plants. Controlling the urge to stamp on said plants he opened the faucet and held the bottle under it, filling it. He screwed it close and went back to his home, his alley, on the other side of the city.

He arrived forty-five minutes later, he was exhausted, even though he took small sips on his way back his throat was as dry as... as dry as... Well, his throat was just extremely dry.

Cautiously he looked around again before walking into the alley, being as quiet as he could as to not awaken his friend.

When he rounded the dumpster and saw his friend, he frowned, trying to understand. Confused he came to sit next to him, staring at his back for a long time. Solo no longer trembled. He just lay still, after years of trembling.

His face broke into a smile. He had always told Solo, but the blonde boy would just never believe him, but he was right! He knew he would get better eventually! He shook his friends shoulder, rougher then he normally would, eager to see the look on solo's face as he awakened and realised he was trembling no more!

'Solo! Wake up! You're better! See!' He waited, but Solo was just lying still. He kept on waiting, as it always took Solo long to wake up and turn around, he was so lazy! 'I told you you would get better! I was right!' Sighing he shook him again, harder. Solo should really stop playing this game, in the beginning he used to do this all the time, ignore him, but now he didn't fell for it anymore. 'You are such a bad loser! Wake up!' He shook him again, really hard now, hard enough to move his entire body, but he got no response.

The smile vanished from his features and was replaced with a deep frown.

'Soloo!' He waited, suddenly feel anxious, his hearts started to pound faster suddenly as it was the first to discover something was wrong. His mind soon caught up and his face showed his worry. 'Solo... ?' He said with a soft voice, almost crying. 'Solo!' He tried again, his voice breaking.

Tears were leaving his eyes, creating rivers on his cheeks. He knew what was wrong. Solo had always been so sick... so sick... But he just had to deny it! Solo had been sick for many, many years! Why die now! He started beating the lifeless body, though he had no strength to really hit him hard. He turned Solo, to lie on his back. He stared at the pale face and the closed eyes and watched as his own teardrops fell on the limp face.

His heart was beating furiously now, like it wanted to be free, like it wanted to get out of the confines of his ribs. He cried, on and on, if he had the ability to think clearly he would have been surprised his body held enough water in it to spill. He petted Solo's hair while he watched the face grow paler and paler and eventually a shade of blue.

'No...' He stroked rougher and grabbed the cold hand. He didn't want him to die! He didn't want solo to leave him! How could he do this to him!

'Solo... I think my heart is broken...'


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