Trick or Treat, Sesshomaru!

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Chapter 4: Trick or Treating!

Kagome lightly applied the last of her eye shadow in front of the mirror in the bathroom; she could still hear Rin and Shippo run around in their costumes as a fairy godmother and Tuxedo Mask from one of her childhood favorite anime: Sailor Moon. Sesshomaru had made the point quite clear across that Rin wouldn't be wearing any of that 'indecent clothing' unless she wanted to have it back in pools of acid when she was about to dress Rin in a Sailor Moon costume. Talk about a party pooper.

Oh well, she still looks adorable in her costume. She couldn't help but idly wonder if she looked better as Sailor Mars or Sailor Saturn…

"Okaa-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" Shippo's voice whined on the other side of the door downstairs where scuffling could be heard.

"What sweetieeeeeeeeeeeeee?" She yelled back as she put lipstick on.

"Uncle Souta is being me - !" Kagome raised an eyebrow at her reflection. She inwardly sighed as she heard scuffling even more louder than before. Taking a look over, she decided to grace them with her presence.


Rin twirled around giggling as the end of her dress flurried around her ankles, above her light blue matching slippers. She ran to the sitting Sesshomaru who was rapidly with his demon reflexes surfing the channels – his face stoic. Over nine hundred 'channels' on this 'television' and there's nothing on. This Sesshomaru is dearly disappointed. His eyes slightly took in interest as he found that one channel on two hundred forty eight that showed what he thought was called 'Chuckie'. He evilly smirked at hearing the screams.

The way these mortals portray horror is quite amusing to this Sesshomaru. Maybe he should take up voodoo and pray for the same results that were appearing on the screen, maybe even preserve an army if needed?

"Sesshomaru-sama! Sesshomaru-sama!"

He quickly changed it to a 'Barney' channel when she came within five feet; the last time she had done that and he had left it on that channel and Kagome had caught him, he was given enough 'Down boy!' to almost break through the floor.

"Yes, Rin?" He looked down at her beaming face. He slightly gave a grudging thanks to the impudent wench; she was right, for once, to bring Rin and the kitsune here, Halloween seemed to be their newest favorite holiday.

"Does Sesshomaru-sama like Rin's 'costume'? Rin loves Rin's dress!"

How could such a child such as this one actually believe that this Sesshomaru was going to somehow love a dress? Was that even possible? Never less, the dress did seem to match with her. Wearing a light blue dress that was solid to her mid throat, around her arms was a pale see-through material that was quite flimsy. A shimmery over cover layered the dress to match with the light glitter that Kagome had lightly brushed over her eye lids. Her hair was pinned in an elegant bun at near the top of her head minus a few curls that even Sesshomaru wondered was possible. White 'plastic' as the wench had provided him, wrapped around thinly around her head and behind her head trailed up to show a yellow halo. A pair of light teal-green wings after putting the straps on over her shoulders, Rin sure did look like this 'Fairy godmother' as Kagome had once read 'Cinderella' to them.

"You look…" God, what was he supposed to say? "…acceptable." Rin clapped her hands excitedly before running back to Shippo who was running around the house trying to make his cape flap in the wind like 'Batman'. That was easier said than done.

"Hey! Give it back, Uncle Souta!" Sesshomaru looked from the now changed back 'Chuckie' to raise an amused eyebrow as 'Souta', the wench's brother hold the top at from Shippo's reach quite well, he didn't even have to hold it up to high to accomplish this feat. So maybe not only Higurashi-san is the only one of 'acceptable'. Maybe he should train him to enter his army after somehow smuggling him back to Sengoku without the wench's notice?

Shippo turned to him, his big eyes behind the small but 'retro' (As what the miko called it.) mask, almost teary.

"Can you please tell Uncle Souta to give back my hat?" Sesshomaru resisted scowling. What was he? A male Kagome? Kamis no!

"I'm not your okaa-san, kitsune. Deal with it." Before turning back to his show before he had to be drag to go do this 'trick or treating'. Souta smiled down at the gaping fox-child.

"You're just scared that okaa-san will sit you!"

Sesshomaru's lips twitched into a begging snarl; god how his hand wanted so badly to leave a large bump over his head that there was no way the child or Kagome could get the top hat on. But no…he rather liked not having his tail go frigid again thank you. It already took a beating from yesterday against the god damn stairs.


Kagome's voice was slightly muffled as her yell answered back,

"What sweetieeeeeeeeeeeeee?"

"Uncle Souta's being me - !" Sesshomaru looked behind him again to find that Souta had hurriedly stuffed a rice crisper bar in the kitsune's mouth and smirked unyieldingly. He had just frequently learned from yesterday that those suckers were harder to get off than some of the toughest glocknock worms. (A/N: totally made up. --;;;) They heard the door of the bathroom upstairs open and close, the sounds of high heels echoing muffled against the 'carpet'.

"All right, what's going on?"

Sesshomaru's eyes widened by half of a millimeter. Who was she and where did she put the wench?

The woman looked at least an inch or two taller than before with those strange black boots that reached to just underneath her knees. It seemed that her body was covered with a black stretchy form fitting substance like the demon exterminator's before put on clothing. She wore a long skirt that had slits near her hips before trailing to just above the ground – it was pure crimson red with silver trimming in gothic loops and flames. She had on a black corset on that showed her taunt stomach where there strangely wasn't any of the black covering showing something, pearly ebony black stone perhaps over where her belly button she have been; a crimson shirt over that with a deep cut in the front that stopped underneath her breasts, showing the corset, it had long sleeves that reached beyond her hands except just underneath her shoulder blades showed some skin where the clothing cut off for about an inch before starting again. (A/N: think of how InuYasha's and the miko clothing are.)

She had a black choker with a silver crescent moon that went the opposite way other than his own crescent mark on his forehead with long black gothic earrings that stopped just above her shoulders. Her eyes were a piercing red, her eyes were outlined with black carefully and mascara which was layered for eye shadow as a dark crimson before slowly enlightening to a shimmering silver. Her hair was braided carefully to end at the small of her back and was adorned with dark red and silver streaks, her ears pointed like that of a youkai's.

"What did you do now, baka?" She said through her deep red lips. The spell abruptly left Sesshomaru the moment her scolding voice came into the shocked atmosphere. Hmm, it truly is only the wench. How did she become a youkai?

Shippo and Rin gasped dramatically causing Kagome to inwardly bow deeply – she always was great with making costumes. Souta rolled his chocolate eyes at her, causing her to narrow her own deep red eyes at him.

"Stop showing off sis, I know for a fact you love taking costume making to the extreme."



"Can't beat that!" Kagome said in a sing song voice and went to Shippo and Rin just in time to have her mother come in where a good form fitting sleeveless and high neck kimono with long wide sleeves, a witch's hat was placed perfectly on.

"Kagome, dear! My you did great again, even if it was five years at least." Kagome nodded and hurriedly picked up Shippo and placed him securely in front of her, precisely in front of her belly button. Sesshomaru wondered why. Mrs. Higurashi though didn't seem to notice and had taken the big purple candy bowl that was filled with lollypops, m and m's, three musketeers, Milky Ways, Butterfinger, all the great stuff.

"Otou-san will be greatly surprised to find you dressed up as Princess Ayami." Kagome couldn't help but to flash a bright smile for her. Souta was walking around her again,

"I thought you looked familiar; just like in Jii-chan's stories! But you changed it didn't you?" He accused at her. She rolled her eyes and bent over to put Shippo down when her mom was out of earshot,

"If I didn't I wouldn't be this erotic beauty that you see before you." She replied sarcastically. She looked down to find Rin tugging on her sleeve that was beyond her left hand,

"Kagome-nee-chan, what's Sesshomaru-sama watching?" Eyes narrowing she walked behind Sesshomaru, who quickly changed it, but not to a Barney show…Blushing profusedly, she grabbed the remote and turned the television off, Souta wasn't too far behind in the blushing department.


Sesshomaru grunted as his face again met first with mother Earth; god, what did he do now? He didn't keep it on 'Chuckie'! He grumbled to himself.



The moment they reached 'Main street', Sesshomaru made the notion to never, ever, EVER take up an offer made by the damn miko unless he fully knew the traditions of said holiday and what was between right and wrong from trying to kill a boy disguised as a vampire and making dealings with thugs that wore only a clown's mask while planning to dominate the world. Even if he already made that accomplishment in his own era.

Like Kagome said, no one paid him much attention thinking it was only a costume other than making comments on how authentic his looked. Kagome was ready to punch a hand through a wall if she had the capability. I spent so hard to tailor this costume, to get these contacts, and get my haired dyed in order to get compliments and all he does is stroll around in his usual attire and gets praised for it! She thought sourly to herself as Rin and Shippo ran to the next house. She sighed quietly to herself as other kids ran around the walking duo after the children; under the keen eye of Sesshomaru for nothing was to hurt his ward without going through him first. But I can't help but not to stay mad on Halloween. She thought with a smile causing the youkai lord to look at her through the corner of his eye. She goes through emotions like rushing water, how is she capable of such feat?

Okay, even he had to admit that she looked quite…different from usual although he silently missed the crystal blue eyes that always defied him. He shook his head, okay maybe eating too much Butterfingers were making him delirious, yes that was it! Damn her world's contagious snack foods!

"After we get to the corner, I'd like to take them to Souta's school; they're holding a festival there and I'm quite sure they'll like it."

"This Sesshomaru does not care for what an onna plans on doing as long as Rin is being occupied." Kagome rolled her eyes. Must resist the temptation to run him into the ground…must resist the temptation to run him into the ground…Her face quickly brightened though when they reached the end of the block,

"Come on kids; let's go to Souta's school festival!"


The madness…ensues…


Kagome blushed wildly as she dragged Sesshomaru out of the festival by the ear, wincing all the way with folded arms. How was he supposed to know that a haunted maze's purpose was supposed to scare?

"I can't believe you…nearly destroying the whole thing…" He smirked evilly as Shippo and Rin ran after them unperturbed about the sudden change of events that was hardly even taken place in less than ten minutes. The only thing good about that damn haunted house was the fake Chuckie…Okaaaaay, obsession much?

"Can't you even behave yourself for twenty minutes when we arrive somewhere? First you try to behead the son of my Chemistry teacher, you try striking a deal with marijuana drug dealers bent on ruling the Earth, you nearly cremated the whole playground, and not to mention almost tried to pull out Tokijin when you lost against the cake walk! What is Fate trying to do to me? Punish me for being bored on Halloween in the first place? God damn it!"

He ignored her rambling. So okay, he was a little put on edge, think of it as punishment for putting him under four 'Down boy!' at once.

"Kagome-san!" He watched as she tensed up and smirked. This Sesshomaru will finally get some entertainment. Kagome, Sesshomaru wondered if she had seeing powers, seemed to have sensed his amusement to whisper silently at him,

"Down boy."

Because it was said so softly, Sesshomaru's usual 'BAM!' was reduced to a pathetic 'Plop!' - he looked as if he only tripped over his own two feet. Kagome, after practicing a few times turned around to her worst nightmare. InuYasha ready to make a scene? No. Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi going gaga over Sesshomaru? Not a chance – they were at a party getting drunk to the gills while Ayumi was probably drunking any person who had the gall to listen with mathematical equations. Her mother storming at her when finding out she had her belly button pierced since she turned sixteen at Yuka's sweet sixteen? Oh, hell no. The nightmare came within a package of around 5'9", sickeningly sweet, a health nut, overly possessed of giving her gifts that wouldn't help her but rather Jii-chan, and happened to be dressed in a doctor's costume (A/N: How fitting.) and yep, you guessed it: Hojo.

"Uh…h-hey Hojo-kun!" She stumbled as she tried not to cringe when his overly beaming face came with in diameter to her own, it only succeeded in coming out as a crooked grin. He took her hands in his own; not noticing the vein pulsing at her temple when she caught Sesshomaru's disgustingly satisfied smirks pointed her way.

"You really are getting better this time! You're more at school these days, finally got your immune system up to check?" Kagome waved her hand dismissively,

"Oh yeah, totally. I finally got over all of those 397 diseases!" She silently sweat dropped when she somehow again sensed Sesshomaru's inquiring gaze at her head. God, kill me now.

"Great! So you're more than healthy enough to go to the party?"

Huh? Oh god, please don't let it be what I think he said.

"W-W-What party?" Hojo raised a perfect tan eyebrow at her,

"Are you sure you aren't sick? Mira had been talking about it all day for the last week at classes." Kagome wanted so much to lift a hand and slap a hand against her forehead.

While you guys were talking about parties, I was helping Kikyo think of baby names…

"O-Oh, no! I just…it, passed my mind, that's all. Besides, I can't come anyway."

The eyebrow rose again. God almighty did she want to just wax it off and be gone with it.

"I'm taking my adoptive child and his friend trick or treating."

"YOU HAVE AN ADOPTIVE SON!" Sesshomaru flinched at the similarly girly sounding screech that came from the boy. Kagome must have been in worse pain for magically transforming her ears into those of a youkai's only for the night. He'll show sympathy, just this once.

"May we help you?"

If Kagome hadn't restricted herself to only worshiping Buddha, she would have bowed and praised Sesshomaru to all of his content when she heard his deep, sexy voice. Whoa! Not sexy! BAD KAGOME, BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD! BAD!

Hojo looked taken aback at the newest edition that entered the conversation. He smiled unknowingly at the fake predicament he just put himself in, missing the sly arm that wrapped securely around Kagome's waist. Kagome let out a squeak when she felt the strong appendage wrap itself snugly around her waist. Looking at Sesshomaru, her wine eyes glittering dangerously; the warning was right there and Sesshomaru caught it. He only served to anger her more when he gave a smirk that said 'Just go ahead and try it.'

Before she could open her mouth to yell out the phrase, even if it meant her being publicly humiliated and socially distorted to squeak and press herself to him like a girl would be when she was possessive of her boy friend; damn his claws. The said structures casually traced her hip while holding a threatening air around them. She gulped silently and quickly jabbed his ribs. She silently fumed when he made no acknowledgement of her doing such an action. She secretly damned all youkai and their physical strength.

"Hey, nice costume!" Hojo said as he looked at Sesshomaru, though his eyebrow were furrowed gently in confusion and obvious discomfort at the position that the two now preoccupied, it was as if the man had put glue on the poor girl and stuck her to him like a leash! (A/N: no pun intend – hehe) The outfit was quite authentic! And the swords to give it more compliment – priceless! He wondered if that tail was fake or not…a gently tug wouldn't harm would it…?

"What are you doing?" Sesshomaru's edged voice brought him out of his awe to find that his hand was near to the tail, his fingers almost itching to touch the soft looking boa that Kagome was currently pressed against. (A/N: damn lucky girl) He blushed profusedly and gave an apologetic bow,

"Gomen nasai! Watashi wa, Hojo. You?" Sesshomaru could see the young man sweat when he didn't reach to shake the hand presented to him; like he, Lord Sesshomaru would touch such a vile thing? One that tried to court something that was his? He mentally did a back take. Need to think of that later. Before replying curtly,

"Sesshomaru." Taking back the hand, Kagome watched as his wiped his sweaty hand against his doctor jacket.

"Hojo-kun, meet my…boyfriend, Sesshomaru Taisho. He brought his adoptive daughter Rin to go trick or treating with Shippo." Kagome felt a small amount of guilt pinch her when she saw the disappointed and shamed look on his young face.

"N…Nice to meet you, I never knew that Kagome-san had a boyfriend. So, Kagome-san, still going to the party?" Kagome looked ready to object but Hojo also added in quickly,

"There's no alcohol involved if that's what you're worrying about. It's just a Halloween party in the gym on campus; the usual games like 'Bobbing for Apples' and the cake walk –" He stopped incredulous when he heard a growl. Looking around, he asked curiously,

"What was that?" When Hojo looked around, Kagome made a much sharper jab at his ribs.

"Quiet." Sesshomaru muttered back before Hojo looked back at them,

"Don't order this Sesshomaru around."

"Did you hear that, Kagome-san?"

"Must have been an angry bee." She said airily. She almost fell to the ground in disbelief when he seemed to accept that answer.

"So, you coming?" Kagome nervously looked at the stock still Sesshomaru; he gave her the look that said 'Don't even say it.' She grinned and looked back at the hopeful Hojo, feeling the pressure of the tracing razor sharp nails more on her hip all the while,

"Of course we are!"


Okay, maybe it was a bad idea. She thought as she just nearly dodged a rampaging stampede of women from her class and up when they entered the gym, Shippo and Rin safely in her arms. Sesshomaru ignored the women that were now surrounding him and glared venomously at the now he considered again to be the wretched human miko when she smirked at him before walking off to the game area with the children. Since when did this Sesshomaru think of the wench other than that? He wondered vaguely. Starting to walk over to the wretched miko, he found himself being held back miraculously.

"Oh please don't go!"

"He's so sexy!"

"Please marry me!"

"You're so handsome!"

"Be the father of my child!"


Sesshomaru, meet the crazy fan girls. Fan girls; meet your wildest sex god dream. Hell shall come any moment now…


Kagome hysterically laughed as Rin made another attempt to get the apple in her mouth this time. If there was one thing that could cheer her up in a flash, it was seeing Sesshomaru finally getting terrorized by her era's female gender.

"Okaa-san! Look, I got one!" Kagome hugged the chest-puffed out kitsune close to her,

"Good job, Shippo!" Kagome saw the pouting Rin and crouched down to her,

"What's the matter, Rin?" Kagome wanted so much to get a camera and take a picture. Children should be illegal to be this cute!

"Rin can't get an apple, Kagome-nee-san? What is Rin doing wrong? Does apples don't like Rin?" She felt her heart easily melt at the tears welling up in her eyes and lowered to her ear and whispered,

"No, Rin. They don't hate you at all. Here's a tip, try getting it by the stem." Rin looked uncertain at her making Kagome want to go sickening 'awwwwww'. When Rin had come up, she had a ripe apple in her mouth. Kagome clapped for her to amuse her while Rin hugged her knees excitedly.

"Rin did it, Kagome-nee-chan! Rin wants to tell Sesshomaru-sama!" Kagome looked nervously at the strange/curious looks they were being given and just took her hand and Shippo's and walked to the different part in the gym, walking through the dance floor where many styles of dancing were going on.

"Uh…Sesshomaru-sama's busy at the moment, Rin. How about when we get home?"

Rin reluctantly nodded.

"Hey, Gome!" Kagome looked up excitedly at the young cheerful male voice that yelled over the music of Ciara's 'Oh'. Her red eyes met a pair of mischievous amethyst.

"Roku-kun!" Shippo was almost gaping when Kagome lead the two children to the young man that was supervising the game of when you hit the target with a ball, the passenger sitting on the board got dunked into the water underneath them.

His mouth was shut gently by 'Roku's' finger.

"Why Shippo, it's a pleasant surprise to see you!"

"Miroku!" He smiled widely,

"The one and only!" Shippo looked at Kagome until she stated with one word,

"Reincarnation." A sense of dawning overtook his young face. Miroku went down to Rin's level. Rin shyly hid away from him from behind Kagome's legs.

"Don't worry, Rin. It's me, the wonderful Miroku!" Rin giggled until he yelped. Looking down, Rin giggled again to find that Kagome's high heel to dig into his right hand that no more sported a wind tunnel onto the ground. Her dead panned voice was miraculously heard over the music,

"Don't even think about it, hentai." He sighed dramatically and stood up again; nursing his red hand that now sported a red high heel mark.

"By all means Gome-chan, it wasn't impure, but if you'd like it to be –"

"Step off!" He relented with raised hands of defeat.

"You and Sango always presume the worse of things with me!"

"Maybe because it always ends up that way!" Before Miroku could answer, a voice cut in,

"We meet again, Kagome Higurashi…" A deep sexy voice entered the atmosphere causing many girls near them to swoon. Kagome felt unpleasant shivers race up and down her spine before turning to the smug smirking man,


"My, my, my…" he continued, ignoring the venom laced within her voice the moment she said his name as he walked around her like a hawk, also ignoring the indignant Miroku who looked ready to make a fight if needed.

"Dark…dangerous, and erotically beautiful. Even the same eyes, I knew you were crazy about me, Kagome…" Kagome scoffed as she flipped her hair over her shoulder dismissing him,

"If you mean crazy enough for you to be swallowed up in hell? Than yes." He chuckled again though unfazed, his dark lust-filled gaze traveling her luscious form,

"The cat still has her claws, all the more exciting. A dance?" Before Kagome could object, Naraku had dragged her onto the floor, leaving behind her only protection: Miroku. He pressed her all-too close for her taste as a fast beat song came on. She tried to get away from his breath that smelt of alcohol. I thought Hojo-kun said that there wasn't any beer…She thought worriedly as she felt his hands run up and down her form, her hands successfully locked against his strong chiseled chest. No matter how much she tried to struggle, she couldn't get her hands free. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Miroku trying to find a path to get to them, but there jus wasn't any way he could get to her in time if Naraku decided to get any more 'intimate' with his 'affections'.

"Let me go, right now!" He only chuckled and started nuzzling her neck; her eyes growing wide as she felt his tongue trace the shell of her ear.

"What if I don't want to?" He said slyly.

"Don't you damn act coy with me! Let me go so I can report you for sexual harassment!"

"Mmm…I don't think so."

Kagome felt tears ready to spill over the brim of her eyes. No! This wasn't how she wanted to spend her first Halloween in five years! She wanted to make Shippo and Rin have the best night of their lives, she wanted strangely for Sesshomaru to open up more than he already was. But this? No!

Sesshomaru! Please help me! She thought frantically.


Damn onnas, when this Sesshomaru gets back to his time era, he'll make sure that every female will be given a 200 foot 'restraining order' along with all of their reincarnations or offspring that happen to be filthy girls as well! Cursing within his mind, Sesshomaru made way to Shippo and Rin who look close to crying. His eyes narrowed. This Sesshomaru is distracted for twenty minutes and the wench has already made Rin unhappy. Baring his fangs silently and in a silent storm, walked to the young man who was frantically trying to get onto the dance floor with no luck what so ever.

He raised an eyebrow. The man looked quite familiar…The same hairstyle, the same eyes, but rather worried than cheerful, he looked at the man's costume and his eyes narrowed in conclusion when he saw the monk robes,


Turning around, Miroku gave a shout of relief and ran to him,


"What are you doing here." He said in a commanding voice. Miroku gulped. He's as cold as ever, I guess him and Kagome didn't get together yet.

"I'll explain later! Please, just help Kagome before the bastard starts to rape her in the crowd!"

Sesshomaru almost, ALMOST rolled his eyes. She never stays out of trouble. Looking among the crowd while ignoring a practically whining Miroku, he narrowed his eyes. Disgusting, how did Naraku ever get here? This Sesshomaru must find out. The crowd parted for him; or rather he roughly shoved them aside with a flick of the wrist or stepping on people along the way.


Kagome, again, would have praised Sesshomaru if she didn't give herself to Buddha.

"S-Sesshomaru!" She squeaked as Naraku looked at Sesshomaru with narrowed eyes and vice versa, his nails clawing into her sensitive skin causing her to wince slightly.


"Sesshomaru." Naraku replied with a smirk.

Kagome watched as they went into a staring contest, she mentally just wanted to just scream her head off. Wasn't Sesshomaru supposed to save her right now like InuYasha did? Whoa! Backtrack, not like InuYasha, InuYasha didn't do it in flare like Sesshomaru did, so knight in shining armor will work for the moment. The side of her mouth twitched to turn into a scowl. Knight in shining armor, puh-lease. There really must be alcohol hear and I accidentally drank some. She almost paled again at the thought of her mother.

"Oh, shit!"

Causing both men to look at her with raised eyebrows, both in silent amusement as she wildly looked around. Clock, clock, clock, clock, clock, CLOCK! Where's a damn clock!

Effortlessly with the strength of what Sesshomaru heard her say 'Superwoman' (At the time he merely scoffed giving him five DOWN BOY!) she caused them both to wonder why she didn't do that before, before she started running to the exit doorway of the gym. Sesshomaru turned to Naraku. He took some silent sniffs and he finally allowed a smirk to cast over his handsome features for fourth, maybe fifth time that night. So, Naraku's human now, is he? This Sesshomaru will finally have his revenge…

Naraku seemed to think the same thing for he tried to get away, but come on people. Trying to run away from a VERY powerful Taiyoukai of the West who just HAPPENS to be Sesshomaru? The odds are HIGHLY unlikely.


Kagome ran down the halls, her high heels clicking madly against the tile floors. Skidding around corners, she mentally started making up plans to get out of punishment for staying out with the children past nine o' clock.

"Kagome-san, that's a great costume, you have there!" Kagome stopped herself just in time to stop herself from embarrassingly crash into her History and mythology professor,

"Keade-baba-sensei! I didn't know you were here!" Kagome looked down at the old woman who was, ironically dressed in priestess robes with a fake eye patch over her right eye. Her long black hair had been died white-gray and put in a white ribbon at the nape of her neck. She rolled her visible eye at Kagome,

"Ye didn't expect thee teachers would let ye rowdy college students alone on campus, did ye?"

Kagome sweat dropped and rubbed the back of her head and chuckled lightly,

"Heh, heh. Forgot about that…" Keade-baba-sensei seemed to deem that enough for an answer and looked around the young woman to cause Kagome to question her sanity when she asked,

"Where'd be young Shippo and Rin?"

She paled and slapped a hand over her forehead. Before Keade-baba-sensei could even mention the use of her herbs to calm herself (Because everyone knows how bad that stuff tastes.) Kagome seemed to be a small dot rounding around the corner from which she came, leaving a trial of dust behind her.



When arriving at the gym again, Kagome could barely breathe when Miroku enveloped her into a huge hug, that didn't leave out any wondering hands though.



Miroku smiled at her though, the bright red outline of her hand etched onto his left cheek seemed to flare. His smile irked her to no end even as Shippo and Rin covered her in hugs and tears of happiness (When she would usually go into 'awwwww' mode).

"Really, Gome-chan, I was just checking if Naraku had deformed any beautiful and flawless curve on your body!"

"How about you go check Sango instead!" Miroku seemed to brighten up at this,

"Do you think she would be dressed up as a –"

"If you say the word stripper, I will seriously cut your hands off so we don't have to worry about having you gain a wind tunnel." Miroku turned around with a brilliant smile that just made you want to cringe to find Sango scowling with her hands on her hips. She happened to be dressed as a cat with tight black clothes, a fake tail and ears that made Rin look up at her in awe.

Kagome smirked when Sango had to practically punch the drooling Miroku back to Earth,

"I think you have to put a tighter leash on him, Sango." Sango blushed and scowled at her giggling friend and snorted,

"What're you talking about? Miroku isn't my boyfriend or anything!" Miroku placed a hand over his heart in dramatic hurt,

"Why Sango-dear, you wound me with woe from your words of unrequited love and adoration of me!"


Kagome rolled her eyes at the still hurtful looking Miroku,

"Could you be any unrealistic?"

"Hey, I'd like to see you try to get through Guri-sensei's class without having to be a kiss ass."

"Sorry, I don't DO acting." Miroku huffed bluffingly causing Kagome to stifle her giggles,

"At least I'm not going past my curfew." Her eyes widened.

"OH SHI – NIKES!" She added when seeing Shippo and Rin looking at her.

"What's wrong Okaa-san?"

"Kagome-nee-chan, are we in trouble?" Kagome though scooped them up and ran to the direction where a big crowd was gathering which was mostly girls of all ages from this university, some even from high school ("How did they get in here?"). Trust Sesshomaru to make a ruckus around here.


"Stand right up! Ever wanted a life-size boyfriend who'll obey your every whim? Than come on up ladies! Here's your special treat! Naraku!" Kagome's eyes widened.

Was it the fact that Sesshomaru was acting like a salesman? It shocked her to hell yes, but no. Was it the fact that every girl was practically foaming at the mouth? It freaked her out, but no. Was it the fact that Naraku seemed to be shirtless, only wearing a pair of boxers while wearing a sign of 'I'M ON SALE!' around his neck while being tied to a chair that could break any second if the girls decided to run to him? Oh hell yeah!






Kagome wanted to choke and die right on the spot but right now, she's already opening a large case of 'YOU'RE GROUNDED FOR A MONTH!' as it is and she didn't need to rank it up to two months.

"Rin, Shippo; tell Miroku and Sango to take you out to the front of the building and wait for me there with them, okay?" Shippo grinned,

"Are you going to punish, Sesshomaru-sama?"

"Somewhat, now go to them." Nodding, the two left. Storming up, she didn't necessarily care of all the threats of lipsticks being pointed at her back; she marched right up to Naraku and Sesshomaru. She took off the sign on Naraku's neck causing Naraku to smirk,

"I knew you'd see it my – huh?"

Kagome took out a black marker causing the once irritated Sesshomaru to curiously wonder what she was doing. When Kagome put it back on Naraku's neck after much squeaky sounds, the thick words of 'I'M FREE!' seemed to wink right back at the ladies.






Kagome dragged Sesshomaru off again at the tip of his sensitive ear, he followed scowling with his arms crossed and wincing before the girls swarmed around the heavily sweating Naraku.

"This has GOT to be the most hell raising Halloween of my life…" She mumbled as she dragged him out of the gym doors and out to the front of the college before she let them go. Before Sesshomaru could say a word, Kagome had turned him around, grabbed a giggling Rin and Shippo into her arms and jumped onto his back,

"What the hell are you doing, wench?"

She looked at him from behind his neck, ignoring the snorts of laughter escaping from Miroku and Sango behind them,

"We're passed curfew, we need to get back home as soon as possible, now GIDDY UP!"




Even at flying at the speed of light where Kagome jokingly used his long strands of hair as reins to steer him towards the shrine (And having him stop flying in mid air and drop hundreds of feet before she said sorry), Kagome found that it was already almost an hour and a half past nine. Oh maaaaaaaaaan!

"Ssssssshhhhhhh." She said quietly as she opened the door with her house key that her mother gave her along with Souta and Jii-chan.

The house seemed eerily quiet, but Kagome didn't necessarily care at the moment when all she truly wanted was to just get them up into her room, get them out of their costumes and into pajamas so her mother would think they got here on time.

"You're late."

Rin and Kagome screamed. Shippo yelped and buried himself into Kagome's long main. Sesshomaru flashed out Tokijin who seemed to glow with light blue aura.


The four found that Mrs. Higurashi, now in her light pink bathrobe and slippers sitting on the easy chair facing them out of the living room, her legs crossed with her back straight much like an aristocrat would look like.

"You're late." She repeated with a demanding tone that made Sesshomaru wonder if she was a descendant of any youkai lords if possible. Kagome whimpered,

"I-I-I-I-I-I meant to g-get here on time b-b-b-but, IT WAS ALL SESSHOMARU'S FAULT!" She ended, raising an accusing finger Sesshomaru's direction, he glared at it.

"Kagome, stay here. The rest of you, go into her room. Now."

Let's just say that the rest will never sleep the same again with Mrs. Higurashi's ringing voice echoing in their ears…

-The next day-

"Two weeks of washing the temple steps…what a nightmare…" She grumbled as she rubbed the small of her back after squeezing out the filthy gray water out of the thick brush. Dressed in priestess robes with the sleeves rolled up to her shoulders and her hair up in a messy bun and smelt of sweat, you could tell that Kagome didn't quite feel chipper this afternoon.

"I mean, I get molested and what do I get in return? Washing steps…"

"Still sulking, wench?"

Kagome scowled up at the amused smirking Taiyoukai perched above her head on the red gate almost lazily.

"Don't act too smug, you'll start looking like Buyo."

"Hm." Kagome gaped at the spotless steps that were now scathed with burn marks.

"Oh maaaaaaaaaaan!"

Sesshomaru smirked again and leaned against the left post, his left leg hanging off of the edge while his right bent to his chest. Kagome sighed and decided to lay on one of the steps that was above the one she was working on, her arms behind her head like a pillow.

"God my back hurts, so does my feet…"

"Than you shouldn't wear those ridiculous shoes, miko."

"Point taken." She sighed in defeat.

"Sesshomaru –"

"Sesshomaru – sama." She rolled her eyes,

"Sesshomaru-sama, can I ask you a question?"

"You already did." Sarcastic bastard. Kagome thought as she sat up, her back slowly cracking in the process.

"Can I ask you another one after this one?"

"Proceed, human." Kagome smiled slightly as she took the sopping wet sponge back into her hand and prepared to start working again,

"Why did you come to help me anyway?"

"Is it truly necessary, human for this Sesshomaru to explain his actions?"

Kagome paused with a thoughtful look. He does have a point, I mean, it's nothing really of my business as to what he does and why, but I can't help but wonder…

"Somewhat, yes…"

"First off, Rin would be upset and after having her for three years, this Sesshomaru has learned to not upset an eight year old ningen girl such as her. Second, it is dishonorably disgusting to see a man with no pride to handle such a woman if she does not return his affection."

Kagome paused in her scrubbing to think. After a few moments, she smiled. He, Sesshomaru actually cared for my well being…She looked up to find Sesshomaru looking down at her, waiting for her reply. She smiled softly, laughing quietly inside at his confused eyes,

"Thank you…Sesshomaru-sama."

He nodded stiffly before looking back over the city presented to him from his perch.

"Can I ask you another question after this one, Sesshomaru-sama?"


Kagome giggled as she continued to scrub,

"So…what do you want to be for next year's Halloween?"




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