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There was no indication to provide the information that anyone was in the room with the boy except for a wispy brown smoke that seeped from the far end corner of the area. It filled the space with the scent of sweetened almonds and pecans.

With expert agility, Willy Wonka left the corner and crept to the bed without making a sound. His garb was entirely black, matching the darkness of the room fittingly. The shirt he wore had a plunging neckline that went to just above his navel. The sleeves were like wings that hung beneath outstretched arms, marvelously flowing to provide a state of elegance to the man that wore it. His slacks were silk and a bit large around his legs, his feet were bare, and his hands were clad in black gloves.

Moonlight showered through the window. It cascaded stunningly into the room and illuminated the sleeping child on the bed. Wonka's lilac eyes glowed in the light. He pinched his fingers together and glittery dust sprinkled down onto Charlie's closed eyelids. As he did, he sang intensely quietly the words "Exit light. Enter night. Take my hand. We're off to never-Never Land."

He took Charlie's hand in his and watched the lad eagerly with anticipation. The change was very subtle, but Wonka caught it. Charlie's features relaxed ever so slightly, causing the chocolatier to know that his young heir had slipped away into a much deeper sleep.

Wonka pulled the covers back and sat beside the boy. He guided the boy's petite hand to his cheek, then to his lips to kiss it. A finger inserted itself into his mouth. Wonka sucked it and flicked his tongue at it. He wanted a taste of Charlie's pure, untouched, virgin skin.

Wonka situated himself to lie on Charlie before snapping his fingers. His body rose up to hover a bit above the child. He was a magician after all; he had mastered the unexplained art of levitation. Scarlet lips found their way to Charlie's face. They traced along the lad's jaw line with delicate attention. The feel of the soft flesh shot tingles through Wonka. His mouth discovered Charlie's, and he kissed his heir with deep affection, want, and an insatiable hunger.

Charlie made a noise; music to the mentor's ears. Wonka grinned madly. He caressed Charlie's face with his fingertips before lowering himself to sit on the bed. He lifted the little being up and rested the boy against him. He took off the lad's shirt slowly. Fingertips ran along Charlie's back. Wonka rubbed his face in the youngster's hair and breathed deeply.

"Willy," Charlie whispered innocently, but with a hint of enjoyment.

Wonka was taken aback for a brief moment. His mind quickly mended itself as he pondered how he could have so easily forgotten that fact. Even though Charlie was asleep, he could nonetheless feel the actions performed on him and see what was taking place in his "dream" as if he was wide awake.

Wonka lay Charlie's heavy dormant form down with gentle care. He wanted to continue his exploration. Calmly, he removed Charlie's pants and underwear. Laid out before him, exuding perfection, righteousness, and simplicity, was little Charlie Bucket in utter nakedness.

"Keep you free from sin," Wonka muttered. "Till the Sandman he comes."

His mouth demanded a real tasting, inspiration some called it, as he sought out creativeness for new candies using the boy's body.

Moving down Charlie's form, he situated himself between the small legs of the boy and drew his heir's full length into his oral cavity. A flexible tongue wrapped around the body part to lick before Wonka proceeded to suck fervently. The sensation was astonishing to the chocolatier. He did not expect to feel so unbelievably fantastic as he committed the act. Apparently he was not the only one to take satisfaction from it. Charlie emitted a breathy whimper and continued to do so with increasing loudness. Wonka glanced up at the lad's face. It was contorted into an expression of immense pleasure and stress as he became firm within his caretaker's mouth. Wonka closed his eyes and started to moan quietly with the child. He could not help grinning wickedly as he heard his name escape Charlie's lips several times. A low groan came from his own when thin fingers buried themselves in his chestnut hair. He was becoming hard himself from the whole situation.

Charlie's little hips bucked a couple of times before finally he succumbed and ejaculated into Wonka's throat. Wonka swallowed every drop he could and licked around the tip to get any that he missed. To his content surprise, the boy tasted sweet and flavorful. That had obviously been due to living in the factory. Otherwise, Wonka knew from personal experience that the fluid would have tasted salty and not very good at all.

He pulled away and gazed down at Charlie's easing features. He brushed the youngster's hair back and kissed him passionately. Charlie's hands went blindly beneath Wonka's shirt and traveled up the candy man's abdomen to his chest and then to his back. Wonka's moan evaporated in Charlie's mouth. The little boy clung to him, and it tempted Wonka to go farther with the whole thing, but he resisted the strong urge. He at last came away from Charlie and rested beside him. Charlie squirmed, wanting to be touched again. Each of them was breathing rather heavily.

Wonka was still quite erect. Before tending to his needs, he lit a chocolate cigarette and puffed it a few times; expelling the smoke from between his smooth lips. He then inched one hand beneath his clothing and went to work. His neck arched as he fondled and groped his own manhood. His heart rate sped; his arousal was engorged and began to leak. He took quicker drags from the cigarette as his climax neared. Sounds erupted from him. Charlie listened in his sleep, his own breath growing ragged with Wonka's.

With a yell and shudder, Wonka spilled his seed freely. His chest heaved and he smoked his lit treat intimately to sedate himself. He stared up at the ceiling, taking turns exhaling the smoke from his mouth and nose. The moonlight bathed him ethereally.

Trembling, he got up and covered Charlie with the sheets. He tucked him in tightly and whispered, "Hush little baby, don't say a word. And never mind that noise you heard."

He departed like a feared black cat and with an abundant amount of new ideas for candies floating in his head. The only trace he left of his presence was the delicious fragrance of melted chocolate and cinnamon.

Charlie scampered onto Wonka's bed and forced his way into the man's arms. Wonka uttered something before opening his eyes. Charlie was fully clothed and clearly shaken.

"What time is it?" Wonka grumbled.

"Four-thirty," Charlie said in a slightly quivering voice. "I had a…..a dream, Mr. Wonka."

"Oh really?" Wonka was inwardly amused. "Was it a nightmare? Dream of war?"


"Dream of liars?"


"Dream of dragon's fire?"

"No, sir.

"But it wasn't of Snow White."


"Then what was it?"

"It was about you." He was undoubtedly embarrassed.

Wonka smiled and his teeth glinted dangerously, yet charmingly. "What happened in this dream?"

"I…..I don't want to say. You'll think I'm…..weird."

"Of course not, Charlie. That's poppycock."

Charlie fidgeted and avoided Wonka's eyes. "You were touching me."

"Mmm, how?"

The child motioned with his hands. "Down there. And you kissed me……And I….I liked it."

Wonka's smile broadened. "I see."

"You don't think it's gross, do you?"

"It's completely natural. Everyone has those kinds of dreams."


"Really. Cross my heart. You must have been extra nice these past few days to have the Sandman give you a dream like that. He seems to be a bit naughty as of late."

"Is the Sandman real?"

"Of course he's real! How else do you experience dreams?"

"Do you know the Sandman, Mr. Wonka?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. But he likes to keep a very low profile. You'll just have to keep up the good behavior to have him come again!"

"I will." Charlie hesitated before he asked, "Can I stay the rest of the night here?"

"Course you can."

Charlie moved to rest on his side. As soon as Wonka finished the phrase "Sleep with one eye open," he was dreaming once more.

Wonka, however, would not get any sleep that night. He lit another cigarette and giggled.

"We're off to never-Never Land."

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