Area 88: Dogfighters

By: Ominae

Rating: T


All characters of Area 88 are under the copyright of Kaoru Shintani, TV Asahi and Group TAC. I exclusively own the rights to the character Paul Yeung.

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Set in the fictional country of Asran during the Cold War. Anyone who has seen the show knows Shin Kazama & Mickey Simon. What happens when Paul Yeung, former Philippine Air Force pilot, joins up with the motly crew of Area 88? A novelization of Area 88.

Note - Any underlined name in this story indicates that an aircraft has appeared for the first time in any chapter with its detailed specs at the end.

Chapter 1: Dominating the Skies

Apartment Building, unknown country

All over the room, there were various photos taken that were placed on picture frames. Some showed pilots being assisted by their peers in fixing their vests. There were also some photos that depicted pilots getting into their jet while another showed a ground crewman playing with his harmonica while sitting on a live napalm bomb placed securely on a cart. Another showed the rear boosters of a fighter jet that was being prepared to take off.

Among the photos that were "proudly" displayed on the frams were the recently developed photos containing a man having an "X" scar on his forehads and wearing shades and an olive green BDU. Listening to him inside the room were pilots of various nationalities in their pilot jumpsuits.

A photo was then shown in black and white, depicting a military installation of some sort with two long airstrips and no roads leading to it, indicating that the area must be isolated from the rest of the mainland.

Another one showed a man climbing on a ladder into the cockpit of a Chance-Vought F-8E Crusader fighter jet, its hardpoints now ready for combat.

On the long table, various 35mm film catridges and a black Nikon camera with is cleaning equipment were scattered on the table top while a man with brown hair, sighed while sitting on one part of the table.

The man took the photo of the man, who was the same guy who climbed the ladder to enter his F-8E jet, this time facing the sky. He had his pilot helmet clutched on right hand while gazing at the clouds above him.

"Shin, are you still flying..." murmured the man to the still photograph.

"Flying in those sorrowful skies..."

Airspace, Asran

In the bright skies of Asran, a single Chance-Vought F-8E fighter jet cruises down the Asranian airspace.

Inside the plane's cockpit, the AN/APQ-94 radar found in the RF-8G instrument panel had recently detected four blips, indicating the presence of enemy fighter planes. The pilot quickly makes contact with its homebase.

"Area 88 Headquarters, Southern Division." reported the pilot back to the base's controllers. "Heading is 2 o' clock. Location is Point 3-B. A squad of rebel fighters are heading north."

"This is 00-Section Shin Kazama. Repeat: This is 00-Section, Shin Kazama." The F-8E's pilot patiently then awaited for a response from the base controller's operator.

"There are four of them!" answered the radio operator. "Wait for reinforcements."

"These are my prey!" sneered the pilot. "No one touches them."

With these words, the enigmatic pilot dived his F-8E towards the enemy formation, which turned out to be a group of Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG)-17 PM fighter planes. The enemy fighters immediately spread themselves out after seeing the F-8E approach their formation.

The F-8E chased its first MiG-17 PM fighter jet, desperately trying to get a successful target on its sights. When the pilot was able to do so, he then activated a single AIM-9 Sidewinder missile that sent itself into the MiG, destroying it and killing its pilot.

"Got the first one." murmured the F-8E's pilot, looking around before he noticed that he was under attack from the second MiG-17 PM, firing its NR (Nudelman-Rikhter)-23 cannon at the jet, launching several 23 mm bullets that never made it as the F-8E's pilot performed a barrel roll that got him out of the way.

Now looking left and right, the pilot realized that another MiG-17 PM fighter jet has joined in with his comrade to provide additional fire support and to give the "enemy" a living hell.

Eyeing the two MiGs, the pilot made a clever move to activate his landing gear covers, sending him far behind the MiGs that even made them surprised by his antics. After closing the covers, he zoomed near one of them and fired the 20 mm Colt Mk 12 cannons, sending 20 mm bullets into the second MiG-17 PM's wing before it exploded in an orange cloud. Luck was not with the F-8E's pilot once more.

The third MiG-17 PM fired one of its Kaliningrad-5 (K-5) rockets, which made the RF-8G instrument panel send out an early warning signal, giving the F-8E pilot enough time to escape from the K-5's path.

The two adversaries dived down towards the earth as the F-8E tried to take an advantage by trying to get behind it. The F-8E pilot eased its control stick that it was able to get behind the third MiG and open fire with its second AIM-9 Sidewinder, sending the missile on a one-way course to the rear of the third MiG-17 PM, sending the plane and its pilot on a new lease of life after the missile impacted itself on the fighter plane.

The fourth MiG-17 PM, not wanting to present itself as an easy target, quickly dived sideways in order to avoid being detected. The pilot of the third MiG-17 PM was able to eject out of safety before his aircraft was destroyed by the F-8E.

"Area 88, Double Echo." reported the F-8E pilot. "This is 00-Section Shin Kazama. I've taken out three of the enemy planes, the remaining plane withdrew."

A loud whistle was heard on the F-8E's radio channel. "That's $60,000 in total, isn't it?" The pilot removed his oxygen mask and raised his helmet's visor, revealing a man with blonde hair.

The blonde pilot momentarily shut his eyes before replying to his controller. "I'm finished here. Returning to base."

The F-8E Crusader immediately dived sideways, slowly disappearing into the Asranian sky before it vanished completely, only seen by a yellow sparkle reflected on the plane by the sun.

A Royal Asranian Air Force (RASAF) Bell UH-1D Iroquois helicopter soared above the desert from its main base, carrying two important passengers inside.

One of the passengers, wearing a red shirt and a blue shirt, stared at a Polaroid photo that contained a Chance-Vought F-8E being taxied out with a pilot having a white cloth on his hand.

"Is there really a Japanese person here?" murmured the man to himself.

The man shifted towards another photo that showed a blonde man in a red pilot jumpsuit leaning towards the metal frame of a biplane.

"Makoto, did you forget about the other photo yet?" asked the man's companion.

"Oh yeah!" Makoto took two photos from Rocky, who handed it to him. One of them contained a man, in his flight suit and in his early '20s, posing with his commanding officer next to his Chance-Vought F-8H Crusader. He was kneeling near the front landing gear wheel while another showed the same man posing with a group of fighter pilots with the sign of Basa Air Base behind them as their background.

"Shinjo! Mutsugi!"

Rocky walked near the pilot, who told them that their destination is near. Makoto slipped the photos back into a white envelope before walking near his companion.

"That's the renowed Area 88 base?" wondered Rocky in amazement. Makoto grabbed his Nikon camera and prepared to snap a photo until the pilot reprimanded him.

"Hey! Taking photos is strictly prohibited." the pilot stopped after he saw the American dollar bill in hand before he took it into his hands, "But for one dollar, you can get one picture."

The Iroquois helicopter pilot questioned him on his actions, "You're quite the curious one, aren't you? Heading all the way here to the ends of the earth."

"I'm here to get a picture that can only be taken here." answered Makoto with confidence, after getting the picture of Area 88 taken.

"What did you say?" reported the second Iroquois helicopter pilot on the radio channel. "Double Echo, what did you mean?"

The four inside the UH-1D turned their attention towards two approaching McDonnell Douglas A-4A Skyhawk fighter jets zoomed by, nearly colliding with the frail helicopter. Makoto and Rocky stood by in amazement, their eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets as they watched the A-4A Skyhawks zoom towards the Asranian sky.

The UH-1D pilots were lucky again when another A-4A Skyhawk took off from the main runway behind the tail rotor of the chopper.

"Rough as usual, I see." commented the first Iroquois pilot, noting how three A-4A Skyhawks were able to get into the air at a fast rate.

"Set us down, quickly!" grinned Makoto, rushing back to the cabin to get his shoulder bag ready.

"Time to go!" said Rocky, cracking his knuckles after grabbing his backpack.

Makoto could only grin at the antics of his colleague before the chopper got ready to land.

Runway, Area 88 Base

Due to the sudden apperance of the UH-1D helicopter near the runway, most of the supposed departing fighter jets of various makes and sizes began to get into a traffic jam as most of the pilots were tryingto get off the runway as soon as possible.

All the pilots decided to vent their anger towards the slow moving Bell UH-1D Iroquois helicopter in order to relieve themselves of stress.

"Get out of the way!"

"Stop showing off and get out of here, damn it!"

"You're in the way!"

Later on, two McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II fighter jets were able to scramble from the main runway as they succeeded in taking off, followed by two Dassault Mirage IIIC fighter planes. Another two fighter jets of unknown make soon followed the Mirage IIIC jets behind.

Helipad, Area 88 Base

The Bell UH-1H helicopter made a swift touchdown on the helipad as Makoto and Rocky were deposited on the ground, watching and waiting for something to happen.

And it did. A Grumman F-14 Tomcat and another McDonnel Douglas A-4A Skyhawk fighter plane took off from the runway, witnessed by the two journalists. The loud humming of the UH-1H's rotors soon snapped the two out of their trance, turning around to see the helicopter preparing for take off.

"Hey! Our luggage!"

Out from the chopper came a gray suitcase and a green tarp wrapped around a long object, possibly a tripod since Makoto had his Nikon camera with him. The two men sighed in defeat as they watched the chopper leave without them.

"They're gone..." whispered Makoto to the air.

"Nothing we can do." agreed Rocky.

"Let's try to get some help." Makoto began to shout to the air to see if anyone was around. "Hey!"

"I'll do it." suggested Rocky, before he too shouted to the air. "Hey! Anyone around?"

Makoto covered his eyes with his hand, blocking the high heat from the sun's rays from his eyes.

"The only things coming out to meet us are the blazing sun and the dry desert winds, huh?"

"You can say that, Makoto. Come on, we better go find someone who can help us here."

Makoto and Rocky collected their baggage and drifted off the deserted helipad, looking for some sort of shelter away from the desert heat before they succumb to death from the different climate that they have experienced in Japan.

Jet Hangar, Area 88 Base

"No, that's not right."

An old man was performing maintenance on a British-made British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRS Mk. 1.

"Awwww..." said a young boy, who was wearing a turban with his green flightsuit.

"Change it here and it'll be alright." suggested the old man, going over the repairs with the boy.


An unknown voice made the two stop their actions and faced two men, apprently looking tired from the high Asranian heat.

"Do you have any water on you?" said one of the men, tiredness in his accent.

"Water?" said another, panting so hard that he nearly fainted on the spot.

"Water?" murmured the first man, eyes slowly drooping in desperation of water.

Makoto now drank the remaining contents of the water flask after he had been given some water by the old man and the young man. Before the photographer drank it, Rocky had drank the first half of the flask.

"Ah! Thanks old man, you saved our lives." thanked Makoto, who was a bit tired from drinking the flask's contents.

"I heard somebody from the media was coming soon...would that be you two?" suggested the old man calmly.

"That's us, old man." replied Rocky.

The old man faced the turbanned pilot. "Kim, why don't you show these two to the Command Center?"

"I don't want to!" whined Kim. "Why do I have to show them?"

The old man suddenly had a grin on his face before he used his mind as his weapon against Kim's whining, "I'll give you a discount on the labor charge for installing it."

Kim now realized that the old man had defeated him in terms of money. "I guess I have to then."

"Thanks, old man." said Makoto, taking the gray suitcase with him and slinging the wrapped object on his shoulder while Rocky got his backpack and took the suitcase from Makoto's hand.

The old man waved goodbye to the two men, still standing next to the Harrier. "I guess things are going to be a little lively with these two young men in the base."

Runway, Area 88 Base

"Who's the old man?" inquired Rocky to Kim, now leading the two reporters to the main building.

"That's old man McCoy." replied Kim. "He sells everything you could possibly need. He'll get you anything from tissue paper to fighter jets."

Kim then turned around and added one more detail to the two Japanese nationals. "That is, assuming, that you have the money to pay for it."

"He seems way too nice for that." pondered Makoto, confusion in his facial expression.

"Are you saying that because he had me take you two journalists to the Command Center?" retorted Kim, though total anger was not shown in his tone. The two men became even more confused by his statement. Kim made a mental sigh before explaining his thoughts to them,

"He considers it as a prior investment, I guess. Business in tapering off here."

Without any other words to share, Kim continued to lead the two men towards Area 88's main building.

Commander's Office, Area 88 Base

"I'll have somebody instructed to take you two to your rooms later." said a man, sitting in his office chair. He had an "X" scar on his forehead, with long black hair drapping his shoulders and was wearing shades. He had checked the passports of Makoto Shinjo and Mutsugi "Rocky" Goh in order to make sure that they were no discrepancies on the papers.

"I'm Saki Vashtal, the base commander of Area 88." introduced Saki, offering his hand to the two reporters in a gentlemanly manner.

"SO News Correspondent Makoto Shinjo. Nice to meet you." replied Makoto, shaking hands with the commander. "And he's Goh 'Rocky' Mutsugi, another colleague of mine."

"Nice to meet you, sir." answered Rocky, shaking hands with Saki as well.

"That's a nice camera." complimented Saki. "Is it a Nikon? Can I see it for a second?"

Rocky immediately began to feel some suspicion about Saki, but decided to let it pass for now. "What' s he doing? Does he know about what Makoto did a while ago in the helicopter back there?"

Makoto unslinged his Nikon camera and gave it to Saki, who looked at the rear of the camera.

"I see. It's heavy." commented Saki, who pressed a button that opened the rear port of the camera.

"What are you doing?" shouted Makoto in shock.

"I'm confiscating the film the two of you took without getting permission!" reprimanded the commander, showing the two reporters a newly exposed 35mm film catridge before he cooly tossed it into his cigarette ashtray.

"That's a terrible thing you're doing..." grunted Makoto.

"Easy there." insisted Rocky, before turning his attention. "Sir, I may not like Makoto's doing, but what you're doing is totally wrong."

This was it. Saki could not take the inhumane accusations that he has been hearing from the two reporters.

"If you two aren't going to obey the rules here, then leave." glared Saki at the two men.

"Give us a break." retorted Makoto, taking his Nikon camera back with him. "It costs a fortune to get here, you know."

Saki began to elaborate on his action to the two reporters, "I'm thinking of the safety of you two. This is a hotly contested area with a casualty rate surpassing 20 percent."

"I see." murmured Makoto. "That must be what he meant by tapering off." Rocky merely raised an eyebrow, wondering if he was talking nonsense.

"What's more," Saki stood from his chair, walking towards one of his office windows. "The Public Relations Departments gave you permission to come here on their own." Now standing near one of the office windows, he stared outside with his arms folded near his chest.

"It wasn't my decision."

"While I've got the chance, let me ask you this." Makoto took the opportunity to ask him about the inquiry of two newly arrived Asian mercenary pilots. "There were two newly arrived Asian mercenaries here, right?"

Saki stood there unfazed by his question, still staring at the window. "There's no need for me to answer that."

Sounds of a jet preparing to land merely made Makoto a bit excited. "They're back."

"We've got our permission." snapped Makoto, taking the passports and handing Rocky's before running towards the door. "Put our luggage in our room for us!"

"Thanks!" added Rocky, who ran out of the office just behind Makoto before closing the door.

Now alone in his office, Colonel Saki Vashtal just watched in silence for the jet to make a complete touchdown.

Runway, Area 88 Base

A single Chance-Vought F-8E fighter jet was near the main runway's gravel as the plane had its landing gear wheels activated before it began to make full contact with the ground.

Outskirts of Main Building, Area 88 Base

"There's no way I'd just hand this over." sneered Makoto, playing around with the 35mm film catridge that Saki had confiscated a while ago.

"So where's going to go?" asked Rocky, waiting for Makoto to stop with his complaining.

"Yea." Makoto slipped the 35mm film catridge back in his pocket. "We better go meet with some hotshots."

The two SO News Correspondents now had a major responsibility to do.

Reporting Area 88 and the lives of its mercenary fighter pilots has now began for these two Japanese nationals, lucky enough to gain access to a secret and isolated base.

Chapter 1 END

Glossary: Aircraft/Helicopter data

Bell UH-1 Iroquois Helicopter (The UH-1D is the same as the original UH-1, with difference in its engine)

General Characteristics:

Length: 57.1 ft (17.4 m) with rotors

Width: 8.6 ft (2.6 m)

Height: 14.5 ft (4.4 m)

Weight: 4.7 tons

Payload: 1.5 tons internal, 2 tons external

Engines: Lycoming T53-L-11 (Bell UH-1D)

Speed: 127 kias (204 km/h)

Range: 318 miles (512 km)

Service ceiling: 14,200 ft (4,300 m)

Crew: varies depending on role, usually 2 to 4

Passengers: 11 to 14


Farbrique Nationale M240 7.62 mm machine gun

GAU-17 7.62 mm machine gun or GAU-16 .50 caliber (12.7 mm) machine gun (Bell UH-1F)

7 shot or 19 shot 2.75 in (70 mm) rocket pods (x 2)


To be updated

British Aerospace Sea Harrier FRS Mk. 1

General Characteristics:

Crew: One, Pilot

Length: 17.2m (46 ft 6 in)

Wingspan: 7.6 m (25 ft 3 in)

Height: 3.71 m (12 ft 4 in)

Wing area: 18.68 m² (201.1 ft²)

Empty: 6,374 kg (14,052 lb)

Loaded: unknown

Maximum take-off: 11,884 kg (26,200 lb)

Engine: Rolls-Royce Pegasus turbofan, 21,500 lbf (95.64 kN) thrust


Maximum speed: unknown

Range: 1,000 km.

Service ceiling: 15,545 m (51,000 ft)

Rate of climb: 15,240 m/min (50,000 ft/min)

Wing loading: Unknown

Thrust-to-weight: Unknown


30 mm Aden external cannon pods (x 2)

AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles

ALARM anti-radiation missiles

BAe Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles


Britain, India

Chance-Vought F-8 Crusader (The F-8E is the same as the original F-8, with the addition of the AN/APQ-94 radar)

General Characteristics:

Crew: One, pilot

Length: 54 ft 6 in (16.50 m)

Wingspan: 35 ft 2 in (10.80 m)

Height: 15 ft 9 in (4.80 m)

Wing area: 350 ft2 (32.5 m2)

Empty: 16,483 lb (8,088 kg)

Loaded: 24,475 lb (11,125 kg)

Maximum take-off: 27,938 lb (12,700 kg)

Engine: Pratt & Whitney J57-P-20A, 10,700 lbf (47.7 kN) thrust (18,000 lbf, 80.3 kN with afterburner)


Maximum speed: Mach 1.72

Range: 1,457 miles (2,331 km)

Service ceiling: 58,000 ft (17,680 m)

Rate of climb: 27,200 ft/min (8,290 m/min)

Wing loading: 70 lb/ft2 (342 kg/m2)

Thrust-to-weight: 1:2.3


20 mm Colt Mk 12 cannon in the lower fuselage, with 144 rounds per gun (x 4)

AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles on fuselage pylons (x 4)


Former - France, Philippines

Current - USA

Dassault Mirage IIIC

General Characteristics:

Crew: One, Pilot

Length: 15 m (49 ft 3.5 in)

Wingspan: 8.22 m (26 ft 11 in)

Height: 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in)

Wing area: 34.85 m2 (375 ft2)

Empty: 7,050 kg (15,600 lb)

Loaded: Unknown

Maximum take-off: 13,500 kg (29,700 lb)

Engine: SNECMA Atar 09C turbojet, 60.8 kN (13,700 lbf) with afterburner


Maximum speed: 2,350 km/h (1,460 mph, Mach 2.2)

Range: 2,400 km (1,490 mi)

Service ceiling: 17,000 m (55,800 ft)

Rate of climb: 5,000 m/min (16,400 ft/min)

Wing loading: 387 kg/m2 (79 lb/ft2)

Thrust-to-weight: 0.46:1


30 mm DEFA 552 cannon, with 125 rounds each (x 2)

AIM-9 Sidewinder, replaced later by Matra Magic 550 (x 2), Matra R530 air-to-air missiles (x 1)

AM-39 Exocet anti-ship missile (Some Mirage fighter planes only)

Matra JL-100 drop tank/rocket pack, each containing 19 SNEB 68 mm rockets


Former - Australia, Belgium, Lebanon, Libya, Spain, Switzerland, Zaire (aka Congo)

Current - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, France, Gabon, Israel, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Venezuela

Grumman F-14 Tomcat

General Characteristics:

Crew: Two, Pilot and Radar Intercept Officer (Mickey Simon's F-14 has only one seat)

Length: 61 ft 9 in (18.6 m)

Wingspan: 64 ft (19 m) unswept, 38 ft (11.4 m) swept

Height: 16 ft (4.8 m)

Wing area: 565 ft2 (54.5 m2)

Empty: Unknown

Loaded: Unknown

Maximum take-off: 72,900 lb (32,805 kg)


F-14A: Pratt & Whitney TF-30P-414A turbofans, 15,285 lbf (68 kN) each, (20,900 lbf, 93 kN with afterburner)

F-14B/D: General Electric F110-GE-400 turbofans, 16,610 lbf (74 kN) each, (27,000 lbf, 120 kN with afterburner)


Maximum speed: 1,544 mph (2,485 km/h) Mach 2.34

Range: 576 miles (927 km)

Service ceiling: 50,000+ ft (15,000+ m)

Rate of climb:

F-14A: 30,000 ft/min (9,145 m/min)

F-14B/D: 45,000+ ft/min (13715+ m/min)

Wing loading: 113.4 lb/ft2 (553.9 kg/m2)

Thrust-to-weight: Unknown


20 mm M61 Vulcan machine gun

AIM-7 Sparrow, AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-54 Phoenix air-to-air missiles

- Loading Configurations:

2x AIM-9 + 6x AIM-54

2x AIM-9 + 2x AIM-54 + 3x AIM-7

2x AIM-9 + 4x AIM-54 + 2x AIM-7

2x AIM-9 + 6x AIM-7

4x AIM-9 + 4x AIM-54

4x AIM-9 + 4x AIM-7

GBU-10, GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-24, GBU-24E Paveway I/II/III LGB, GBU-31, GBU-38 JDAM, Mk 20 Rockeye, Mk-82, Mk-83 and Mk-84 series iron bombs


Iran, USA

McDonnell Douglas A-4A Skyhawk

General Characteristics:

Crew: One, pilot

Length: 12.22 m (40 ft 3 in)

Wingspan: 8.38 m (27 ft 6 in)

Height: 4.57 m (14 ft 11 in)

Wing area: 24.15 m2 (259 ft2)

Empty: 4,750 kg (10,450 lb)

Loaded: 8,318 kg (18,300 lb)

Maximum take-off: 11,136 kg (24,500 lb)

Engine: Pratt & Whitney J52-P8A turbojet, 9,300 lbf (41 kN) thrust


Maximum speed: 1,077 km/h (673 mph)

Range: 3,408 km (2,130 mi)

Service ceiling: 12,880 m (42,250 ft)

Rate of climb: 2,572 m/min (8,440 ft/min)

Wing loading: Unknown

Thrust-to-weight: Unknown


20 mm Colt Mk 12 cannon, with 100 rounds per gun (x 2)

AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles (x 4)


Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (The F-4E Phantom is the same as the original F-4, with the addition of a cannon and various missiles)

General Characteristics:

Crew: Two, Pilot and Weapon Systems Officer

Length: 62 ft 11 in (19.2 m)

Wingspan: 38 ft 11 in (11.8 m)

Height: 16 ft 5 in (5.02 m)

Wing area: 530 ft2 (49.24 m2)

Empty: 28,500 lb (12,930 kg)

Loaded: 51,440 lb (23,340 kg)

Maximum take-off: 61,800 lb (28,000 kg)

Engine: General Electric J79 turbojet engines with afterburners, 17,900 lbf (80 kN) thrust - (x 2)


Maximum speed: 1,430 mph/2,305 km/h (Mach 2.27)

Range: 1,800 miles (2,900 km)

Service ceiling: 62,250 ft

Rate of climb: Unknown

Wing loading: Unknown

Thrust-to-weight: Unknown


20 mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon, with 640 rounds. In SUU-16/A or SUU-23/A external pod, with 1,200 rounds

AIM-7 Sparrow on fuselage recesses, AIM-9 Sidewinder on wing pylons or AIM-120 AMRAAM (F-4E/F-4F) air-to-air missiles (x 4)

AGM-65 Maverick and AGM-88 HARM air-to-air missiles

2.75 in (70 mm) rocket pods

Five pylon bomb racks 16,000 lb (7,260 kg) of 15 CBU-52, 15 CBU-58, 15 CBR-71, 15 CBU-87, 15 CBU-89, 12 MK-20, 6 BL-755


Former - Australia, Britain, Israel, USA

Current - Egypt, Germany, Greece, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Turkey

Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG)-17 Fresco (The MiG-17PM is the same as the original MiG-17, with the addition of bombs, rockets and missiles in its hardpoints)

General Characteristics:

Crew: One, pilot

Length: 11.36 m ( ft in)

Wing Span: 9.628 m ( ft in)

Height: 3.80 m (12 ft 5.5 in)

Wing area: 22.6 m2 (ft2)

Empty: 3930 kg (8,664 lb)

Loaded: 5354 kg

Maximum take-off: 6286 kg ( lb)

Engine: 33.1 kN (7,452 lbf) thrust Klimov VK-1F turbojet with afterburner (25.5 kN without afterburner)


Maximum Speed: 1144 km/h at 3 km (711 mph at 10,000 ft)

Range: 1670 km (1,230 statute miles) (with additional fuel tanks, 1080 km without fuel tanks)

Service Ceiling: 16,600 m (54,500 ft)

Rate of climb: Unknown

Wing loading: Unknown

Thrust-to-weight: Unknown


37 mm N-37 cannon, with 40 rounds

23 mm NR-23 cannon, with 80 rounds per gun (x 2)

Kaliningrad-5 (K-5) air-to-air missiles (x 2)

57 mm rocket pods (x 8)

RBK-500 cluster bombs

BetAB-500 concrete-piercing bombs

ZAB-500 napalm bombs


Former - Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Bourkina Faso, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Guinea, Guinea Bisseau, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Hungary, Libya, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Somalia, Soviet Union, Sri Lanka, Syria,Uganda, Vietnam, Yugoslavia

Current - Congo (aka Zaire), Cuba, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, North Korea, Sudan, Tanzania, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Information courtesy of: Wikipedia; MiG Alley - www(dot)hostultra(dot)com/migalley/info(dot)html; Iceman