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Warning I don't own anything you recognize from Harry Potter and there is an extensive sex scene. Also this isn't totally compatible with HBP so don't hate me if it is a bit AU. Also this is a post war fic. Now that stuff is settled on to the story.

Aftermath and Marriage Laws

War changes people. And the final war against Voldemort was no different. Everyone in the wizarding world was effected. Many perished in the final battle. Voldemort and all his followers that bore his mark died. The death eaters died because of the link between themselves and Voldemort caused the power used to kill Voldemort was transferred through the dark mark. Unfortunately Harry Potter was killed because of his own connection to Voldemort which was his famous scar. The death of Harry was mourned by all in the wizarding world. He was entombed next to Dumbledor so the public who loved him so could visit his grave. As you can imagine those closest to Harry suffered the worst. The Weasley family, basically a surrogate family to Harry, suffered so many losses. There were only three Weasleys that survived the war, well four if you count Fleur. The remaining Weasleys were Bill, Fred, and Ginny. Only one of Harry's best friends lived that friend being Hermione Granger. Hermione managed to live but barely.

Hermione had not only lost her two best friends but her family as well. Death eaters killed her parents and older brother Marcus in a raid on her house. Of course the death eaters had been looking for her but she managed to stay and fight along with the Order of the Phoenix. Unfortunately Hermione couldn't save her family and they were of course defenseless against the magic of the death eaters.

When the war was over Hermione only had the remaining Weasleys and Remus Lupin left. Of course Hermione still had some friends from school left but they were all trying to rebuild their own lives and grieve over their own losses. Also when the war ended Hermione moved into the burrow and began living in Percy's old room. All the Weasleys and Hermione sought solace amongst themselves though they were hard pressed to find the comfort they sought after.

The Weasleys of course weren't doing well. Bill and Fleur took over the household and tried to return to normalcy. Bill and Fleur tried so hard to keep the burrow in working order and help their siblings. Fred barely spoke, ate, or slept. What was worse is that Fred no longer laughed. Ginny was grieving terribly. She was not only upset about her family but it was common knowledge she was in love with Harry and now he too was gone.

Hermione was different though. She no longer took pleasure in reading or working. Of course she didn't need to work, none of the Weasleys did either, since Harry had left all his fortune to them and it was enough to secure a comfortable life style for all of them for the rest of their lives. But like I said Hermione had completely changed. Hermione was like a shell of the girl she used to be. She was hardened by the war and it showed on her face. Her eyes were no longer bright and happy but a dull brown. Even her hair was less bushy as if it had lost some of its life. Hermione also tended to weep often and had started having horrible night terrors. These terrors led to Hermione sharing a bed with Fred. The arrangement began the night after the funerals for the casualties of the war.

---Flashback to the night that the arrangement began---

Hermione was sleeping, if you could call it sleeping, in Percy's old room next door to the Twins' room well Fred's room now. Fred wasn't sleeping. Fred was simply staring off into space. His spacing out was interrupted by tormented shrieks and sobbing. He knew it was Hermione making those horrible noises. He knew she usually put a silencing charm on her room at night to make sure she didn't bother anyone with her shrieks and sobbing that came with her night terrors but obviously she had forgotten to place the charm that night. Fred hated to hear her sounds of torment he thought she sounded a bit like a banshee. The sounds of her suffering made his heart ache. So he pulled his duvet off and got out of his cozy bed and left his room. He was in such a hurry to comfort Hermione he conveniently forgot he was only wearing a pair of quidditch decorated boxers.

He silently crept to Hermione's room careful to not rouse the rest of the house. He quietly and slowly opened the door leading to Hermione's room and crept in careful not to wake her harshly and scare her. Once he made it to her bed he sat down carefully on the side of her bed careful not bounce her too much. He then tried to verbally wake her. "'Mione wake up!" Fred said forcefully and shook her shoulders a bit trying to get her to wake up. Hermione sat up abruptly and began sobbing heavily. Fred just embraced his friend tightly and rocked her. Fred began whispering nonsense words of comfort. Hermione clung to Fred as if he were life itself.

Soon Hermione's sobbing quieted. Fred had begun to think she had fallen asleep until she began to speak quietly.

"It was horrible Fred. Voldemort had been resurrected and had captured you, Bill, Fleur, and Ginny. Voldemort had begun torturing all of you in front of me making me watch the whole ordeal. I couldn't stand it. I was screaming and crying. I was trying so hard to help you all. All I know is there wasn't anything I could do. I still can see it when I close my eyes." Hermione said crying softly.

Fred just hugged Hermione to him. "Don't worry 'Mione we're all still here. We are safe and Voldemort is still dead. I won't ever leave you." Fred said determinedly.

Hermione smiled and drifted off to sleep. Fred couldn't help but smile when she cuddled against his chest. Fred decided to stay with her in case she began having the terrors again. The rest of the night both of them slept peacefully. Hermione didn't dream of Voldemort when Fred slept beside her. So Hermione grew to truly appreciate Fred. And without ever talking about it they slept in the same bed every night beginning a ritual.

Hermione and Fred's spirits lifted since they had found so much comfort in each other. Their happiness affected all those around them. Bill and Fleur were happier because a large weight was lifted off their shoulders when Fred and Hermione had started to come around. By the change in Fred and Hermione Bill knew that all of them would be all right and would make it. Ginny too began to improve. Ginny began to leave her room and eat at meals. And so the shards of a broken family began to mend themselves.

---One Year Later---

A year later finds our friends in even better situations. The wizarding world was back in order and the schools had even reopened. Hermione and Fred had reopened Weasley's Wizard Wheezes of course with the help of Lee Jordan. Ginny was finally herself again for the most part. Ginny had even moved on enough to attempt dating again. I know you're probably thinking 'Oh she didn't wait to long to start dating again,' but Ginny figured Harry died so all of them could live and she knew she had to move on because Harry was never coming back. Ginny knew she would never love anyone like she loved Harry but she knew she would be able to love again. Ginny began dating Neville Longbottom and he of course quite slow with her knowing what she had gone through. Neville and Ginny were quite the adorable couple and everyone couldn't have been happier for the both of them.

Hermione had begun to realize some things. She knew she had loved Ron but more as a friend. She had liked Ron a bit romantically but nothing like Harry and Ginny had been. And now Hermione knew why she had never fallen in love with Ron. Hermione was in love with Fred. It kind of had always been present in the back of her mind but she had never accepted it. She figured out she had began to have feelings for Fred that first night he came to her and since then her feelings had grown tremendously just like her friendship with Fred. Fred and Hermione had grown extremely close during the year. If you were to see Hermione you were sure to see Fred too and vise versa. They were practically inseparable. To Fred she was the companion he needed and he loved her with every drop of blood in his body. Both Hermione and Fred, despite that they shared everything with one another, were to scared to tell each other they loved one another.

Soon though trouble started. Due to the low birth rate and declining population the minister of magic Rufus Scrimgeor was forced to set forth a marriage law. The law stated that if you were between the ages of 17 and 45 and weren't married in 30 days you would be either forced to marry someone of the ministry's choice or have your wand broken and be sent to Azkaban. The count didn't start until you received the official letter from the ministry. What was worse was there was more to the law. The other part of the law stated that you had to bare a child within the first 2 years of marriage and you had the option of divorcing after 5 years of marriage. Let's just say that the wizarding world did not take the news of this law well. Many people so badly wanted to oppose the law but they didn't want to go to Azkaban. So people didn't fight the law they just hoped that it wouldn't have to stay in affect for too long.

It wasn't until the following evening after the announcement of the new law did Hermione, Fred, and Ginny received their own letters. Soon after they read their letters there was a resounding 'crack' signaling the arrival of someone via apparation. It was Neville who had arrived.

"I just got my letter!"

Neville exclaimed looking pale and a bit nauseated.

"We just got ours as well."

Ginny said indicating herself, Fred, and Hermione.

"Ginny would you do the honor of marrying me?"

Neville asked getting down on his knee and without stuttering.


Ginny cried out and rushing to hug her new fiancée. The others congratulated the soon-to-be newlyweds knowing it would have happened sooner or later anyway.

Later that same night after dinner Hermione seemed to disappear from Fred's side. He knew where she had gone. He noticed she would only go there when she needed to think. Fred made his way up the rickety staircases leading up to Ron and Harry's old room. He knew she went there because she missed her best friends and she felt comforted by their presence that still seemed to linger in the room. Fred hated that she was the only that really had no family left but he knew that she thought of his family as her own and he deeply hoped that she didn't consider him as her brother as that would be a bit weird.

Fred knew she had him and that seemed to help her through a lot of the things she had gone through and was still going through. She had always stood by Fred's side and confided in him. She was his best friend. He stopped his musings as he reached the door to Ron and Harry's room. He slowly turned the brass door handle and walked into the room. He saw Hermione on what used to be Harry's cot. And before he could say anything she began to speak.

"I wish they were here. I hate knowing they won't be at my wedding. I hate my father won't be able to walk me down the aisle and my mother won't be there to help me get dressed for the most precious day of my life."

Hermione said softly and sadly.

"I know it's hard 'Mione. But things will be all right. I'm sure Ginny and Fleur would be thrilled to help you get ready for your wedding. I am also rather positive that Remus would gladly give you away seeing as he has always cared for you like a daughter and I know you care for him like you would a father. I wonder if he will have to get married since he is a widower."

Fred said kindly.

"They won't make him remarry because he is a werewolf. I do hope he does someday though I know he loved Tonks very much but I want him to be happy again. But I'd be so proud to have him walk me down the aisle and give me away. I also would like Ginny to be my maid of honor with Fleur and Luna Lovegood to be my bride's maids. Now I just need a groom."

Hermione stated firmly.

"About that, would you marry me Hermione?" Fred said sounding hopeful and holding out a dainty silver ring with a lone diamond set in it.

Hermione gasped loudly. "Oh yes Fred..." Hermione said softly in awe of the ring on her finger and the man kneeled in front of her.

"Where did you get this ring? It's so beautiful." Hermione gushed.

"It was my Grandmother Weasley's ring. Bill gave it to me yesterday after the law had been announced. He knew I would ask you. He wanted to make sure that the ring stayed with the Weasley name." Fred said smiling.

After Fred's explanation Hermione hugged her soon-to-be husband tightly. Then they pulled apart enough for Fred to place a chaste kiss on Hermione's lips. Hermione kissed back but it ended quickly. Both blushed quite profusely.

"I guess we better get used to it since we have to consummate our marriage and have a child together." Hermione said nervously.

"True, at we will be together and not with someone we don't know." Fred stated smartly. Hermione just nodded.

"So should we go down stairs and tell everyone?" Hermione asked a moment later.

"Yeah, and we should floo Remus." Fred added.

"Definitely sounds like a plan to me. And we need to go ahead and set a date." Hermione stated getting into bookworm mode.

"Sure. OK so today is October 20th and our deadline is November 20th. I think November 6th would be good. It's not we're having a gigantic wedding or anything." Fred said after a bit of thinking.

" That's 2 weeks away, well 16 days. Since we are planning a small wedding I'm sure it won't be too hard." Hermione said thoughtfully.

"Yeah I mean we are only inviting close friends and family. So I'm sure it can be done." Fred said grinning.

"I agree. All we need is flowers, dresses for the bride's maids, dress robes for the groom's men, a place for the wedding, a place for the reception, a caterer, a cake, music for the reception, an officiate, and a photographer." Hermione said counting the things on her fingers.

"Just think about the people we know. Neville is a herbologist and a florist. I also know we could have the wedding and the reception here at the burrow." Fred said smirking like he thought of something before Hermione.

"Yeah and Seamus Finnigan is a DJ for that wizard club in Diagon Alley. I hear he is pretty good and he would probably DJ our reception. I also know that Colin Creevy and his brother Dennis own a photography company and I know Colin would love to do the job. I also know Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown work at Madame Malkin's Dress Shop and would help with the clothing." Hermione said haughtily.

"Well the 3 Broomsticks caters and I'm sure if we owled them tomorrow they would cater. And you know Mr. Honeyduke makes the best cakes and since he partners with us I'm sure he would gladly help out. I just can't think of someone who is an officiate." Fred said smartly and looking thoughtful towards the end of his little speech.

"Well I think Professor Flitwick is an officiate. I mean he did do the ceremony for Tonks and Remus when they married." Hermione said smirking widely looking a lot like the late Draco Malfoy.

"Oh yeah I remember that now. Well since we have all of that figured out I guess we could share all this with everyone else." Fred said standing up and offering Hermione his hand.

"Yeah I guess we should get to it." Hermione said taking Fred's hand in her own and getting up.

The couple left the room hand in hand and went downstairs. They explained their plans to everyone and they all seemed rather happy about everything. Hermione went ahead and began writing out the owls they needed to send out in order to make the preparations for her wedding, well their wedding. Hermione took a small break from writing out the messages to go floo Remus and tell him the good news. Remus was really happy for the couple. He knew their feelings for each other and thought it was adorable. They reminded him so much of himself when he was still with Tonks only Hermione was more like him and Fred was more like Tonks. And so the plans were set into motion.

The two weeks leading up to the wedding went by extremely fast and was incredibly nerve wracking. And before they knew it the wedding date was upon them. Fleur, Ginny, and Luna were getting Hermione ready at the burrow while Fred and the other guys got ready over at Lee Jordan's apartment.

Hermione's dress was a simple floor length ivory gown. Fleur made Hermione's busy hair into tame curls that cascaded down her back. Fleur also placed the goblin made tiara; she had worn at her own wedding, in Hermione's hair. Ginny then placed the silver necklace with the lightening bolt pendant, that Hermione had received from Harry about 4 Christmases ago, around her delicate neck. Luna and Ginny applied a light layer of make-up on Hermione's face making her look like an angel. As for Fleur and Luna they wore dresses of pale blue and Ginny wore a dress of the deepest blue. Fred wore black dress robes and his groom's men wore dress robes of pale blue to match the bride's maids and Bill being the best man wore deep blue dress robes to match Ginny.

The back yard of the burrow was decorated so beautifully. The chairs for the guests were filled with friends of the couple. Some of the people in attendance were Dean Thomas, Minerva McGonagall, Lavender Brown, Katie Bell, Oliver Wood, Alicia Spinnet, and some of the Hogwart's professors. Professor Flitwick stood on a small podium in front of the crowd framed by a trellis covered in ivy and roses that was there for the couple to get married under.

At the entrance of the aisle the wedding party began their walk up the aisle. Hermione and Remus waited out of sight so the groom wouldn't catch sight of the bride. Remus couldn't help but smile. Remus knew the day would one-day come that Hermione and Fred would marry. Although he couldn't be happier for his daughter like figure he was a bit saddened by the fact they didn't come to terms with the love they felt for each other before they got married. Remus loathed the new law seeing as it compromised so many people. Remus also couldn't use it as an excuse to ask his secret girlfriend to marry him and not be suspicious. Of course he was dating none other than Luna Lovegood, she may have been young enough to be his daughter but she was just special and he knew he loved her or course she wasn't Tonks but he did love Luna too.

"Remus I'm so nervous about this wedding or more appropriately what happens after the wedding." Hermione said looking jittery.

"Why would you be nervous about the reception?" Remus said teasingly.

"Hahaha that's so funny Remus." Hermione deadpanned.

"Well it loosened you up though didn't it?" Remus offered.

"Well if you put it that way." Hermione said smiling at her mentor and father figure.

"Well that's our cue." Remus stated as the wedding march began.

Hermione nodded and she took Remus' arm and they made the trek down the aisle. Fred was in awe of his bride. He couldn't take his eyes off of her she looked so amazingly beautiful. Hermione too couldn't take her eyes off of her betrothed. Hermione beamed at Fred vas she walked towards him. As soon as she had joined hands with him it was as if time stood still. Everyone in the crowd could feel the love surrounding the couple. Hermione thought Fred looked so handsome standing there with his black robes and shaggy red hair. She also noticed how beautiful his hazel eyes were when they looked at her like that and his knee weakening smile. She felt she had fallen even deeper in love with him as they took their vows bonding them in holy matrimony. Fred felt that what they were doing was right and it wasn't really just because of a stupid law it was because it was meant to happen.

Before our couple knew it the ceremony was over and it was time to share their first kiss as man and wife. Flitwick said the words and Fred leaned in to kiss his bride. The kiss was short and sweet but not devoid of passion. Both nearly shuddered the moment their lips met. Soon the couple and the wedding party retreated back down the isle and got ready to take the photographs done by Collin Creevy and his brother Dennis.

Soon after the wedding party had finished taking pictures the party went over to the tent set up for the reception. Everyone took their seats and that's when it was time for the speeches.

"I've known Fred all his life, well obviously since I am his brother, and I never thought he'd find a girl to even put up with him. Then Hermione came along. I'm sure many times she wished she could kill him or hex him good. But I know that they will take good care of each other especially when every one of us standing pretty close. So I'd like to make a toast to Fred and Hermione, I hope you guys are as happy as I am with my loving wife!" Bill exclaimed.

Everyone cheered after Bill's speech. Soon after it was time for Ginny's speech.

"Well I don't know if I can say anything very different from Bill. But I know Hermione quite well and while I'm not Harry or Ron I do love her and know that they would approve of the match. I know they are watching this and I hope they are as amused as everyone else is. I hope you guys stay as happy as you are today and I hope that when Neville and I get married we are as happy as the both of you!" Ginny shouted happily.

Everyone cheered again. Right after the speeches Seamus announced the first dance for the newlyweds. A muggle song by the name of "Hands Down" by a band called Dashboard Confessional. Fred and Hermione walked slowly towards the dance floor as if in a trance. They held each other so close and danced slowly to the song. They both seemed to realize that it was the first time they had ever danced and they kind of wished it would never end. Soon though the whole reception ended and it was time for the newlyweds to go on their honeymoon.

The couple flooed to a hotel called Tempus Amore. The hotel was renowned for being a fantastic honeymoon resort. The couple were in awe of the castle like appearance of the hotel. The place was indeed beautiful. Fred, taking Hermione's hand in his own, went to check in desk.

"Excuse me? I'm here to check in." Fred said formally.

"OK I just need your name and your wand to check you in." the receptionist whose nametag read Annie.

"The name is Fred Weasley and here is my wand." Fred said handing his wand to the receptionist.

"OK thank you Mr. Weasley. I see that you and your wife have requested one of our honeymoon suites on the 5th floor. Here is your wand it can now be used as a key to your room, which is 506. I hope you have a lovely stay and congratulations on your marriage." The receptionist said smiling at the newly weds while handing Fred his wand back.

"Thank you so much." Fred and Hermione exclaimed at the same time.

The couple then went to the elevator and made their way to the 5th floor. They came to a beige door with the number 506 on it. Fred inserted his wand into the keyhole and the door opened. Both of them gasped as they entered the room and saw how beautiful it was. It would be a waste to describe the room, as I'm sure you would much rather hears about other things so I'll keep going with the story.

The couple made their way to the bedroom where their relationship would take a turn in an entirely different direction. Hermione grinned when she saw the lovely room.

"Oh Merlin I can't believe how beautiful this room is. It is truly perfect." Hermione gushed.

"I completely agree my dear. This is going to make it all the better, well atmosphere wise, which is important." Fred said grinning at his blushing bride.

Then suddenly Hermione's face turned serious.

"Fred, I'm so nervous about the part where we um...consummate." Hermione said blushing heavily.

"Don't worry I'll be gentle. It's all about you tonight." Fred said sincerely while grasping Hermione's hand.

"I'm nervous about you. I'm afraid I won't be good enough for you. I've never gone further than kissing before." Hermione confessed looking slightly ashamed.

"Don't worry we will take things slow and I will help you. Don't worry and just go with your feelings and what your body tells you to do." Fred said softly while tucking a stray curl behind Hermione's ear.

"There is something I need to tell you. I'm just don't want you to think what I'm saying is because of this law or anything like that. I need you to know what I'm saying is true and has been for the law was set into effect. What I'm trying to say is that over this past year I fell in love with you. It was you who brought me back to life. You were and still are my reason to live." Fred said softly gently grasping the sides of her face.

"Oh Fred! I love you too so very much. It was you who kept me from totally loosing myself. You are my world." Hermione said crying happy tears.

Fred embraced his love, his wife, tightly and smiled. His eyes were glazed with unshed tears. Neither one had been that happy in such a long time it was an amazing feeling that left them elated. Fred pulled back and kissed his wife with all the love in his heart. She kissed him back with the same love and fervor. Their kisses grew more passionate.

Fred gently reached his arm behind Hermione and slowly unzipped her dress. He broke their kiss to stand up. Hermione stood up as well letting her dress pool at her feet. She stood in front of him wearing nothing but her white bra and white knickers. Fred admired his wife's body. Fred stepped forward and kissed her while reaching around her and removed her bra. He gently tugged her bra off revealing her silky smooth breasts. He ravished her breasts with love and care. He couldn't help but feel as if her breasts were made to fit into his hands perfectly.

Hermione could feel a pressure she had never known before building in her stomach and the heat and moisture flowing through her core. Fred kissed her lips softly and pushed her knickers down. Hermione broke the kiss.

"It's your turn to get naked." Hermione said grinning playfully at her husband.

Fred grinned at Hermione. She undid the button on his dress robes. Fred shrugged the garments off letting them pool at their feet along with her wedding dress. She unbuttoned his dress shirt slowly and as seductively as she could then took it off of him revealing his smooth pale chest that was dusted in ginger freckles and hair. As soon as the shirt was off she began placing heated kisses all over his chest and stomach learning the body of her husband and now lover. She then sank to her knees to unbutton and unzip his trousers. She pulled his pants down slowly to reveal his boxers that did a poor job concealing his erection. She turned her head upwards towards her husband. His eyes were heavy lidded and fiery with desire, the desire he felt for her.

She thought he looked so sexy standing there practically smoldering. She slowly inched his boxers down. She gasped at the sight of his manhood as he stepped out of his boxers. His manhood was much bigger than what the pictures, she had found in library books, of other men. His member was large and surrounded by ginger curls. She lightly ran her finger down his length. His skin was soft and velvety. She marveled at how soft he felt yet hard.

He shuddered in pleasure at her soft touches. Fred desired her at that moment more than he ever had. He thought he would burst with desire. He pulled her up gently off her knees and maneuvered her to the bed. He laid her down on the bed and he got on top of her. He was careful not to hurt as he got into a comfortable position. He kissed her all over and then made his way back to her lips to kiss her softly. His hand brushed the russet curls leading to her center.

She gasped as one of his digits dipped into her wetness. She was soaking wet for him, which made his erection ache all the more. He gently teased her clit and that elicited a moan from Hermione. Once he knew she was fairly close so he stopped. He swiftly put himself at her entrance. He could feel the heat emanating from her core.

"Bite down on my shoulder love." Fred instructed.

Hermione did as she was instructed although she was a bit confused. He quickly inserted himself fully inside of her. She bit down hard on his shoulder. He winced at the pain slightly but it was nothing compared to the feeling of being buried inside of his wife. She was so warm and tight. He nearly forgot to breathe.

Soon she had adjusted to him being inside her and began to wriggle a bit to get him moving. He caught on and gently began to pull out and slide back in just as gentle. The tenderness Fred was showing nearly brought Hermione to tears because she had never felt as loved as she did by him. She soon caught on to his rhythm and began meeting him thrust for thrust.

Soon their lovemaking grew faster. Fred knew he wouldn't last much longer but he wanted her to cum too. He slid his hand in between their joined bodies and began teasing her clit once again. Soon she came hard and clenched around his member. When she began to tighten he lost all control and was pushed over the edge. He spilled his seed deep within her body.

He then gently rolled off of her to be at her side. She cuddled against his chest and he eagerly accepted the affection. Fred held her close and brushed kisses all over her face. It was the most content and happy either one of them had ever felt.

"I love you Hermione." Fred whispered sleepily.

"I love you too Fred." Hermione whispered back before falling asleep. They fell asleep and dreamt of each other.


One year after their marriage Hermione gave birth to her and Fred's first child. The child was a healthy baby boy that they named James Bilius Orion Weasley. The baby was named after Harry, Ron, and George respectively. The new family couldn't have been happier. Life was finally how it should be. I guess you can say they lived happily ever after.


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