This is a naughty bit I wrote for Ron and Hermione with plans for a larger story of seventh year. Please review, and if there's interest I might write more, or at least what happens with other partners.

Trust Me…..

Ron sat on the edge of his bed in 12 Grimmauld, his head in his hands, rubbing his temples. Unfortunately, he hadn't mastered any spells to charm away a headache. A day of combing books in the Room of Requirement had left his eyes sore and his head pounding. Research was not his strong point, but they had run out of ideas. He sighed, stood up, and pulled his jumper over his head, getting ready to go to bed. At least Grimmauld was comfortable now, and the large bed accommodated his tall frame easier than his old bed at the Burrow, or even Hogworts. It was big, but it was still lonely. Oh Merlin, if I start daydreaming over Hermione again, I'm bloody never going to get to sleep without letting off steam, and she's going to kill me if she ever finds out…

There was a knock at the door, and Ron turned, only to have Hermione walk in carrying two potion vials, and quickly shut the door with her elbow.

"Hello Ron."

"Hi, Hermione."

He stared at her, and blushed, conscious of the way in which he had just been thinking of her. Then blushed harder, realizing that she was staring at his bare chest. She couldn't believe her timing, maybe this would be easier than she had feared.

"Oy there," he said, grabbing for the discarded jumper, "You can't just walk in on a bloke at this hour. You've warned us enough times of that yourself."

Hermione blushed as well. "I…I d..don't m…mind the view…" she stuttered.

Ron gaped at her. She heaved a huge sigh, and brought one of the vials to her lips, and drank it down. She shivered at the bitter taste. "Not too terrible. Let's hope it's not wasted, or I'm going to be miserable tonight." She walked across the room, and sat down on the bed. She was so scared, and so nervous, she couldn't raise her eyes to him for a minute. When she did, she saw that Ron's gaze was fixed on her legs, bare beneath her robes.

"Weren't you wearing jeans and a T-shirt earlier?" he asked, unconsciously licking his lips.

"Well, I….you'll find out soon enough." She paused. "Look, this stuff takes about five minutes to go into effect, so I better explain before I'm not completely myself." Ron looked puzzled, one eyebrow raised in question.

Hermione giggled, actually giggled. "Oh you are so cute like that."

Dumbfounded Ron sat next to her on the bed, forgetting the jumper still in his hands. "What are you going on about?"

"Well, I found a very interesting book a few weeks ago."

"Oh, work" Ron sighed, and started to pull on the jumper.

"No, not work." Hermione put her hand on his arm, and he felt it like a brand. Conscious again of his lack of shirt, he scooted away and finished donning the sweater. She felt rejected, and nervously dropped the empty vial on the bedside table, and because to pass the other from hand to hand.

"What then?" Ron said testily.

"Don't ruin this!" Hermione bit back. "I've worked for a week on brewing this," she held up the vial, her hands shaking, tears forming in her eyes.

"Hermione, don't start." Ron caught her arm with one hand, and placed the other hand on the side of her face. "No one works harder than you, ok? We would all be lost without you, don't you know? I'm just tired, that's all"

Hermione smiled. "Sometimes Ron, you can be very sweet. I guess that's why I'm doing this." She closed her eyes. "Do you trust me?"

Ron let go of her, and squinted at her. "Well yes, but this isn't some prank Fred and George put you up to, is it?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "No, it's my own idea, thank you very much." She took the second vial, and drank about half. Then she held it in front of Ron. "Drink this. I don't think you'll regret it."

Ron looked at the vial, then at Hermione. He took the vial and drank it down, setting the empty vial on the bedside table. "Now what, do I suddenly become smarter or something? Grow another set of eyebrows? What?"

Hermione smiled. "I think you're just fine the way you are." She leaned over and kissed his cheek. He blushed again. They had shared a few kisses over the past months; hurried things. They hadn't talked much about their feelings, because the heavy atmosphere and tension of the search for the Horcruxes had precluded much romance. But that didn't mean he didn't think about her every moment he could. He gazed into her warm brown eyes, and felt himself fill with renewed energy.

She looked into his eyes as well, and began to breathe in short gasps. "Oh my….I better finish my explanation, or you'll never understand. Do you remember that comment Fred and George made a few days ago, when they…well, caught us kissing?"

"Ha," Ron laughed nervously, "about hurrying things up, because You-Know-Who might begin virgin sacrifices?" He gaped, hope stirring in his heart. "You don't take them seriously do you?"

"Well, according to Ancient Rites of the Dark, druids did try to tap the power of….." Ron rolled his eyes, and Hermione stopped. "That's not what I , no I don't take that seriously, I just….I don't want to….I mean I want to…" She stood up, and paced. "The potion I took, the first one….it's got side effects."

She stopped in front of him, she leaned down and looked him in the eye. "The second potion should have taken effect by now, do you feel nervous?"

Ron realized he did. He felt strange, nervous, and his skin felt different like everything was more sensitive. He felt a band around his ribs, and then, suddenly, he could feel his pants get tighter, his breath come faster, he was excited, he felt surrounded by pulsing energy. Embarrassed, he blushed yet again, and prayed that Hermione didn't look down to see the bulge in his pants. "Hermione, what the heck did you give me?"

"Well, that book I found was very interesting. It was a textbook on potions and spells, of a very peculiar kind. The first potion I took, Pentathum Neosum mimics certain hormonal states of the fifth month of pregnancy."

"What! Why?"

"Well, you can't conceive a child when you are already pregnant, can you?"

Ron's jaw dropped. He shook his head. He couldn't think clearly, as it seemed most of his blood had left his brain for sites farther south. Hermione put her hands on his knees, dangerously close to that part of him he most wanted to conceal from her, and yet most wanted her to touch. She smiled, a slow seductive half smile.

"You might want to unbutton your trousers Ron, that hurts."

Ron eyes became saucers. "How would you know that?"

Hermione grinned. "The second potion, called Amora Miratum, when shared by the right people, renders both partners capable of feeling an echo of the feelings of the other. I think it's working, but let's try an experiment." She ran her fingers down the side of her neck, from her ear to her shoulder, pushing the robe slightly down. There was no shirt visible beneath the robe. Ron could feel a ghostly sensation on his neck at the same place, and he shivered, the feeling causing his arousal to pulse.

Hermione stood up, and leaned against the bed post next to him. She closed her eyes, and gasped. Ron panted, staring at her shoulder, her robe pushed down now he could see the strap of her bra. He wanted to reach out and touch her shoulder, to touch her anywhere. Too nervous, he instead rubbed his finger over his lips, wondering if she could feel what he felt.

She opened her eyes, and put her finger to her own lips. She smiled. "It worked, it really worked, oh Ron." She ran her hands down her body, outlining her curves in the billowing black witch's robe. "The Pentathum potion has some side effects, it makes you very…well very…."

"Randy?" Ron queried, he voice cracking.

"Yes!" Hermione panted. "Ron, I need….I don't want to lose you, and…."

"Hermione, you could never loose me. But are you sure you want…"

"Ron we may die tomorrow! Anyway, you are the only man I could ever want to…." Ron jumped up and wrapped his long arms around her, and she gasped. He crushed her lips in a longing kiss. She plunged her hands into his vibrant red hair. Minutes or hours passed. The kiss was amazing, tongues dueling, feeling both sides of the kiss together. Somehow they ended up on the bed. He left her mouth, and trailed kisses down to her neck, and she shivered with need.

"You didn't need to do this potion bit, 'Mione. I…I want you every time you walk in a room. Whenever I see your hair up when you're pouring over a book, I want to kiss your neck." He nibbled the skin under her ear, and they both moaned. "But gosh, what a way to find out what you like!"

She pushed him away. He looked crestfallen, and then she grinned. She kicked off her shoes, and knelt on the bed, pulling her robes off over her head.

Ron stopped breathing. She wore nothing under her robes but a pink bra and panties. "Please tell me you don't dress like this all the time, or I'll never be able to think with you in the room again!"

She laughed and shook her head. "This was something special. Now, I can tell you are in pain from those pants, you they have to go!" She dived for the button, and he laughed and swatted her away, and while he unzipped, she tugged at the jumper and pulled it over his head. Blinded, he bounded off the bed, pulled off the sweater, and pulled off the jeans. He stood before her in his Chudley Cannons boxers, and she giggled. He blushed, and stared at her, as she lay in the bed up on her elbows, her curves exposed to his eyes. She followed the line of her legs, and the curve of her waist, until finally he gazed into her eyes. She sat up, and reached behind her to undo the clasp on her bra, and slowly pulled it off, her gaze lowered, a pink blush staining her cheeks.

Ron cleared his throat as he looked at the two pale mounds, tipped with dark pink nipples. His mouth ran dry, and he couldn't believe he could ever have gotten this hard, his erection tenting his boxers to their limits. He climbed up on the bed, and knelt before her. He reached out a hand and brushed the side of her left breast. She closed her eyes, and her head hung back. He let out a gasp.

"You're so sensitive! What if I…" He brushed his fingers over her nipple, and she moaned. She felt electricity course through her. His own nipples tightened in response, the feeling unlike anything he could have imagined. She collapsed back on the bed, and he followed, laying partially atop her, weight supported on one arm. She brought her hand up against his chest, and ran her hand over his pectorals, hard and fit after weeks of lugging books all over and training every spare hour with the Order. They both shivered in response to the shared sensations. He bent over her, and stopped just shy of her right nipple, his breath coming hard and fast. His breath upon her caused her to moan, and he closed his eyes in shock. He could feel not only his own desire to take her nipple into his mouth, but her desire for him to do so. It was almost as though he could read her mind, if not in words, then in wants. The combination was impossible to resist. He dipped his head, and opened his mouth around the peak, sucking lightly.

She let out a sharp, "Ron!" and clasped her hands behind his head. He mumbled something against her, and shook her head to clear it. "What!"

He raised his head. "I guess you liked that? Actually, I don't have to guess." He winked.

She pulled a pillow from behind her head and hit him with it. He retaliated by recapturing her nipple, and making them both groan as fire seemed to run through their veins, and sparks flooded from their chests to their pulsing genitals. Ron came up for air, and looked into her eyes. Time stopped as they caught their breath.

Hermione was amazed at their differences. She could feel the echo of the blood pulsing through his arousal, and feel his urgency. Ron knew Hermione was wet for him, waiting to be touched, to be filled. She had started this, but Ron took the initiative now. There was no way not to feel how much she wanted him, and how much he wanted her, so all the confusion and questioning of their past was pushed away. He had thought he wouldn't know what to do, but it was as though her body spoke to him. He trailed his fingers down her stomach, and his fingertips slid down into her panties. She was so swollen with desire, that these lips had already parted for him. He wanted to touch her, to understand the feelings he received from her. They both jumped as he slid a finger against her folds. Hermione stared into his eyes, and Ron into hers. Using his knowledge of the sensations flooding her body, he quickly found the center of her pleasure, and rubbed it gently with his index finger. Her eyes rolled back at the feelings, so powerful she couldn't have imagined how incredible it was when someone else touched her. He continued to flick back and forth, emitting pants as the sensations he caused within her were mirrored back to him. A light stroke evoked more reaction than a heavy stroke. A millimeter to the left and the pleasure was doubled. Their breathing was louder than a freight train.

Ron pulled back suddenly, and Hermione's eyes flew open. He backed up until he knelt before her, and he hooked his finger in her panties and pulled them off. Casting them aside, he looked down upon her. He whispered, "Lumos", and suddenly a ball of light appeared above the bed. Surprised, they both looked up at it. Hermione, blushed, but Ron smiled.


"Don't care, just enjoy it."

He whispered a locking charm and glanced at the door, adding a Muffilato for good measure. Hermione was puzzled, how was this possible, where was his wand? Ron didn't question how it was possible, he just smiled at the view of Hermione, spread out before him, naked and glorious, her brown hair a halo about her, and her sex moist and wet, waiting for him to return.

Hermione blushed, trying to cover herself. "Don't be shy 'Mione," Ron chastised. "I've dreamed of you this way since I was thirteen, don't deny me my fantasy, especially when it's so much better when it's real."

He touched her again, watching and feeling her reaction to it. It was amazing, and yet not enough. He bent forward, looking at the rose of her folds, and slowly he pushed a finger into her. She writhed beneath him as his slowly began to stroke her. Her body seemed to tell him what to do, and the sensations they felt were almost overwhelming, although he felt compelled to continue. If I feel this good, and this is an echo, she must be senseless with it. He glanced up to her face, and she watched him, her eyes glassy and her lips parted. He wanted to kiss her, but didn't want to leave where he was. He looked down at her folds, and instinct took over. His finger still inside her, he kissed her, tasting her sweet essence and running his tongue over her. She screamed and clutched at his hair, and he was wracked with sensation so strong, that he began to suck on her, the only thing he was capable of, as his brain was overwhelmed with her pleasure. His finger started to stroke in a rhythm with his mouth on her, and she convulsed around him, screaming his name. Somehow he kept it up until a last wave overwhelmed him, and he came as well, helpless against the onslaught of her orgasm. The ball of light above them shattered, sending sparks all over the room.

He rolled over her leg onto the bed, and they both panted. She sat up first, and scooted down next to him. "I always knew you'd find something you were really good at besides wizard chess." She winked at him.

He groaned in response. He was both inordinately pleased with the complement, and embarrassed by the wet sticky stain in his boxers. "Well, you do seem to inspire me. Much better than all those muggle magazines that Dean kept under his bed."

"Ha! I better be more interesting than that, especially after that book I read." She huffed.

He looked at her quizzically. She smiled, a sensuous, woman's smile. "Not all studying is boring you know. My turn to play!" Hermione jumped off the bed, pulling off his boxers with a smooth motion and standing at the end of the bed between his long legs. He cringed at her examination of the sticky evidence of his orgasm, but the reality of a girl, especially this girl, the one inhabiting his dreams for the better part of five years, staring in fascination at his penis soon overcame embarrassment, and he rose to the occasion.

She gasped as blood began to fill his cock again, and it hardened before her eyes. She was a little frightened, as he seemed so much bigger than what she had expected. She tried a spell of her own. "Lumos" and the ball of light was back, no wand required. "Interesting….but not as interesting as you at the moment." She leaned forward and stroked his cock, feeling the hot skin and his reaction to her touch. He became harder at her touch, and she smiled at the evidence of her own power. She grasped him in her hand and ran her hand up and down his penis, and watched as his stomach muscles clenched in pleasure. Feeling her own throbbing desire return with each stroke. She adjusted each stroke for maximum sensation, using his mirrored sensation and his pants and groans as her guide. "You are sticky you know. I think I'll have to clean you up." She straightened, and whispered, "Wingardium leviosa" she floated above him, and grabbed his legs to keep herself from floating to the ceiling. He stared at her in fascination as she ran her hands up his legs to his hips, and she pulled herself forward until to took the tip of his cock into her mouth, at which point he collapsed back on the bed and enjoyed the attentions of his clever lover. She gripped his hips and ran her tongue over him, licking him clean, and stopping to suck every so often. She could feel every nerve in his body on fire for her. Suddenly she took a deep breath, and practically swallowed him, in response to his unspoken need. He bucked off the bed in response, and as she returned to sucking fast and hard, she could feel incredible sensation begin to build for him, and her body respond in kind, her sex throbbing with vicarious sensation. She moved back and forth with a steady rhythm until he roared and came hard, shooting to the back of her throat as she began to convulse as well. She sucked hard in response, and swallowed him down, tasting the lovely earthy saltiness. Wracked with her own orgasm, she sucked mindlessly until he stopped shuddering, and then she fell hard on top of him, her will ceasing its ability to keep her afloat. He grunted, and she giggled.

"I guess you are my angel then?" Ron asked. "You're awfully heavy though when you fall!" She smacked his shoulder and they both said, "Ow!" And laughed.

"I guess I have to be nice to you then."

"Guess so." He drew her into his arms and held her against his chest, reveling in the sensation of their naked bodies touching, her breasts against his chest, her hips cradling his. His hand touched her face, and drew her up for a sweet kiss.

"How did you know to do all that, you were incredible?" he asked her, wonder in his voice.

She blushed, amazed that she could still feel embarrassment. "I found those potions in a book called, "Sesso migliore Magico". It was stuck behind an old cabinet in the book room of the Room of Requirement. It had a lot of advice about…well…you know, and I learned an awful lot. Sometimes studying can be very useful. What about you, you're pretty amazing yourself?" she regarded him with an arched eyebrow.

"I would claim a very active imagination and a stack of magazines from Dean, but really it felt like your body was talking to me, telling me what to do. It was weird, and very cool."

"It's strange, but I feel the same. Whatever I secretly wanted, you knew. Was it the same for you?"

"Absolutely, beyond my wildest dreams. If that's that Amora stuff, we could sell it and make more money that Fred and George ever could!" he laughed.

Suddenly, Hermione became serious. "I'm afraid not Ron, I… I took a big risk with that potion you know. I didn't want to tell you, but it's only supposed to work for two people who truly love each other. Otherwise it's only like water."

"Oh…gee 'Mione, I….you love me? Really?

"Ron, would I be doing this otherwise?" she huffed.

"Of course not, but, it would be nice to hear the words. I…I love you. For ages really, I don't even remember when I didn't."

She smiled. "I love you Ronald Weasley."

He captured her lips for another kiss. As the kiss deepened, they could feel each other become aroused again, and Hermione smiled up at him.

"That was fast! I always thought it would take longer to try again."

"I think you are just irresistible, or it's something in one of those potions."

"I prefer to think it was me." She paused. "Do you want to try…do you want to…."

"More than anything 'Mione. I just don't want to hurt you. I've heard it hurts the girl the first time."

"Scared huh?" She grinned. He frowned. "I know you don't want to hurt me Ron. You are so sweet. But I want to share this with you. I want to feel you inside me."

His arousal pulsed with those words. At least he knew he wouldn't embarrass himself and come the moment he was inside of her, all their previous activities would have given him some stamina, he hoped. He rolled over, pinning her beneath him, and he trailed kisses down her neck. He could feel her body singing to him again, whispering its wants and needs. His hands cupped her hips against him, and her hands twined around his back, lightly stroking circles on his bare skin. His fingers found her core again, and he twitched at the sensation of his finger teasing her wet folds. They were ready for each other, and energy sparked between them.

He rose up above her, a question in his eyes. The answer was in hers. He positioned himself over her, and she grasped his erection, guiding it toward her center. Slowly he entered, feeling his own pleasure at the tight, wet heat, and her own excitement tinged with fear.

"It's ok Hermione, I'll be careful."

"I know, love."

He slowly went deeper, until he felt resistance. He stopped, unsure what to do. Suddenly, she wrapped her legs around his waist and jerked her hips forward, impaling herself on him. They both cried out at the sudden sharp pain. They held each other, their mingled breath harsh.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be, I wanted it. I wanted you."

"I love you."

They kissed again, her legs still locked around his hips, and he could no longer suppress the desire to move within her, to feel her walls wrapped around him. As he moved, they both moaned, pleasure wiping out any sense of pain. She could feel his excitement as she engulfed him, and he could feel her completeness at being filled by him. She panted encouragement in his ear, and he could sense her desire for faster, and harder. He thought she would want him to be gentle, but both of their instincts pushed them. They strained together, he pounded into her as she arched to meet him. The air around them crackled with energy, the bed curtains moved as though a wind whipped through the room. They both felt something build within them, united them together, and as he thrust as deep as he could, and touched her womb, she screamed her climax, and he roared his, as they bucked together. Sparks of white and purple danced behind their clenched eyes, as they rode not only their own orgasm, but their partners. The echoes lapped back and forth like waves, building to an amazing crescendo. There was an audible pop, and a vase across the room cracked and broke. He collapsed atop her, and she cradled him with her body. Silence reigned, as no words could explain what had happened.

I love you. They said together, but the silence remained unbroken.

Ron picked up his head from her shoulder. "Did you hear that?"

"Yes. Could you hear me?"

"Yes. Hmmm…what am I thinking?" Ron concentrated, squinting his eyes together.

Hermione blushed, "You think I taste better than Sugar Quills."

"And you think I'm cute when I squint."

How is this possible? Ron stroked her face tenderly, rolling on to his side with her.

"The potions, the book, I….it was in Italian, so we were guessing at some of the stuff. It was very old Italian. It said something about sensations uniting together, with love that is strong. I just thought it would mean you could feel some of what I could feel. I didn't think you could read my mind, or….how could we do magic without our wands?"

"We? We?" Ron concentrated a moment, staring at Hermione's blushing face.

"Ginny? You were working on this with Ginny? My little sister! She knows what we're doing?"

Hermione shut her eyes tightly, trying to block him out. Ron leaped off the bed.

"Ginny is somewhere with Harry right now isn't she! She originally found the book, and now…"

Hermione nodded sheepishly. Ron started rushing around the room looking for his boxers. Hermione scowled, and evil thought flashed in her mind.

Ron looked up. "Never? You'll never let me….you wouldn't do that, this was too incredible."

"I absolutely would. I won't let you make them miserable. They need each other, just as much as we do. Come back to bed Ron, let's see how long it takes for this stuff to run out. I couldn't figure it out from the book, I need to find a better translating charm. Let's see what else we can do." She whispered, "Wingardium Leviosa" again, and rose up slowly over the bed. She pointed at him, and he rose as well. He dropped the underwear he was holding with a slack look on his face, and wrapped his arms around her. Suspended, they shared another kiss, and sparks began to crackle around them again. He lost himself in the kiss, choosing to forget his little sister for the moment, hoping Harry wouldn't hurt her again.